Posted on: September 23, 2008 4:35 pm

2008 Fantasy MVP (after week 3)

After week three the MVP (based on points) is Phillip Rivers


After 3 weeks the following scoring leaders (by position)


QB:  Still Phillip Rivers and Jay Cutler.  Both have managed to gain some distance on the crowd

RB:  Michael Turner and Marion Barber

WR:  Anquan Boldin and Santana Moss  (do we really expecte either to hold on?)

TE:  Jason Witten, Tony Scheffler and (surpise addition) Anthony Fasano

D/SP: Titans and then Eagles

K: John Carney (a free agent in most leagues) and then Ryan Longwell


So, some surprise among position leaders but it's still early.  Ronnie Brown (after that ridiculous effort against the Patriots Sunday) has come out of nowhere.  Can anyone from the Dolphins maintain consistency over the whole season?  Anthony had an excellent first week but wasn't even on the scoreboard in week two before having a decent game Sunday.  Aaron Rodgers looked human and Tony Romo hasn't had a monster game yet.  Peyton Manning?  Any other quarterbacks?  We did finally see some people wake up from a fantasy standpoint.  It wasn't impressive but Ladanian Tomlinson (finally) woke up.  TJ 'Whos-your-mama' had a decent game and Carson Palmer (considering what he's been like the past few weeks) had a great day.


Busts of 2008?  After week 3 we can give a couple players a break and throw a couple more under the bus instead.  Derek Alexander, Rudi Johnson (sorry, but before the season he was supposedly 100%), Stephen Jackson, Larry Johnson, Peyton Manning (he just looks off).  Interesting when you consider keeper leagues.  Most leagues (which allowed teams to keep two or more players anyway); kept all the players on the 'bust' list. 

What do you all think?




Posted on: September 19, 2008 11:52 pm

Race to the 2008 Fantasy FF MVP

Week 2 has come and gone and we're starting to get a pretty good idea of who the front runner(s) will be for this season's MVP.  There are a couple surprises but the leaders are as follows:

QB:  Phillip Rivers and Jay Cutler (almost dead even)

RB: Brian Westbrook and Marion Barber (again, almost dead even)

WR: Anquan Boldin (almost all of it in week 2), followed by T.O and Calvin Johnson

TE: Tony Scheffler and Jason Witten

D: Titans and Bears

K:  Ryan Longwell

I didn't include a flex player since there are so many rules out there governing them (I have one league where QBs can be flex players for instance).

I haven't really decided to include QBs on this next list yet since there is such a log jam still but I will note that Derek Alexander and Carson Palmer are falling behind quick! 

Noteable in their absence from the top of the list:  L.T and A.P (both with injury issues); Ocho Conco and T.J (both on a team that just has issues); Kellen Winslow (isn't he supposed to have a bust out year?) and Antonio Gates.  Anyone else?

Posted on: September 2, 2008 9:54 pm

Prediction for Fantasy football MVP 2008?

Who'll be the bust out fantasy stud of 2008?

On the eve of the 2008 NFL season I'm left wondering who will have the bust out year fantasy wise?  Got my usual 7 teams (including two keeper leagues) so I got to admit I geek out to FF more than any other sports game. 

It's funny to say this since his 'off year' was still so good from a fantasy perspective, but I'm looking for a bounce back year from Ladainian Tomlinson but it's hard to see him putting up the numbers he had just a couple years with Norv Turner running the offense like he did last year.  Just not as many opportunities.

Tom Brady had an awesome year, and so did Randy Moss, but now the secret is out.  Can they repeat those sick numbers again?  Probably not but still a sinch to throw over 30 touchdowns this year just because their division isn't the best.  That being said, the Jets got serious (or did they) with Bret Favre and Jerricho Cotchery (I think) will have a bigger year than Coles.  Peyton Manning is coming off a surgery that shouldn't have impacted his game so he should be over 30 TDs again too. 

Adrian Peterson is a freak of nature but did the Viking Offense mature enough to protect him?  Anyone out there in the woodwork going to bust out?

Okay, so to sum it up: my short list for 2008 Fantasy Football MVP

Peyton Manning

Adrian Peterson

Tom Brady

Ladainian Tomlinson

Anyone else out there come up with another entry to the list?

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