Posted on: September 15, 2008 1:29 pm

Bucs Bash Falcons Smashed

I just wanted to put a quick word in on the great win Tampa pulled off yesterday. A lot of people were drooling over Micheal Turner after his first week against a terrible Lions Team/Defense. Many in the media had written off the Bucs before the season started, acting as if they were not the defending division champs. The Bucs were one terrible throw by Garcia or one Rhonde Barber turf trip, away from being 2-0.  I think there is a lot of improvement to be had in our passing game but with Griese getting the full time reps now I think you will see the offense continue to improve. Davin Joesph's return will aid a currently jumpy offensive line. I think Gaines Adams has only begun to show the glimmers of what we Bucs fans saw at the tail end of last year when he recorded all of his sacks in the back half of the schedule including the playoffs. I think in a twisted upside down way, the Bucs losing a tight one early to the suppossed "favorite" allows them to continue to sneak up on teams in the coming weeks and really put a hurting on a couple clubs. The number 2 ranked defense from last year only got better this off season with 1st Round pick Aqib Talib, and the maturation of Gaines Adams. That combined with improvements along the offensive line, and an addition to the WR corps in Antonio Bryant who is a legit threat oppossite of Joey Galloway if left single covered, and I think the Bucs have a legitimate shot as being the first to repeat in the NFC South as division champions. The Saints had nothing new to show from the prior season, by the time the Bucs meet them again this offense will be clicking on all cylinders. The penalties and errant throws I think should work themselves out in the coming weeks. The Bucs can only take it one week at a time, next up Chicago. I have a feeling a there is going to be some Bears with some smashed faces come Sunday.

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Go Bucs!

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