Posted on: November 30, 2009 1:41 pm

He's Having Fun Out There

5 straight wins.

Don't look now, NFL, but the Tennessee Titans are trying to become the first team in NFL history to start the season 0-6 and make the playoffs. And, right now, I would not be surprised if they finish 10-6 and grab a wild card spot. They are in the thick of it.

And they are a different team with Vince Young at quarterback.

I've been a Vince critic in the past. I thought his rookie year was a bit of a fluke and that he was a great athlete and not a really good quarterback. And I thought his psyche was too fragile for the pressures of playing that position in the NFL. After all, he did basically get so upset when the fans booed him in the 08 opener that he tried to take himself out of the game.

And he was benched last season afterwards. And the Titans had the best record in the AFC withour him.

Sometimes, you got to go to hell before you can get to heaven.

I firmly believe that being benched has made Vince a better quarterback. Mentally. The quarterback position in the NFL is the one that depends more on brains than talent. Poise. Confidence. Attitude. 18 months ago, Vince Young did not have those mental intangibles to survive playing that position. Rumors floated that he wanted to quit even before the game he was booed in.

That has changed for Vince. And being benched helped.

So did just plain growing up.

Vince is still a very young man. Maturity is another element that makes a great quarterback. And we are seeing a much more mature Vince Young. Vince was once mentored by the late Steve McNair. Now, Vince is doing for McNair's children what McNair once did for him. Taking them under his wing. Being a mentor to them now that their father is gone.

Adversity can destroy you or make you better. McNair's death could have really been damaging to Vince. Instead, it has helped him grow up. It appears that he has a better appreciation now for what he has.

After the Titans beat Houston last week, Vince had this to say about the game. "We're having fun out there." And maybe that is what has been the biggest difference for Vince this season. He really is having fun out there.

I hope you keep having fun out there Vince. And, I haven't before but I will now. I'm actually rooting for the guy.
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Posted on: November 24, 2009 8:01 pm

Solving the Mid-Major Crisis

We enter yet another end of a college football season with one or more undefeated mid-majors screaming for a chance at the BCS Championship. And, once again, they just don't get it.

Listen up. I like mid-majors. I root for mid-majors every time they play BCS teams. But these mid-majors need to understand something. It's called the BCS Title for a reason. It crowns the champion of the BCS. And, you mid-majors, don't belong to a BCS conference. So you aren't ever going to be the BCS Champion. You are the red-headed stepchildren to BCS schools. Baylor will always have a better chance to win the BCS Title than TCU, no matter how good or bad TCU is. LSU can win the BCS title with a 2-loss season but Utah will never win the BCS Title no matter how many times they go undefeated.

They will toss you guys a bone or two to shut you up but they will never give you a slice of the BCS T-Bone steak that is the title game.

So, why not do something about it?

Create your own champion.

You want a playoff system mid-majors? Then create one. The BCS schools don't want to play? Who needs them? 1-AA doesn't fret that Florida isn't in their playoff brackets. Why should you?

Yes, at the moment, you are obligated to bowls contractually. But those contracts will run out. And then you will have a choice. Continue to play the BCS' game and never have a chance to ever appear in their so-called title game.

Or, have some guts, take a stand, go out on a limb, get together with the other mid-majors and show the Bull Crap System that playoffs can work in Division 1 football.

Yes, you would be risking a lot. Financially. There is no guarantee that a mid-major playoff system will get you as much money as the bowl contracts guarantee you. So, if you don't want to take that risk? That's fine. Then take your place at the kiddie table and be content with the scraps the BCS will give you.

If you really are sick of being the BCS' redheaded stepchild, then tell the BCS to stick it come contract renewal time.

The ball, mid-majors, really is in your court.

If you don't get out of the bed that the BCS is making for you, then don't cry that it keeps you up all night.
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Posted on: October 20, 2009 1:43 pm
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Classless Teams in NFL History

Here we go again!

So, New England scored 59 on the Titans and we get the whining threads about a team running up the score and being classless. So, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and call out some other teams for being classless.

Seems to be that the benchmark for being classless is scoring 50+ points on your opponent. So, the San Francisco 49ers with Joe Montana and all them had to have been classless for beating the Denver Broncos 55-10 in the Super Bowl. And the Dallas Cowboys and their 52-17 win over the Buffalo Bills in their Super Bowl.

Lets look at the facts here. The Cowboys scored 21 points in the 4th quarter in their win over the Bills. Now, compare that to the Patriots who only scored 14 points in the entire second half, all in the third quarter, in their 59-0 win over the Titans. If the Patriots were classless and running up the score, then that should give us reason to accuse Dallas of being even more classless in that certain instance.

In the case of the 49ers-Broncos Super Bowl, San Francisco scored 28 second half points, 14 in each quarter. That's twice as many as the Patriots scored in the second half of their classless win over the Titans.

And lets not forget those classless Jacksonville Jaguars beating the Miami Dolphins 62-7 in Dan Marino's last game. How dare they do that to Dan Marino?

I'm sure I could go on and on and on. Naming scores of such lopsided outcomes but I think you get the point. Now, it has been mentioned that the Patriots were calling timeouts just before halftime with such a huge lead. And that's classless. Well, all I can say about that is, I wish the Houston Oilers would have been classless in 1993. Maybe they wouldn't have blown a 35-3 lead.

This isn't t-ball. This is the National Football League. There is no such thing as a mercy rule in the NFL. Every single person on that Titans' defense is paid a million or more to do one thing: Keep the opposing offense from scoring. It wasn't Billy B's job to stop his offense from scoring. And the Titans' inability to do what they were paid millions to do does not make the Patriots classless.

If anything, it makes the Titans overpaid.
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Posted on: September 19, 2009 8:05 pm

Sick of the Term Hater?

Hater is one of the most abused words on sports message boards. If you criticize someone, you're a 'hater'. Even if the criticism is warranted. If you root for someone to faiil, you are a 'hater', even if that person is too disgusting of a human being for anyone to be proud that he or she had any success.

Yes, I am sick of the term 'hater'.

But, some of you out earn the term 'hater'.

We see it on the college forum today. Washington has just beaten USC and here come the threads. Not the thrads congratulating Washington for winning. The threads bashing USC for losing.

Every one of you who has done that has earned the indignity of being branded a hater.

Why can't we all just say "great win for Washington". No. Can't do that. Especially fans of teams that just lost to USC. That's right Ohio State fan. I'm talking to you.

Don't be a hater. Give cred to Washington and move on. Today's result still doesn't change the fact that USC beat Ohio State.

If people would quit being haters, the term hater would go away.

If you are sick of the term hater...

then stop being one.
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Posted on: August 18, 2009 7:26 pm

Real Fantasy Football Top 10

So it is the day and age of fantasy football. Leagues are forming. Drafts will happen and every draft expert has listed their top tens in positions and sleepers and.....

I hate fantasy football. I played it once and found it to be the least enjoyable experience in sports in my entire life. Not because i didn't win but because the people I was playing with were whiny, back biting, manipulative brats. They would have made great team owners in the real world of pro sports.

So, when Rob Toxin makes his fantasy top 10, what I mean is, the top 10 fantasies I'd like to see but probably won't. That's what makes them fantasies.

#1; The Texans sweep the Colts.

#2; Goddell calls Brett the Drama Queen Favre into his office and lets him know: You want to play again? fine. Report to the Jets!

#3: Every wide receiver in the NFL learns that scoring the touchdown is more important than celebrating the touchdown.

#4: Eevry single person elected to the Pro Bowl is actually proud of the achievement and makes it a priority to attend the game.

#5: We can go from September through Februaury without having an NFL player arrested. Really. Is it that hard to just simply obey the freakin' law?

#6: We can go from September through February without an NFL player giving glory to God for the things on the football field. Really. Does God care if you score a touchdown or not?

#7: Somebody walks up to Jerry Jones and tells him what he can do with his $90 pizza.

#8: Michael Crabtree holds out the entire year, enters the 2010 draft, and isn't picked by anybody in the entire draft!

#9: Rob Toxin goes on a reality show and gets to pick which one of the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders he gets to .... okay, back to football fantasies before this blog gets banned.

#10: The Texans play the Saints in the Super Bowl.

There are my 10 football fantasies. What's yours?
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This Crab Can Climb A Tree ... And Stay There

Let me get this straight. A wide receiver wants more money than another wide receiver who was taken before him in the NFL Draft because his advisor (who is related to him) had him first wide receiver to be taken in his mock draft?

Look, Michael Crabtree. Darrius Heyward-Bey was picked before you. He gets more money than you. That's how the 'fair market value' of the NFL Draft pay scale works. And I got news for you. You don't want to re-enter the draft in 2010. Who in their right mind will waste a first-round pick on a guy who has already been proven to be a pain in the butt to get signed? And with no CBA in place in 2010, whacha gonna do if the deal gets done before then and a rookie cap gets slammed on the 2010 Draft?

This is what happens when "family members" (see leeches) get into these kids' heads and start convincing them that they are getting the raw end of the deal. Newsflash Crabtree: You sign your name and you are a millionaire playing a kid's game for a living.

How about you catch a pass in a preseason game before whining about being underpaid?

Is it too early to label him another prima donna wide receiver?

Didn't think so.
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Posted on: August 3, 2009 4:22 pm
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Let The Excuses Rain Down Upon Us

Plaxico Burress has been indicted.

Now, all that is left is for the message boards to be bombarded with more of the same stupid posts. You know the ones: "Plax made a mistake ... Plax deserves a second chance ... Plax has a right to make a living .... Who are you to judge Plax? You're not perfect".

No. I'm not perfect. But I've never fired off a gun in a nightclub, killed someone with a car, committed other felonious activities.

Rob Toxin says this to all of you who make excuses for Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress, Donte Stallworth, Leonard Little and the list goes on and on.

Throwing into double coverage is a mistake. Robbing a liquor store is a crime. There is a difference.

Sports fans, our professional sports are in shambles. And that will not change until we stop making excuses for criminals just because they happen to have athletic ability. Nothing says one must be a felon just because one plays sports. Plenty of athletes play sports and have respect for the law. Rob Toxin loves to drill holes into the prima donna that is T.O., but T.O. has done something many athletes have failed to do lately. T.O. has avoided being arrested!

Maybe because T.O. doesn't go out and commit felonies?

And one last thing, all you who demanded that Michael Vick get a second chance: Are you going to say the same thing when Tim Donaghy gets out of prison? Are you going to demand that the NBA give him his referee job back?


Then don't you dare call me a hypocrite.
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Posted on: July 18, 2009 9:22 pm

In The News ..,..

So, did you guys see the story about Richard Jefferson calling off his wedding?

Goodbye sports reporting. Hello WWE brand sports entertainment reporting.

I only have one question for you about that. How did this become news?

And I am saying this as a Spurs fan. Richard Jefferson is not high profile enough for us to care whether or not he called off his wedding. Who cares? Tell me about Richard Jefferson and how his performance affected the Spurs' last game. Or don't talk about him at all. His wedding? That's between him and the woman who was his bride-to-be. I don't care and I don't want to know.

But this is where sports "journalism" has headed to. And quite frankly, it makes me ashamed to be a sports fan.

Half the garbage talked about by the sports media isn't relevant to anything. So, LeBron got dunked on and then Nike confiscated all video footage of it happening. While it does make LeBron and Nike look like total losers, at the same time, is it really something we should care about on a sports website? Should we be reporting that Tony Romo is doing commercials? Or if Shaq is penning another Kobe rap? Favre hasn't made up his mind if he wants to play? Fine, tell me when he signs. Until then, Brett Favre is as relevant to sports as Rosie O'Donnell is to Barbara Walters' Fave 5 List.

This is a sports site! Can we please have stories and opinions that are about sports?

Michael Vick's sentence is up Monday. Good for him. But, until Goddell determines what Vick's football future will be, he isn't a sports story! He's just a tabloid story being sensationalized to get ratings and readers.

Shame on you, CBS. And shame on every other sports-related site and publication that would rather post sensationalistic-driven garbage to boost readership.

And shame on all sports fans who encourage them to do so by reading that crap!
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