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Jets on the Big Stage Tonight

After a Sunday where the Bills move to three wins and no loses and the Dolphins pull an unbelievable upset over the AFC East favorite Patriots, the Jets get geared up for their big game tonight against the Chargers. The Jets can move to second place in the East, one game behind the powerful Bills team and tied with the Patriots with a win tonight.

The Jets will be looking to put up some big points on offense tonight, something they were not able to do the first two weeks (20 points-Week 1, 10 Points- Week 2). The Jets will look to the leadership of Brett Favre to score some touchdowns so they don't fall to the powerful offense of the Chargers. Laveranues Coles will be looking for a big game today, even though he may only see limited time. He has been doing limited practice reps all week but is expected to dress and be ready to play. Favre and Coles hooked up for a 54 yard pass play against the Patriots in week 2, so they will be looking to do some more of the same. Favre will also be looking to  Jerricho Cotchery for some big plays as well. Cotchery will be facing old teammate at North Carolina State, Phillip Rivers.

The key for the Jets will be to accomplish a passing game early in the game so that Thomas Jones and the running game can shine later in the game. After the Chargers lost 2 games in the final ticks of the game, they will be shooting for a big victory over the Jets. The Jets need to get points early to keep up with the powerful Chargers offensively team or Phillip Rivers, LaDainian Tomlinson, Chris Chambers and Antonio Gates. Darrell Revis, Bryan Thomas and the Jets Defense will be looking to stop this powerful offense early and often to avoid letting the game get away from them.

Should make for a good Monday Night Football game tonight. Kickoff at 8:30. Lets Go Jets.
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The Jets have a tough game coming up on Monday. They are playing a team that just lost their first two games with seconds left in both. First the Chargers lost to the Panthers on the last play of the game, with no time on the clock. Week two the Chargers lost to the Broncos on a blown call by the referee with on seconds left on the clock. The Chargers are going to go into the game against the Jets, in the spotlight of Monday Night Football, with fire in their eyes, looking to take no mercy on the Jets. The Jets are coming off of a heartbreaking loss to the Patriots. The Jets and their fans all thought the Jets would beat the Patriots and be on the top of the division. Instead, the Jets left the game shaking their heads. The Jets got the ball to the one yard like and had 3 chances to put the ball in the end zone, but instead they ran the ball 3 times by way of Thomas Jones and got stuffed three times on the line. Call me crazy, but I am pretty sure there is a guy named Brett Favre taking the snaps. Why would the Jets not try throwing the ball? After that point it was all downhill.

This week both teams are looking for a big win. They have the world watching with their game on Monday and both teams want to show everyone that they are contenders. The Jets need a big win this week. If the Jets can pull off a victory against the favored Chargers, it will show that they are not the same team that they were last year. A win will put the Jets at 2-1, with one more game before the bye week. Worst case scenario is to go into the bye week 1-3, and if the Jets do this, there may not be enough in the tank to come back. The AFC East is tougher than ever with the Buffalo Bills showing that they are a ready to fight for first place, and the Patriots are not showing any slowing down with their pro-bowl quarterback Tom Brady done for the year.

This week will prove to be a big test for the underdog Jets. Jet fans are curious if their team has the potential for the playoffs this season and this game will help show if they do or don't.

Kickoff is at 8:30 on Monday night on ESPN. The world is watching, lets see if the Jets can prove themselves worthy to play with the big boys.
Posted on: September 15, 2008 2:27 pm

WEEK 2: JETS V PATRIOTS..... Left Speechless

The Jets for the first time in as many years as I can remember were the favorites against the Patriots going into Sunday’s game. This gave Jets fans across the nation (probably mostly in <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">New York</st1:place></st1:state>) high hopes for their season. This all came crashing down when the Jets has first and goal on the 1 yard line and couldn't get a touchdown out of it. Brian Schottenheimer is a great offensive coordinator and he is now working with one of the best quarterbacks of all time, and he didn't call one play action pass plays in this game ending set of downs. The Jets offense, which was above par last week against the Dolphins Week 1, looked like they were not all there. Even the Jets players looked like they didn't expect the Patriot's Defense to be shutting them down so much. The players looked very surprised that they weren't winning. Not only were the players surprised, the Jets Fans were at a loss for words. Expectations were high, and all that may not happen again for a couple of week, until the Jets can prove that they are a more solid team than they looked on Sunday.  No one expected Matt Cassel to have the decent game that he did, the Jets defense was excited to get some interceptions, but that never happened. The unlikely stars of the Jets offense were Laveranues Coles, Chansi Stuckey, and the few moments of glimmer from Brett Favre and Thomas Jones. The Jets defense looked to be a completely different team than they were week 1. Week 1, the Jets defense shut down Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. This game, the old Jets, LaMont Jordan looked like he couldn't be stopped in the second half (Jordan had 62 yards, all coming in the second half). The Jets defense did look pretty solid all game besides stopping the run in the second half, but it wasn't enough to win when the offense can not produce scores. The Jets did shut down Randy Moss, only allowing him 22 yards. In the end, it was a heartbreaking loss for the Jets. Next week the Jets play the Chargers and the Cardinals game follows that to finish off the first 4 games before the bye week. Jets need to bounce back in a big way to show that they are contenders in the AFC.

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Essence of Fandom

I have a confession to make. I am a fan. I'm a fan of the Syracuse Orange, the New York Jets, <st1:place w:st="on">Liverpool</st1:place> and most importantly, the New York Mets. It seems like every day of the 2006 postseason I have returned to the same question - why do I subject myself to this? Why do all of us fans suffer the anxiety of tight ball games, the ever present looming fear of defeat, and the misery of an important loss day in and day out? The pains of being a fan are exacerbated by being in the postseason; defeats cannot be passed off with a shrug of the shoulders anymore. What I've come to realize is that not only is being a fan irrational, we ought to embrace that irrationality.

How many here are baseball fans? In one of those FOX commercials, Tommy Lasorda says to a Cubs fan that “but you are even bigger fan of baseball [than the Cubs]!” Every time I see it, I react the same way. Are you kidding? Nobody is a bigger fan of the sport than his or her team! Not only does my fandom go much deeper for my team than baseball, I think the very notion of “fan” being invoked in the two cases is radically different. I enjoy baseball; I think it's a great game. I delight in the individual clashes, but at the same time, the need for an entire team to perform in order to win. I like the strategy, from defensive adjustments, to lineups to pitch selection. I dig the stats, the history and the science. It is a deep game, and exploring it is one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

But that's it. It's shallow. It's a hobby. The Mets are not a hobby. Disappointing movies are not depressing. Video game losses do not physically hurt. The emotional ties I have to my club are deep, more akin to my ties to other people than to any hobby. Baseball is an acquaintance, the Mets are a friend. The Mets have been with me longer than most people. They were a passion when I was growing up, staying up way past my bedtime listening to the late innings on the radio. I have grown up with the Mets, and I can chart the years of my life right alongside the ups and downs of the club.

Yet, it's an odd friendship. It's fundamentally asymmetrical. I support the team with my attention, my voice, my dollar and my soul, and the team performs for me. But I play no role in that performance. The Mets go on winning and losing whether I show up or not.

So what does it mean to be a fan? The relationship feels like a friend, but we are not on equal footing. I have come back to this question time and time again, and I am left with but one answer. I am a gambler. Some people put money down on sports teams and others on the roll of a die. I put my emotions down on the table. If the Mets lose, I sacrifice my happiness (at least temorarily!), but if they win, then I reap the rewards – euphoria.

Gambling is irrational when the odds of defeat are greater than the odds of victory. In sports, this is almost always the case. Thirty teams want to win the championship. Only one will be able to fulfill that dream. Injuries, streaks, inches, centimeters weigh heavily every at inning, game and season. Teams are sometimes good, sometimes not. The Mets have won two World Series titles in 44 years. This is not a good bet.

Not only is being a fan irrational, we protect that irrationality. What would a “rational fan” look like? He or she would take a look at the teams; decide which team offered the greatest likelihood of success. He or she would then ride that team for as long as they held that status, and then switch to another team when the time was right. There are words for people like this. One is frontrunner. Others are not appropriate in mixed company.

Front running is vilified. By refusing to build the bond with a single club, they have given up their capital, they have sacrificed the depth of emotional tie we all hold with our club for the fleeting and minimal joy of victory. The ante at this table is suffering the losses, to be part of this game you have to give at least as much as you take.

But they rarely lose, and losing doesn't hurt as much when it does happen. Shouldn't we all join up? If the stakes are irrational, and the frontrunner wins more than they lose, shouldn't we all become frontrunners? Maybe we should - but I sure don't see any fans lining up. This brings me to my second point – we are irrational yes, but we ought to embrace that fact.

We have all made a choice about our stake in this team. Last season, a great Mets fan I know adopted the very apt poker slogan “all in.” We are all in with this team, each and every season. Even still, we are going to lose more than we win. It's as simple as that. We are gamblers playing against odds we can't escape and can't change. There is nothing more we can do except ride out the losses searching for the one jackpot the fates might grant us someday.
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So is this defeatism? Should just resign ourselves to heartbreak and defeat? Most assuredly not. Every time we put in our chips and lay it on the table we are putting our faith in the Mets. More often than not it isn't going to be rewarded. But we give them our faith each and every time regardless of that fact. Whenever Carlos Beltran steps up to the plate, I feel like he is going to hit a homerun. This is obviously irrational, but it's a by-product of putting it all on the table for a win.

It also gives us perspective on the other victories we win every year. We may not take the jackpot this year. We might not even take the consolation prize. But we've taken an NL East crown. We've won the excitement of a Jose Reyes inside the park homerun. Or of David Wright's game winner off Mariano Rivera. And of Carlos Beltran completing an epic comeback with a walk off against the Cardinals. You win some, and you lose some, and this year we've won a lot.

But that doesn't change anything. Tonight we face the Cardinals in a Game Seven. And I have complete and total faith that we are going to hammer them. I have complete and total faith that we are winning tonight and every day, right through <st1:state w:st="on">New York</st1:state> and <st1:place w:st="on"><st1:city w:st="on">Detroit</st1:city></st1:place>. I have complete and total faith that we will win it all. Rational? Not a chance. Do I care that it isn't? Not in the slightest – it simply means I'm a fan.
Written by Michael Ho.
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