Posted on: February 27, 2010 1:57 pm

NFL Movers and Shakers

So LaDainian Tomlinson is no longer part of the Chargers organization. Brian Westbrook and the Eagles have parted way. Rumors are that Thomas Jones and the Jets will soon be parting ways too. Is any of this really suprising? Some want LT to go to the Saints who could use another running back since Mike Bell Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush aren't exactly elite. Also talks of LT or Westbrook going to the Vikings are surfacing. As it stands right now, LeSean McCoy and Darren Sproles are going to get a chance to carry their teams but neither one is particularly good. Leonard Weaver also stands to make some noise with Philadelphia. Is Brett Favre retired or no? Here's hoping he finally decides to call it quits and join a bowling league somewhere. Wes Welker is injured and Tom Brady and the rest of those Patriots look vulnerable for next year. Randy Moss proved he cannot do it alone when the Ravens and Ray Rice ran all over them in the playoffs, pun intended. The Colts are disappointed right now but with Peyton Manning on your side you aren't down for long. With players like Pierre Garcon Anthony Gonzalez Austin Collie Joseph Addai Donald Brown Dallas Clark and even young Mike Hart on your side your team is in good shape. Better than those lowly Browns led by the pathetic duo of Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson and although Jerome Harrison has shown signs this team no longer has Braylon Edwards to save them. He is working alongside Jerricho Cotchery now. The Bills are still in trouble with fossil Terrell Owens and Lee Evans leading their not so potent offense. Fred Jackson is a joke and Marshawn Lynch is not as good as advertised. Their quarterback Trent Edwards looks more like a high school player than a big leaguer. Ronnie Brown is still injury prone for the Dolphins but Ricky Williams showed just what can happen when you look the other way with a player people thought was washed up. Drew Brees is the best quarterback in the league. There, I said it. Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin may come back to earth since Kurt Warner retired. Beanie Wells can't carry that Cardinals team alone. One final thought. When are the Packers gonna turn the corner? Aaron Rodgers has the talent. Greg Jennings and Donald Driver are good enough, as is Ryan Grant. Hopefully they get things going an start winning big. They rule that division is they ever step it up. Adrian Peterson is overrated, as is the whole Bears team. Lions are still a joke. Peace!
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Posted on: February 23, 2010 12:12 am

NCAA Top 25 Rant

Pittsburgh is not a top 10 team. They are borderline top 15. Yes, some of their wins are impressive. But their losses are ugly. A top caliber team is consistent. Pittsburgh is not. I'd rank them higher than 16th but no higher than 12th. The SEC is all puff and no fluff. Kentucky has yet to play a real solid opponent. UConn is almost the exception but they are so up and down no one can figure them out. Have Kentucky play a Villanova, a Purdue, a Kansas, a Syracuse, or a Duke and then see how good they really are. Their best win so far? at Vanderbilt. VANDERBILT. This is not top quality opposition here. Good? Yes. Great? No. Kentucky will be the first no. 1 seed to bow out if they come in believing they really are the no. 2 team in the country. Put Kentucky in either the Big 12, Bigh 10, or Big East and that 26-1 record would be closer to 21-6 at BEST. Not saying the Wildcats are bad but come on, they haven't faced anything remotely close to the opposition the other top teams have faced. Their best chance in the pitiful SEC would be to play AT Tennessee but Cal doesn't have the stones for that with this team. Maybe they will cross paths in the SEC tournament. I hope so. Hopefully Tennessee will show up for that one too because they go games in between actually trying. Butler in the top ten really is a joke. That team would be lucky to be top 20 material. Cornell could probably beat them. New Mexico state is a joke too. Don't rank a team like that until they actually beat someone. New Mexico is just another nobody beating up on other nobodies and getting way too much credit for it. Northern Iowa was in the top 25 too. NORTHERN IOWA! You know, where the team is bigger than the crowd that shows up to watch. What a joke ranking them. Please stop ranking these wanna be teams with inflated records. In a power conference none of them would be over .500! You want to be ranked? Beat someone else who deserves to be.
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Posted on: October 27, 2009 8:38 pm

It's been too long. And now a look into the NFL.

Well the 2009 NFL season is almost halfway over, and its been a season of big thrills and bad spills. Let's start with the ugly parts. The Tennessee Titans stand out in my mind. They are a disaster right now. Kerry Collins is finally showing his age and Vince Young is waiting in the wings. Chris Johnson is not performing terribly but LenDale White is performing at such a low level that one wonders if he got hit one time too many in the offseason. The Titans need a better receiving corps. Justin Gage will not cut it. More importantly, they need a defense. Last year their defense was a juggernaut in every sense of the word. This year they are a pee wee team trying to keep up with the big kids and as a result they are being left in the dust. This team needs a major overhaul. Bring in a big play wide receiver and put Collins back in the closet with the moth balls. How about the St. Louis Rams trainwreck? This team could give the Detriot Lions a run for their money in the which team can win fewer games conest. A winless season should not be possible with the likes of Steven Jackson and Donnie Avery at your disposal, yet this team, with the errant arm of Marc Bulger leading the way, is attempting to do just that. At least the Lions have a real number in the win column, and some talent that is showing signs of actually being a factor. Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford have a promising future if they can avoid the injury bug in the future. Both are coming off injuries that caused them to miss some time on the field. Now how about some good news for a change? The New Orleans Saints no longer bear any resemblance to the team that caused fans to wear paper bags over their heads only a few years ago. This team is the real deal and quite possibly is the NFL's best team right now. Sure Reggie Bush is still the most overrated player in football, but this year no one cares. Drew Brees is taking the big easy by storm, and the suprising Mike Bell is helping Saints fans (and coaches) forget all about Bush. In fact, Michael Bush of the Raiders is outperforming Reggie right now and he is playing on Oakland's joke of a ballclub. Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey lead a host of receiving threats for Brees and the Saints underrated defense is really setting the tone for this club. Look for them in a Super Bowl near you. The Denver Broncos are undefeated. Wait a minute.... the Broncos are UNDEFEATED???? When did THAT happen? With the mess surrounding Brandon Marshall and the early injury to Kyle Orton most people figured this team would be scraping for every win all year long. Guess again! The Broncos defense has been phenominal this year!  Eddie Royal may not be performing as a wide receiver but how about those two special teams touchdowns he scored against the Chargers on monday night football? This guy has some serious skills! Think along the lines of a Devin Hester alter-ego with Royal. The Colts are unbeaten too but thats not a big shocker. The Bengals are a big shock. Carson Palmer did a terrific Tom Brady impression against the Bears suddenly porous defense throwing for five, yes you heard me right, FIVE touchdown passes. And tell me this: who didn't love it when Chad Johnson (I don't buy into the whole Chad Ochocinco business) gave the cheerleader the football? I think every male on earth would like to be able to do that. Cedric Benson is the comeback story of the year right now. He was written off as a second rate running back on a team that would never contend for anything except draft position, and yet here he is with more yards than Adrian Peterson through 7 weeks of football! Brett Favre finally blew a game, losing two turnovers late against the Pittsburgh Steelers that ended the Vikings unbeaten run. Welcome to the land of "you suck" Brett! I mean really, did anyone think he'd run the table with his new team? He is 40 after all. Well thats it for now. I'll be back sports fans! Until then, I'm out.
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Posted on: November 12, 2008 2:57 pm

some NFL thoughts regarding the playoffs

Don't count out either the Patriots or the Colts and don't be so quick to hop onto the Jets bandwagon. Don't forget those Patriots already beat the Jets in New York. Thomas Jones may be putting up great numbers but hes still an average back. He's no Adrian Peterson by any means. Leon Washington could even outplay him. As for those Colts, having Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison makes your team a threat. Throw in Dallas Clark and Anthony Gonzalez an you have a real team. Peyton Manning is your QB? Look out! Don't forget the Dolphins because they have a shot at the playoffs too! As for the Arizona Cardinals they won't do much. Kurt Warner has a great receiving corps with Anquan Boldin Larry Fitzgerald and Steve Breaston and now that Tim Hightower has replaced Edgerrin James their RB situation is improved but they don't have the "it" factor to carry them in the playoffs. They almost lost to the 49ers at home too! If San Francisco runs Frank Gore at the end, they win. The Giants are the team to beat now that they've toppled NFC foes the Eagles Redskins and Cowboys already. The Titans continue to impress but will likely lose to the Jaguars. The Lions could go winless this year! The Chargers will miss the playoffs. No playmakers. Vincent Jackson is their top player right now and he is no Randy Moss or Terrell Owens nor does he have a good sidekick like Brandon Marshall has in young Eddie Royal who has suprised many. The Patriots should win their division despite being guided by Matt Cassel and losing players like Tom Brady to injury. Well all thats left is to say the Packers are in a tough spot. Aaron Rodgers is trying and Greg Jennings Donald Driver and Ryan Grant are trying to carry the load, but the Green Bay men don't look like they're gonna get it done this time. Give the nod in that division to Kyle Orton Devin Hester and the Bears. Good luck to all. Enjoy the rest of the season!  
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Posted on: October 16, 2008 11:53 am

NFL Nutiness

This year the NFL is making about as much sense as France during a war. Teams who should be good are playing.... well.... not as good. The teams who should be getting pounded on are the ones doing the pounding. Remember the Dolphins at the Patriots? Ronnie Brown scoring 5 touchdowns was a bigger shocker than when Al Gore told us the world was ending. The Patriots defense looks like a kindergarten class could mow it over, while their offense, let by professional benchwarmer Matt Cassel is apparently playing golf, trying to keep their score as low as possible. The NFC East is a power division, but right now a few of the teams look like they forgot to pay their electric bill. The Giants were embarrassed by a Cleveland Browns team who, up until the game, looked more like the Syracuse Orange rather than an NFL football program. Derek Anderson was doing one heck of an Andrew Robinson impression up until kickoff when he suddenly realized Braylon Edwards still played for him. The San Diego Chargers are more up and down than an elevator at Macy's during a holiday sale. They lose to a Carolina team on the final play, get robbed of a win against Denver, crush the Patriots, but also lose to Miami. LaDainian Tomlinson is more inconsistant than John Kerry right now and the fans know it. And of course the Brett Favre saga continues. It's like George Lucas with Star Wars. Enough already! Meanwhile back in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers is apparently doing pretty well for himself, but obviously not well enough to beat a team like the Atlanta Falcons, who won all of 3 games last season, yet still came into Lambeau and beat the mean Green Bay Packers squad at their own game. Oh, and those New Orleans Saints, who should be undefeated right now, but keep losing because injuries keep biting them whgere it hurts most. Not to mention Reggie Bush can't seem to remember what position he's playing half of the time. Oh yes, and don't forget Seattle. That mess gets ugl;ier by the game. No starting RB, no top 3 receivers, and now, no QB either. The rain capital is now the injury capital too. At least their NBA team.... oh wait, they moved. Well at least somebody had some common sense..... One last parting shot. Tennessee is the last undefeated team? The Titans???? Where the heck did this come from? Their defense is no.1 right now, and that's despite the fact that their offense... well..... there really isn't an offense right now. That is impressive that they can be 5-0 without scoring points. Either that or the entire NFL is just completely messed up. Yeah, that's probably it. Of course New England swirls with controversy again. Tom Brady's injury..... dirty hit or no? Even the players can't seem to decide, much less the fans. The only dirty play I'm seeing in New England is that of their offense. Let Matt Cassel do what he does best.... sit. Find another QB and maybe get your season tuned around before..... oh wait. Never mind.   
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Posted on: October 3, 2008 2:27 pm

Those bleeping Mets!

Another year, another final day collapse for the New York Mets. As for the NY Yankees, they didn't fare any better, but that's a good thing as far as I am concerned. The cubs look to be history for another year as they trail the Dodgers 2 games to 0. The Phillies look like a team to make, and then lose the world series, likely to Boston or Tampa. That right, Tampa. The Rays could do it this year. It looks like only the Red Sox have a say about stopping them. As for the first round losers like the Brewers Angels and White Sox, better luck next year. And how about SU football? The Orange needs a coach transplant and NOW!!! Daryl Gross needs to hit the highway and not stop until he reaches the midfdle of the atlantic, where he can sink like the titanic. Back to the Mets for a moment. Omar Minaya needs to be fired, not given 4 more years! It's like giving Bill Clinton his own personal set of keys to the white house. It makes no ssense and the longer he stays the uglier things get! Jerry Manuel could've been coach of the year if not for that hell hole the Mets call a bullpen. Heilman? Get lost. You never should've gotten past single-A. Feliciano? Looks good for awhile until you start to trust him, then he stinks like year old limburger cheese. Ayala? You pay him to come in and be a closer, but you forget that a closer has to be able to pitch longer than a third of an inning effectively. Duaner Sanchez? Maybe a bright light if you give him the right opportunity. Why not use him as a closer? Or better yet, bring him in rather than Heilman! Muniz and more? Forget it. They can go back to pitching for t-ball leagues where doing nothing is a good thing. As for the starters? Santana, Maine, Perez, and Pelfrey stay. Get rid of Martinez already! He's so old that his first win came after he struck out Jackie Robinson!  Trade him if you can. As for possible pitching moves? Bring in a Jesse Litsch, A.J. Burnett, or justin Duchsherer. They all are great pitchers on mediocre teams. Get a pitcher with that type of situation and you could end up with an ace for a low low price! It's like walmart for the MLB! That said, I'll close with one last statement: could Brett Favre just retire already? I know you won the starting job at Green Bay from Bart Starr but now its time to quit before you become the next Roger Clemens. Well, see you all on the flip side sports fans! I'm out.   
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