Posted on: October 6, 2008 8:35 am

Phillies Phans Phorewarned

This is one matchup that you can not phoretell!

Phanatics you're living in a phantasty if you think we're just gonna phall & phorfeit.

Man, I wish us Dodgers had that "ph" thing, I could go on for hours!  (but I imagine you're already quite sick of it)

O.K. then moving on:

I'm not saying that that the Dodgers are gonna come out smell'n like a Rose or you're gonna be smell'n like Schmidt.

It's just that no one is just gonna be Rollins' over the other, it's a Werthy matchup that will be quite the Tug of war as we both Chase the chance to represent the National League.

So it's gonna be an up Stairs battle for both and we'll just have to see who has the most Cole in the choo-choo.

Or which coach has the better Manuel & who ends up Eaton the other ones hot pants.

How about we at least agree that whoever gets the Victorino we at least Pat the other one on the back?

Now lets try to keep it civil.

No Phallic name calling here my Phormidable Phillie Phans!!!

Posted on: August 27, 2008 5:07 am

Dodgers Devoted Diehards Demoralized

O.K. Who doesn't enjoy a good alliteration in a title?

Well I can't say enough about the heart breakers against the Phillies, Giants, & now even the Nationals.  Although disheartened by these losses, it's the continuous posts of doom that have taken their toll

I'm amazed at how quickly things have turned with our own fans.  It's only been about two weeks since our own sweep of the Phillies.  Do you remember our posts after that?  I certainly do.  Most of us were talking about how sweet the lineup was, Kuroda on fire, Kershaw impressing and Broxton being ready to be our next star closer.  No worries, tied for first & soon to be alone at the top. Now most of the posts are of condemnation, who should get fired & what we need for 2009.

You know I hadn't been familiar with the term front-runners until recently but maybe we're guilty of just that very term?

So we've had some disastrous embarrassments of late.  Is it enough reason to capitulate on the rest of the season?  I don't think so.  I've been a fan for over 30 years now and I remember times being down 3 games with only 3 to play and I was still cheering for the miracle.  This is a shame what I'm seeing.  We're 3 games back with about 28 games left.  That's hardly a time to call it a day and start the season ending sulk.

There's a phrase that comes to mind.  Something about "enjoy the journey not just the destination" .  Sometimes you get a few bumps and bruises along the way or for us a few gun shots and stab wounds, still that just makes it all the more sweeter when you reach your goal.

Now I'm not saying we're going to win the World Series let alone our division.  A matter of fact at this point I'm worried about getting passed up by the Rockies.  At least let the games play out and then see where we stand.  I would never give up on the season until it's mathematically impossible to win and you know what either should you.

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