Posted on: March 29, 2011 12:39 pm

Is Coach K a modern Adolp Rupp ?

I love the ncaa basketball tourney and since the final four is here i look back at the recent  fab 5 documentary and ask why America cant just be honest. Coach k and duke program is really dukey when it comes to giving black kids not from private schools or rich families a chance to play ball and get a education from duke. I am not mad at Coach k or a adolp rupp for their ignorance in not opening the doors of opportunity to others at all. I call them as i see years of the same practice iver and over leaves a legacy. I also blame the doc rivers of the world aho send teir sons to such a enviorment. I know many rich and nba blacks marry white women and literaly turn their backs on the black community but hey doc is the type of uncle tom duke and coach k loves. I can count the dark-skinned ball players on one hand coach k has had. Duke should say to the black community send us your bi-racial not poor blacks only.. Wow every black or alost everyone on the roster now besides the freshman irving has a daddy from the nba who is rich and of course light-skin.. I respect that bigot adolph rupp more than adolp rupp lite aka coach k from dukie u.. It stanks and his methods stank to high heaven. He is aa fake as his hair is really black...

Much love to Jalen Rose..
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