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Posted on: August 9, 2009 4:18 pm

My first fantasy draft of the year

I just finished my first Fantasy draft of the year. Overall I really like my team. I was the 6th overall pick which i hate, I hate being the middle picks. Here is what I did with my picks.
  1. QB- Drew Brees
  2. RB- Brian Westbrook
  3. WR- Anquan Boldin
  4. RB- Thomas Jones
  5. WR- Lee Evan
  6. DST- Titans
  7. RB- Willie Parker
  8. TE- John Carlson
  9. WR- Percy Harvin
  10. K- Adam Vinaiteri
  11. RB- Earnest Graham
  12. WR- Michael Crabtree
  13. QB- Trent Edwards
  14. WR- Jeremy Maclin
Overall I'm pretty satisfied with my team, I know my Recieving core is pretty weak but I figured I could trade one of my RB's for a good WR. Tell me what you think of my team and if you have any suggestions. Thank You
Category: Fantasy Football
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