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Browns expected free agents

Derek Anderson-signed for 2010 for 7.45 million with a 2 million bonus due in march-  I doubt we pick it up.

Marcus Bernard-free agent-  Sign this man, he came out of nowhere to help this team turn it around

Blake Constanzo -Free agent- He seems like a Mangini guy

Abe Elam- free agent- Mangini traded for him, if Mangini sticks around i expect a resigning.  We also have no options at safety 

Hank Frayley -signed for 1.63 million- I don't think we are cutting him, but wouldn't be shocked if we did.

Mike Furrey -free agent-  Ended the season as the starting safety.  I like his grit.  Keep around another season
Rex Hadnot -free agent- that improvement at the end of the season will get him a contract somewhere if not here.

Jerome Harrison -free agent-  Sign this man.  He can be good in this league.

DQwell Jackson -free agent-  I don't want to overpay to keep him.  He led the NFL in tackles two years ago but the defense sucked.  He going to want a lot of money and the defense was better without him.  That says something.

Jamal Lewis (retired) if not due 2.4 million  he is cut if he wants to come back.

Evan Moore -free agent- SIGN HIM!!!  He is what this offense needs, someone who can catch.

Brodney Pool -free agent-  Health is the question?  Is he playing football anymore?  How much do you play someone who is iffy on that question?  We don't have one starting safety from this season signed for next season except Mike Adams who started at CB to end the season.

Brett Ratliff -free agent-  Mangini's scout QB.  I thought he was there to get some playing time, but if he didn't with our QB play I think he is only a scout QB

Matt Roth -Free agent-  SIGN THIS MAN!!  The Browns went 4-2 when he was on the roster.  He had 5 sacks in 6 games.  Yeah keep him around.

Donte Stallworth -due 1.5 million- i expect him to be cut

Jason Trusnik -free agent-  If Mangini is back i expect him to be back

Lawrence Vickers -free agent-  This guy is a tank.  The running of Jerome Harrison is in large part due to the holes he punched open.

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Browns Jags The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good

4 game winning streak.  First one since 1994.  It would feel a lot better if we didn't start the season 1-11 and were fighting for a playoff spot, but it feels better than the end of most other seasons.

Jerome Harrison
Three 100 yard games.  Sign this man.  He may very well be our Priest Holmes.  You know the guy too small to play so we never did, let him go elsewhere and watch him turn into the ultimate weapon.

Josh Cribbs
Pay the man.  Don't go crazy, don't tear up his contract and give him Hester money.  He is signed for 3 more years on his current 6 year 6.55 million dollar deal.  He can't walk.  He has to play here or not play for the next 3 seasons.  Extend the current deal give him another bonus. 

Lawrence Vickers
keep knocking down would be tacklers and we will have 100 yards backs no matter who is running.

O line
Wow what an improvement.  Alex Mack seems to be settling in finally.

The team not quitting with the list of injuries we had.  Several times I seen coaches throw it in, we got better.

The Bad

The 1-11 start.  It makes the run at the end a moot point. 

QB play.  Uninspiring.  It seemed we said the only way we can win is if we refuse to throw.

WR play,  Uninspiring.  It seemed we said the only way we can win is if we refuse to throw.

The Ugly

Changes on the horizon.  I don't what they are but they are coming.
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Browns Raiders--The Good the Bad the Ugly.

The Good

A winning streak.  3 games in a row!

Jerome Harrison's running.  I constantly hear insane remarks from Cleveland fans.  "Don't let the coach win, if he does it means we can't fire him."  "How could you bench Harrison?"

First, Harrison was injured for most of this year.  He had a large knee brace to anyone paying attention.  He is just now getting healthy.  Aside from that, there is more being an NFL running back that just running the ball.  You HAVE to know how to do it all in this league.  If you don't want to learn it you don't play.  Put in the extra time.

Matt Roth.  Who is this guy?  Where did he come from?  Can we keep him?
Here is another point people slam Mangini on.  Why isn't Venuke starting?  We drafted him high, therefore he starts.  Draft status gets you your first contract, after you step on the field it doesn't mean squat.  

NOBODY SHOULD BE GIVEN A STARTING SPOT OR PLAYING TIME!  You earn it.  In his case he hasn't yet.  Its way too early to call him a bust he is just a rookie.

Aggressive play calling.  We have had it all season.  It was one thing I couldn't stomach from Crenell, rush 3 all game and wonder why they stomp you.  We blitzed all game.  We went for a fake punt as a dagger to the heart.  It didn't work, but I'll take the aggressiveness.  That is how you beat a team like the Steelers

The Bad

Passing yardage.  The pass was effective.  DA was 1 completion from 50%.  He hit Mass on a TD during a two minute drill.  No INT's.  We really didn't need a good passing game to end this one.  I still would prefer to see more passing yards than rushing yards.

The Ugly

The first part of the season.  Where was this?  Answer- it takes time to get guys into a system.  It takes time for players to learn what they are doing with a coach.  It takes time for locker room leaders to develop.  It takes time for a team to buy into it.  They are playing less than stellar opponents but they are light years ahead of where they were at the start of the year.  

I don't even think SA can call for a firing at this point.
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Browns Chiefs The Good the bad and the ugly

The Good

WE BEAT THE F N Steelers 10 DAYS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah we played another game after that and won.  To quote Lou Brown "we won a game (last week), we won a game (this week), if we win (next week) that is called a winning streak!"

A Browns rushing record for Jerome Harrison.  I like the kid I always have.  I didn't complain when he was benched though.  His blitz pickup was suspect.  Hopefully he has improved this area of his game.  I couldn't really say because we never passed this game.  Lets not forget he was also injured for the majority of this year.

I don't expect him to do this again anytime soon.  Not to take away from his accomplishment, but a decent defense would not have allowed that performance from him.

Josh Cribbs 2 TD's
(who remembered to start Harrison and the Browns DST for fantasy?  Not me that is why I am out of the playoffs.)
I have officially reversed my preseason stance on Josh Cribbs.  Tear his contract up and Pay The Man!  The whole extension idea is better, so the Browns org will probably go with that.  We got to keep this guy in Cleveland for the rest of his career.

Passing game, or lack there of.  Of course it is hard to get a flow for your passing game when the offense goes Run for 8 yards on first down.  Run for 8 yards on 2nd down.  Lather rinse repeat...what we have a 3rd down?  okay i guess we try to pass now.


Brady Quinn's injury.  What does this mean to his future?  He is likely going to be here next year.  He costs us next to nothing.  He has incentive to do well.  If he takes 70% of the snaps next year, he gets paid. 

I think we take the best player available with our picks.  I don't think that will be a QB round 1.  Maybe round 2 though.  Anderson is likely gone next season.  He makes too much for us to keep him.  The only way he stays is if he agrees to a large pay cut.  I don't think he does that for the Browns.  My guess is he goes to the a team in need of "journeyman" (even though he only started for us) veteran player.   
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Browns Steelers The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good-


The Browns win over the Steelers!!  You don’t get much better than that in Browns football.


This was a Thursday game.  I get to dish it out to Steelers fans who have ribbed me for years Friday and all of next week!


171 yards rushing against the Steelers defense!!  

Does Chris Jennings stay on as the starter next year?  Is he durable enough for the job?  Come draft time you pick the best player available.  If a top flight RB is there, but I don’t know if the Browns need to reach anymore.


Wildcat offense.  Cribbs is running it really well.  No one seems capable of stopping him.  I am officially ending my “make Cribbs” play out his contract stance.  PAY THE MAN!!!!


8 Sacks against Roethlisberger.  Never did we let up.  Pressure all game, keep rushing the QB. 


65 yards rushing by Steelers running backs.  53 by Mendenhall.  No Shaun Rogers eating up the middle.  No NFL leading tackler D’Qwell.  No Polle Barton, Is it OK to call him a bust yet Mano?  He kind of reminds me of William Green.


CB play.  No big plays.  This could be the weather keeping the ball on the ground since no one could throw.  Still I even saw good tackling from both Wright and McDonald.


I said earlier cold weather favored the Steelers.  They are a team that has played together in the cold for years.  They know how to do this.  Last year half the Browns were elsewhere.  Heck, last month a couple of starters were elsewhere.  The Browns were the tougher team on the field today. 


Say what you want about Mangini, but his team has not quit and showed today is tougher than the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I can’t remember the last time I could say that!


The Bad


The Steelers right now.  Shall we revisit these power rankings?  How about James Harrison is an unstoppable force?


The Ugly


That I sold my tickets to the game.     

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Browns Chargers The Good The Bad the Ugly

The Good--

The Steelers lose again, likely putting them out of the playoffs.  Any week where that happens is a good week in my book.

Alright lets get real.  To start the season we did not have superbowl talent on this roster.  We traded our best offensive playmaker (Winslow) for a 2nd rounder.  We had one receiver who scared opponents but he dropped everything in sight.  We were salary cap strapped due to poor signings and roster bonuses.  We paid Donte Stallworth quite a bit this season.  We couldn't sign anyone to fill the obvious holes we had.

Now take that roster and remove the best player (Shaun Rogers), remove the leading tackler from the defense (Jackson), remove the only offensive player that scared anyone (Edwards), remove the 1000 yard running back (Lewis).  Whats left?

This team is literally signing guys each week to come in and play significant minutes.  Guys who were cut by other teams come in each week and play significant minutes.  You can't expect greatness right now.  I would expect the team to look like it did to end last season, or like it did at the start of this season.  Absolutely pathetic.  Not having a chance of winning at all.  They had a chance against a possible playoff team this week.  That is good.

The Sellout streak continues.  Games remain televised for a few more weeks.

Brady continuing to move the offense.  We really don't much out there for him to work with but he made things happen.
Leading receiver?  E Moore, you know a guy that was all set to go announce high school football games in his hometown.
2nd leading receiver?  B. Robiskie, you know that guy that has been inactive most of the season.

The Bad--

Losing running backs out of the backfield.  This has been a problem all season.  This team can't overcome easy TD's like that.

The loses that keep piling up. 

The Ugly--
The Streak.  The Browns have not beaten the Steelers since 2003.  The Browns have NEVER beaten the Steeles in Cleveland Browns Stadium.  This year was the first year that Ben Roetlisberger has ever lost an NFL game in Ohio, but he did it Cincy.  It would be nice if we made it two.
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Browns Bengals The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good---

Uhhh immediately following the week, the patented Hines Ward cheap shot landed square on the jaw of QB Ben Rottenberger.  So Ben has a concussion, and Hines completely blind sides him with the crown of his helmet.  Hines calls Ben out for basically not manning up enough.  Tell all the kids out there to lie to doctors so they can play.  I am used to dysfunctional comments from all Browns players.  It comes with the losing.  Just not used to it from Steelers.  In an otherwise crappy weekend it was my only real spot of joy.  Thanks Hines!!

The Browns offense couldn't do much.  The receiving threats are not there.  Still DA played well against this very defense with the same crew minus Braylon Edwards, but that was the game where Braylon didn't record a catch.  He wasn't being doubled all day.  Not an endorsement of DA, I know he is gone after the season, just brings some concern for Brady.  He still has the rest of the season to get something going.

The Bad--

Injuries injuries injuries.  We were a bad team to start the year.  When a bad team loses all it best players to injuries what are we left with?  I kept hearing accolades for the LB we signed off the street to start this week.  No one pointed out they were running for 10 yards a carry.  That is the responsbility of the LB'ers.  We have lost all of our staters save Wimbley, who did look better this season.

Pool's concusion.  You hate hearing, "he will have to consider how much longer he wants to play football".  Brodney was never great, but not a bad 2nd round pick for us.  He was developing nicely.  It would be a shame to end it here.

The Ugly--

The looming blackout.  I don't understand blackouts.  I understand the orginal premise.  No one will go to football games if you can watch it from the comfort of your home and not buy the $10 beers.  Makes sense to me.  As a matter of fact, I started as a football fan who never went to games (when i was a kid).  I now go to 2-3 games a year.  This year I have attended 2.  I just sold my Pitt tickets on eBay and will probably go to the JAX game later on.  What are the chances i go to any games ever if they black out games?  Nill.  Showing the games attracts fans, and brings them into the games.  Blacking out a poorly performing teams leaves fans like me with few options.  I am sure i could find a way to watch the game if i really wanted to.  If the NFL don't want me to watch them, I probably will find something better to do with my time come Sunday. 
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Browns Lions The Good the Bad the Ugly

The Good--

There was offense.  There was a passing TD to a WR.  Their were muliple TD's  Considering we have seen 5 up until this point it was good.  To quote Eddy Murphy (bonus points if you can remember from where), "if you starve a man, and give then him a cracker, he will think it is the best cracker ever.  That wasn't no regular cracker was it?  That was a Ritz, no that was Saltines!"
That is us right now.  I saw TD's.  I don't care if it was against the Lions, they looked like an NFL team on offense for once.

Brady threw the ball deep!  He did it when the receivers were 20 yards away from the nearest defender.  He needs to work on the testicular fortitude to do when they are covered better than that.  That is the NFL.  Blown coverages like that don't happen often.  You have to "thread the needle".

The Bad--

The Defense.  Really wondering if i was looking for some bright spot on the team after the way they played.  In all fairness, early problems happened because they were losing the RB out of the backfield.  That is the LB's responsibility and we are on 4th and 5th stringers by now.  Still if the team puts up any type of defensive performance at all, we are talking about the blowout win last weekend.  When you go up that big on a 1-8 team they tend to throw in the towel.  Giving up big plays gave them hope.

The Ugly--

Pass interference on a hail mary.  I don't recall ever seeing one called before.  You are allowed to shove a guy out of bounds if the QB is out of the pocket.  He scrambled everywhere.  The ball wasn't going anywhere near the receiver that was interfered with.  Poteat definitely played the receiver and not the ball.  His back was to the ball.  Still I have never seen that call before.

Browns timeout right after that.  Thier starting QB limps off the field.  Culpepper goes in, ice cold.  They can't run against Shaun Rogers.  I play it out and see what happens.  I understand the plan of lets regroup on defense, but the offense also gets the same shot.
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