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Posted on: June 9, 2010 4:34 am

Game 6 - Blackhawk Believers Blog

Well, as of this moment, we have about 16 hours to game time. Is it over tonight, or do we wait another 48 hours after that? I'm sure hoping that I don't have to write a game 7 BBB, but I'm here for you if it comes down to it. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... this has been one hell of a series. Loving every minute of it.

Let's talk about Pronger. We have pictures of him in a dress... we have youtube videos of him getting stuck by Big Buff and a history will be made with a pretty unflattering tagline... we have people b@tching up and down the message boards how he's a thug etc. It's just like I said to some Yankee fans a while back. We only hate because they earn it. If a player or a team sucks, there would be no need to hate on them. Pronger has been fantastic. Yes, he gets away with more than your average player. Why? Because he is a superstar. In other sports, the best players get away with more than the rest. It's just the way it is. Pitchers get wide strike zones; NBA players travel or push off. Is it right? Not exactly, no. But it is the way it is. The guy has been a stud for years. Hate on him. He doesn't care. I'm sure he considers it a compliment. But I have to say... it was AWESOME seeing Mr. Dustin Byfuglien dump him on his ass and into the boards.

Speaking of Byfuglien, before game 5, some Flyers fans were talking smack on Buff on the "official stanley cup thread", saying he was a big oaf; a slow, worthless player who didn't even belong on the ice. I defended him, saying that he's never been one of the Blackhawks best players... he's just been really clutch in the playoffs this year. The reason he has gotten all the love is partly because of all the big goals, and partly because he doesn't look like an amazing athlete. He looks like he should be sitting next to you on the couch, drinking some beers and cheering for Toews and Kane. Not sure if everyone feels as giddy over the Buff as I do, but I'm a definite fan. If I had to get rid of him to keep Toews, Hossa, Keith, Seabrook, Sharp, Bolland and Niemi, then I probably would. It would make me sad, because I have grown rather fond of the big galoot in these playoffs, but I'd probably say goodbye. He's just been a great story, and a clutch performer for most of the playoffs. And I'm so glad he got the 4 points in Game 5.

As I said in the last installment, there will be no predictions from me in here anymore. I'm going to take the easy way out and say that while game 7 looks like a solid possibility, I hope to God it doesn't happen. Get it done tonight Hawks. Bring home the big hardware. It's been far too long.

Posted on: June 6, 2010 5:45 pm

Game 5 - Blackhawk Believers Blog

Here's what I've seen, but maybe I'm blind. This has been a great series. Both teams have had segments of games when they shut the other down. As everyone has been so fond of saying, Philly could have easily won either of the first two games. Well guess what. Chicago could've easily won game three and/or four. Not buying it? Really? Well, the Blackhawks dominated the first five minutes of OT in game 3, but didn't score. Philly wins. One bounce goes the right way in that first five, and game over. Game four was a wipeout you say? I call BS. Hawks had a couple of defensive lapses in the first. They outshot the Flyers in the period, and held them without a shot for over 10 minutes. In the third, the Hawks fell behind by 3 goals, cut it to 2 on the 5 on 3 PP, then scored a flukey goal late to cut it to 4-3. Twice in the last five minutes, Chicago was within inches of tying the game up. Would you expect the Flyers to blow a 3 goal lead in regulation, and then come back to win in OT? I sure wouldn't. If either one of these games go Chicago's way, we are expecting the Hawks to close the door today. Yet some say they have been outplayed most of the way? Whatever.

I am done with predictions, precaps, whatever. This has been incredible. As a fan, I feel lucky to be witnessing it. I give tons of credit to the Flyers. They are better than most of us had given them credit for. It's simply that the Blackhawks looked so good against Vancouver and San Jose that it just didn't seem possible to shut these guys down. You'll get no whining here about the refs. I may not like the way that has gone, but I feel that the deserving team has won each of the first four games, and really, what more can you ask for?

I'm at a loss for words. This is a huge one tonight. Probably the winner of tonight's game holds the cup by weeks end. Probably. But we shall see.

Go Hawks!!!
Posted on: June 6, 2010 5:43 pm
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Posted on: June 4, 2010 5:15 am

Game 4 - Blackhawk Believers Blog

Well, so far we've had 3 games each decided by 1 goal. This would probably lead you to believe that I'm about to call for another 1 goal game. You would be wrong. From the beginning of this series, I pointed to this game as the one the Blackhawks would win out east. Now I know that it is a tough place for the visitors to win a game. Hawks have lost 8 or 9 straight there. Wednesday, the Hawks playoff streak and road streak ended. Tonight, the losing streak in Philly comes to an end. For the first time all series, Chicago will play a complete game. The power play will click on 1 if not 2 goals, they will outshoot the Flyers by a fairly wide margin and win this one 4-2 or 5-2.

Philadelphia came into game 3 totally feeling it was a must win. Even though they know firsthand that in a 7 game series, anything is possible, they really didn't want to try to come back from another 3 games to none deficit, especially not against this team. They played an excellent game.... definitely their best of the series to this point. Still, the Hawks took them to OT, and had a few chances to win. The urgency will still be there for Philadelphia, but not as much as it was in game 3. The Hawks know that after this game, they can have a commanding lead, or be tied. I think the motivation for them to close this series out will be strong and they will come in riding a high. The passes will be crisper than at any time during this series, the power play will work, and the penalty kill will be as good as it was in the first three series.

Philly wins this game if they can weather the big Hawk storm that WILL be coming in the first period and a half. If the Hawks are not up by 2 going into the third, they could be in trouble. Hawks have been a strong third period team in the playoffs, but not in the final to this point.

Toews, Kane, Byfuglien watch: Kane had his breakout game... finally. Look for more from him and Toews tonight. Buff has been manhandled. I'm okay with that. One of the best defenseman in the league has been kept busy. Just keep it up. The more time he spends on Buff, the less time he has for anyone else. These next two or three games (no way you get me to admit that it could go four more) is when Toews sews up the Conn-Smythe trophy that some people already had him winning at the start of this series. I think the pressure got him a bit, and he's no longer the front runner. That changes tonight. I don't see him being held in check for the fourth game in a row. It is a credit to the Philly defensemen how well they've played his line so far, but tonight, everything changes.
Posted on: June 2, 2010 5:08 pm

Game 3 - Blackhawk Believers Blog

Well, not a big surprise with the tighter game on Monday... can it get tighter in Philly? All the Flyers faithful are saying this one tonight is already in the bag. Not so. For my money, if the Blackhawks can weather the early storm, stay within 1 goal, or, if the Flyers get it to a two goal lead, Hawks need to cut into it within the next 5 minutes of gametime. The Hawks have seen desperate teams in a few games so far this playoff season. They will need to keep the shifts short, play tight defense to start, and stay in this thing. Philadelphia WILL come out with lots of energy. They will also wear out, and as long as Chicago is not too far behind, they will climb back in and have a solid chance to win.

Toews, Kane, Byfuglien watch: Byfuglien got the first and only point from this group on the assist to Ben Eager Monday. Yet Hawks lead the series 2-0. Who woulda thunk it? Not me. I will make no prediction on this line scoring tonight. You have to believe it's going to happen, but I'd be happy with them not scoring a goal the entire series if the games work out the way they have so far. I don't care if it's Burish and Sopel scoring. Just get 2 more wins baby!

I'm on my lunch break right now and running out of time, so I have to keep it short. Here's the Game 3 Precap: Philly comes out smoking hot, and takes a 1-0 lead within the first 10 minutes of the game. Hawks tie it in the next 5 on a PP goal due to a Carcillo penalty. Philly scores again and goes into the intermission up 2-1. it's 3-1 early in the third when the Hawks turn it up. Tied at 3 after two, and still tied at 3 after 3. And in my dream version of this game Dustin Byfuglien scores the game winner 5 minutes in. In my nightmare version, Carcillo gets into it with someone and Philly scores 4 on 4 late in the third to win. But, I'm a Hawk fan. Let's go with the Mega-Happy ending Garth.

HAWKS WIN!!!!!!!

Posted on: May 31, 2010 12:57 pm
Edited on: May 31, 2010 12:59 pm

Game 2 - Blackhawk Believers Blog

So I guess the Flyers can score. Who knew? My honest take from game 1 is that both teams played sloppy defense with rough goaltending and a lot of mistakes... but it was fun to watch. The Blackhawks turned it on and played a great third period. One-zip, three to go.

The Toews line was held in check all day, but Bolland's line held the Flyers top line in check as well. Dave Bolland, up to this point, is possibly the Hawks playoff MVP. He won't win any awards for it.... Toews will probably get that if they win the Cup, but he's been fantastic at keeping the top scorer down. Throw in a couple of short handers, and I gotta give Dave all the credit in the world.

Bill McCreary called 4 penalties, all against Chicago. I'm not complaining, even though that is the first time a team has had no penalties in a SCF game since 1954. But, the Hawks in this postseason are 2 - 0 in games where they have 0 power plays. And, goals scored in those 4 power plays? 1 for Chicago, 1 for Philadelphia. Who needs the refs on your side anyway?

The Byfuglien vs Pronger battle that NBC was talking about didn't turn out too great for the Hawks, but I'll say this, Pronger was busy most of the time with Buff, so that the rest of the Hawk lines were more productive. I mean, who would've guesed that with no power plays, and no goals from Toews, Buff and Kane that they would score 6 goals. Not me.

I was excited to see the real Blackhawks show up in that third period. It may not have been as exciting for the casual fan, but that is how they have made it this far. Swarming defense, not allowing a ton of shots, rush the other net when you can, and good goaltending from Antti Niemi.

Game 2 precap : Okay, the other day I was goofing around, but today, I'll be serious. I don't believe either team's top line will be held scoreless today. They won't keep Toews off the board. He will have two points... not sure if he buries one in the net with 1 assist, or assists on two... also Richards will score 1 for Philly. Much tighter game played by both teams with a final score of 4 - 2 Blackhawks, including 1 empty netter.

Posted on: May 29, 2010 1:38 pm

The unapologetic Blackhawk Believer Blog

Chicago Blackhawks fans.... WELCOME! In this space, there is one team and only one team with a chance to win the Stanley Cup.... The Chicago Blackhawks. In this space, there are only 3 predictions for the Final... Blackhawks sweep, Blackhawks win in 5, or, if you aren't afraid of ridicule, Hawks in 6. In this space, no one mentions that defenseman who's name starts with P on that team in Orange. Every single time a Hawks fan makes an intelligent comment about our team over on the other message boards... such as "Kane is badass", or "Byfuglien will whoop on you guys", they say "Oh yeah? Pr@ng#(."  We say "We had the best team all year, you guys got hot for a few weeks".... and they say "Well, none of that regular season stuff means anything you moron. Besides, we have Prong$#%, and you're nothing but a bunch of bandwagon fans. You don't know $#|+"

I'll tell you, I'm getting sick of it. Here's the good thing though.... if you post an intelligent comment here, and one of those fans of the orange team says something that we don't like.... click and voila, it's a goner. Bye bye.

Me: "Toews is gonna score 8 goals in this series."

Orange team guy: " WHAT!!! How's he gonna get aroung Pron@#^#?"

Me: Orange team guy's comment deleted.

hwkfan2010: "Are you crazy? Toews is gonna score at least 9 goals!!!"

Me: "Sweet call hwkfan2010. I think you may be right!!!" (fived and faved)

Time for what I will call my game 1 precap . If I call it a preview, it implies that I'm not sure what is going to happen tonight. It is a foregone conclusion. The Chicago Blackhawks open up game one of the 2010 Stanley Cup championship (which by the way, will be the first of the 7 consecutive championships) with a huge win, not that anyone was surprised by that. Patrick Kane led all scorers with 4 goals, while Dustin Byfuglien and Jonathon Toews each added hat tricks. The defenseman with the last name starting with P was held scoreless,  and in a pathetic attempt to imitate Duncan Keith, lost only 5 teeth during the game. Defenseman P was a minus 12 for the game. The Orange team did get one goal by some guy we think we may have heard of once... Van something, or Von something... the guy the Hawks almost got stuck with the year we got Kaner. The Orange teams goalie, a guy who allegedly played for the Blackhawks once, was excellent in goal, stopping 75 shots, but the Hawks were just too damn good for him to really try to win. Final score: Blackhawks 31, Flyers 1

Just a quick note.... don't take yourselves too seriously guys. Have some fun. And Go Blackhawks!!!!!
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