Posted on: October 27, 2008 11:48 am

NFC East Week 8 in review

Whew what a game huh! I started out last week talking about how this would be a respect game for the Giants. A lot of people talk about how they haven't played anyone yet. Well let me say that Pitt team is a good one and the Giants found a way to win. I've already began reading all the posts about how the Giants got lucky from the botched snap for a safety that tied the game. Did I miss something where there is a difference between 7 points or 5? Either way Pitt would need a touchdown correct; one they never got? Also the Giants actually recieved worse field postion after the safety because Pitt now punted from the 30 vs. their own goal line for the scoreing drive. I would also like to point out that once agian Eli came through when it counted. Not only did he score a TD when the Giants needed it but looking at 4th and 6 he threw a perfectly placed ball into the ageless Amani Toomer's hands. I stated during week 7's review that Eli's may not alway win pretty but he knows how to win. He looks most confident when things are chaotic and once agian the kid came through. Not that he played a bad game but when the chips were on the table he came up with a royal straight flush like he usually does.

Ok so my two keys to the game were Eli don't turn the ball over (0 int's) and the DB coverage needs to be better (4 int's). I think they both accomplished what I said would need to be done in order to win this game. Not to sound repetetive but Eli took care of the ball and didn't turn it over. Although the Giants had to kick 4 FG's I think there is something to be said of scoreing a total of 5xs. Second the DB's did blow one coverage that lead to a TD but all in all they played great. IMO the Giants were the much harder hitting team yesterday. Between Butler and Philips I thought they were going to hurt someone the way they were flying around the field. Also I would like to note that Webster and Ross's names were not mentioned yesterday and that is a good thing. To me that means they were locking down their men.

Ok so judgement time. I believe that Vegas mess this line up. I 100% believe that this line should have been Giants -4. I know many of you are going to hit me with the homer pick but I think the Giants win by 7.

I know this post from my week 8 preview was bold and I figured some would say a homer move but I did point out why I thought this. I said that the two D's that Pitt had faced in the Eagles and the Ravens put heavy pressure on Ben and the Giants would do the same. I believe the Giants knocked him down 15xs and sacked him 5! Also I pointed out that the Giants O-line may very well be one of the best in the league. If that wasn't proven yesterday I don't know what they need to do in order to do so. They allowed ZERO sacks agianst a terrific defense (honestly one of the best I've seen in a long time)!

Unfortunatly I don't bet the Giants other wise I would have laid the house on this one. I would like to close on this game by saying that the Pitt fans as a whole on the CBS board are very respectable and one of the best groups out there. There are always a few bad eggs but for the most part I have to say were a good debating group that made valid points.

Rest of the East -

Cowboys vs. Bucs

I said that I wouldn't touch this game as a bettor, because who knows what Cowboy team you were going to get. I said gun to my head I take the points either way. I thought that Vegas should have had it Cowboys +3 but who am I and once agian they proved smarter about teams I admittably don't follow as close to detail as my own. However, If the Bucs had score a TD on the last drive they would have won by 3 and I would have been spot on so I wasn't to far off.

Well, the Cowboys came out and played an excellent Defensive game. Lets face it they played a very good team this week and won. Kudos for that. The Bucs had a chance at the end but couldn't come through. I think this was one of the first times in a long time that the Cowboy D actually stoped a team when they had to in order to salavage a game ( I don't want to hear about the Cinny game seriously). Any way good win they need Romo back soon! If they don't get him back before the week 11 prediction they could be in trouble. I'm not sure how much longer this team can survive without him. Lets call it as it is Romo is the heart and soul of this team and without him they are a shell of themseleves. It's almost funny that this guy went undrafted. Next up the G-Men ( good luck!)

Eagles vs. Falcons-

Ok nice win for the Eagles this week to keep their hopes alive. I said give the points and cash the money. Well they won by 13 but couldn't this have been any scarier of a game? I have to say the Eagles have to do something about the QB situation if Donovan isn't going to break the pocket and run like he use to. This whole pocket passer thing is not suited for him. How many balls did he over throw, under throw, completely miss his target on? Seriously it was almost painful. At one point he over threw his target wide open with a ball 3 feet over his head. All Donovan did was laugh. 

In the second half Dono finally started to move the pocket and run. When he did this he started picking up serious yds and making the LB's respect his run. With that the Eagles started to move the ball. I like the Eagles in this game for two reasons. 1 I figured their D would give the rookie QB fits and aside from two long scoreing TDs they did and 2: Brian Westbrook would be coming back. Let me say as a Giant fan BW is awesome. He had 200 yds and 2 tds this week. The guy is great and without him the Eagles are just ordinary. The Eagles did win by 13 although it may have just been 6 if not for a blown call but i'll take the cash however it's given.

Also I acutally was debating this game with a Cowboy fan friend of mine. He kept saying that Michael Turner is a beast and that Matt Ryan is not the avg rookie QB. Ryan is a real good player and may turnout to be a franchise player but I have a problem with the Turner assesment. If you look going into this game Turner had 3 of his 6 games with less then 60 yds. All three were games were agianst good D's. His games where he had 100 plus were agianst bad D's not avg bad. This week what did he have? 58 yds, draw your own conclusions but this guy still is not considered a top back in my book.

Redskins vs. Lions

Another cash out on this game. I said the 7 point spread was a tricky one and man was it close. The skins won by 8 and that's all that matters when your betting.

Ok story of this game is Calvin Johnson is awesome! Just kidding he is good but Jason Campbell played another good game. He finally commited a turnover (a fumble not and INT) but in the end he lead his team to a W they needed and should have gotten. I have both JC and Eli in my fantasy league and decided to start JC at the last moment and I'm glad I did. JC had 328 passing yds and a TD. I mean lets face it the Lions are terrible but what a season the Clinton Portis is having huh. The guy has 944 yds at the midway point! He is just dominating this year. If he continues this can you say MVP?

Final thoughts-

I believe the NFC East took back recognition of the best division in football this week. Three of the four teams won agianst oppents with records of 500 or better. Two of the games came agianst NFC south teams, which is the only division where I thought there may be a challenge and the other came agianst Pitt, which some had as a top 3-5 team in the league depending on who you are talking to. IMO the 4 NFC East teams can beat anyone and that is something I don't think any other division can claim.  

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