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Posted on: April 5, 2010 8:27 pm

Shakin the draft u - Picks 1-10 w/ TRADES...

1st 10 picks only for my mock draft here. Considering only the 1st round is being shown the first day, here's my idea of how the draft is going to shake out on top. Trades are going to be happening like last year, but not as much as last year.

1. Rams - Sam Bradford (QB) - impressed at the Pro Day and should garner serious $$$ as the #1 overall and future of this young team

2. Lions - Russell Okung (OT) - Okung gave up only one sack in 360+ attempts in college. Detroit went crazy in FA for some spots on the d-line, and Stafford's contract is too big for the team to ignore the holes on the line that protects him.

3. Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy (DT) - McCoy has the tools to play in the NFL. His bench press stats at the combine were weak, but he doesn't come into this draft with a history of injuries

4. Redskins - Eric Berry (FS/SS) - Berry earned back-to-back All American awards and recorded 7 interceptions as 72 tackles as a junior in the talented SEC. With the additions of Donovan McNabb and Willie Parker, the offense has been re-shaped. IMO best talent in this draft class.

5. Eagles *** trade with Chiefs *** - Jimmy Clausen (QB) - Kevin Kolb? Michael Vick? Come on now; everyone knows the Eagles can't win the division without a QB.... Giving up their 1st round (pick #24) and next year's third round pick to the Chiefs and Philly can ride the train just like the Jets did last year with Mark Sanchez.

6.  Seahawks - Ndamukong Suh (DT) - look, the best OT and QB's are taken. OT is a huge need for Seattle to keep Hasslebeck healthy. The same was thought last year when the "top" guy in Aaron Curry fell in their laps at #4. Suh drops a tad due to his two college injuries, and Seattle gets a mega-talent to stuff the weak-running NFC West.

7. Browns - Jason Pierre-Paul (DE/OLB) - Cleveland will have to figure out how to slow down opposing offenses. Pierre-Paul's style of play has versatility to be a hybrid OLB/DE. He's jumping up draft boards due to his tenacious play. Nice fit for Cleveland, IMO.

8. Raiders - Anthony Davis (OT) - Al Davis' old self still LOVES JaMarshmellow Russell. Davis has some raw potential and is a big, big man. He reminds me of when Robert Gallery was coming out of Iowa, but this guy from Rutgers will actually play to his potential.

9. Chargers *** trade with Bills *** CJ Spiller (RB) - Sproles has lofty expectations in San Diego, but the Chargers need more in the running game to balance Philip Rivers' high powered passing game. San Diego trades its first and third picks of 2010 to Buffalo for the #9 pick in Spiller. The guy can get 20 touches a game as a rookie and has a solid track record as a return guy. 

10. Jaguars - Dez Bryant (WR) - David Garrard is a decent QB. The Jags grabbed Eugene Monroe on the O-line to develop and should step up his game even more this year. Bryant doesn't like the hype, and the Jags need a guy with high-risk, high-reward potential.. Bryant would be a solid target for this team, which seriously lacks a play-maker at the position..

Posted on: February 22, 2010 8:07 pm

Pre Combine, Pre Free Agency Round 1 Mock Draft

1. Rams - Sam Bradford
2. Lions - Gerald McCoy
3. Buccaneers - Russell Okung
4. Redskins - Jimmy Clausen
5. Chiefs - Ndamukong Suh
6. Seahawks - C.J. Spiller
7. Browns - Eric Berry
8. Raiders - Taylor Mays
9. Bills - Dez Bryant
10. Jaguars - Joe Haden
11. Broncos - Rolando McClain
12. Dolphins - Bryan Baluga
13. 49ers - Carlos Dunlap
14. Seahawks - Brandon Spikes
15. Giants - Sergio Kindle
16. Titans - Trent Williams
17. 49ers - Arthur Jones
18. Steelers - Anthony Davis
19. Falcons - Brandon LaFell
20. Texans - Sean Witherspoon
21. Bengals - Mike Iupati
22. Patriots - Jermaine Gresham
23. Packers - Marty Gilyard
24. Eagles - Patrick Robinson
25. Ravens - Terrence Cody
26. Cardinals - Greg Hardy
27. Cowboys - Selvish Capers
28. Chargers - Jonathon Dwyer
29. Jets - Ricky Sapp
30. Vikings - Syd'Quan Thompson
31. Colts - Derrick Morgan
32. Saints - Jason Pierre-Paul
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Posted on: January 4, 2010 7:51 pm

2010 Mock Draft Top 20

The Regular season is over and now we are rockin' with a very tentative 2010 Mock Draft. Here's what I am seeing...

How many of you picked Curry to go first, or second overall? Let's be honest, I thought the same. Hype can be a bag of mixed emotions. Curry slid to 4th. Teams often don't bite the media's tail. Already I think we are getting a fat whiff of Mr. Suh, whom is similarly being repped as the next Prodigy in the NFL. Will he go #1? Not in this mock draft...

1. St. Louis Rams - Jimmy Clausen, QB -- the Rams have young talent. Jason Smith was drafted to work on the line. Marc Bulger can't stay healthy and a new identity for the team is needed. If they don't go after a FA QB during the 10' off-season, which could be the option given the talent of this year's draft prodigy in Ndamukong Suh at DT (alternate Choice: N. SUH, DT)

2. Detroit Lions - Ndamukong Suh, DT -- The Lions paid a hefty amount for Matthew Stafford and his services. Suh's hype is much like Aaron Curry of last season. The video on Suh shows an explosive manimal whom had 90+ tackles, 23 of those for losses. The Heisman candidate also was credited for 12 sacks and is #1 on the top of almost every media outlet's list (alternate Choice: Dez Bryant).

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Russell Okung - OT -- Josh Freeman's rough rookie ride exposed Tampa Bay's lack of an offensive line. Maybe this is why the Bucs only scored 5 rushing touchdowns all year and coughed up the ball on the ground 12 times. Trench help needed to give Freeman a chance. (Alternate Choice: D. Morgan, DE)

4. Washington Redskins - Sam Bradford - QB -- Zorn is out the door andCampbell's bags all packed and ready to go. The Skin's first down conversion rate was under 19 percent. They need a dominant tackle, but they need a QB desperately. Bradford might go #1 overall, but with the Redskins at #4 overall, they jump on board and select Bradford. (Alternate Choice, Eric Berry, S)

5. Kansas City Chiefs - Dez Bryant - WR -- I know, crazy. Tyson Jackson #3 overall, crazy. Look, the Chiefs went on the waiver wire to pick up Chris Chambers. Matt Cassel has a serious contract and is in need of a #1 WR to throw to. Risky considering I see the guy slipping down the draft chart like Michael Crabtree last year, but again, this is Todd Haley and the Chiefs (Taylor Mays, S).

6. Seattle Seahawks - Eric Berry - S -- The Hawks are a team whom would go out and grab a FA QB to support oft-injured Matt Hasslebeck. Berry could add some speed to a pass defense that gives up way too many yards. Housh will still be around and like previous years, the injuries are killing their seasons. (Alternate Choice: Trent Williams, OT)

7. Cleveland Browns - CJ Spiller - RB -- Spiller could potentially be a special teams duo next to Joshua Cribbs. Holmgren is in Cleveland to get the team back on track. Spiller is explosive (4.35 40-yard dash) and can get into the end zone. The offense in Cleveland is terrible and their 32nd ranking proves it. I wouldn't be surprised if they make a move up for a QB. I bet everyone in their draft room is still kicking themselves for letting the Jets in on Sanchez (Alternate Choice: TRADE UP for QB) 

8.  Oakland Raiders  - Taylor Mays - S - I would think every pass-happy QB in the NFL would hate to play Oakland with Mays and Nnamdi in the backfield. Here we have Al Davis. Historically, speed and size is what he likes. Even if Eric Berry was avaialble, Mays is bigger built so Davis chooses his safety. Pathetically, this is all done while Jamarcus Russell still a backup and Darrius Heyward-Bey's mediocrity amounted to a 7th straight 11-loss season. (Alternate Choice: Jimmy Clausen, QB)

9. Buffalo Bills - Brandon LaFell - WR -- There is a strong chance Terrell Owens will be gone in Buffalo. The team is lacking an offensive punch. Several holes to fill, but LaFell had a solid season for LSU, making a strong case for him in this year's first round. At 6ft 3", he can get up for the ball. He has YAC potential and could suit Buffalo well. (Alternate Choice: D. Williams, DT)

10. Denver Broncos (through CHI) - Syd'quan Thompson, CB -- The Broncos season was bizarre. Their defense fell apart when the offense was getting the job done. McDaniels should think about upgrading the trenches but they need to find some help at CB. Thompson did a great job at CAL in 2009. He's shorter but electric and can run-down anyone. He'd be a good fit in Denver. (Alternate Choice: B. Spikes, ILB)

11. Jacksonville Jaguars - Tim Tebow, QB -- The Jaguars ranked last in sacks for the 2009 campaign, but David Garrard is a potential candidate to move his services to another city. Eugene Monroe was chosen by JAX in the top 10 last year and is through his first year of work. Tebow would put people in seats. Jacksonville black-outs for local TV are as bad as Oakland. He has the heart and the arm, but quickness in the pocket is an issue. Another team in need of a new face. (Alternate Choice: R. Sapp, DE)

12. Miami Dolphins - Sergio Kindle, OLB -- Bill Parcels is at the healm. He won't draft a WR in the first round. Kindle is the kind of guy that can pass-protect and can mold into a rushing DE hybrid. He's perfect for Miami and perfect for what Bill Parcels has been known to draft. (Alternate Choice: J. Pierre-Paul - OLB).

13. San Francisco 49ers - Trent Williams, OT -- The 49ers gave up too many sacks and desperately need a pass rush, but with two mid-teen picks, needs and wants can both be addressed. He is a giant who tore it up at Oklahoma. Frank Gore will have a field day with him on the line. Alex Smith will still be mediocre but with more time to throw the ball. (Alternate Choice: J. Haden, CB).

14. Seattle Seahawks (through Chicago) - Colt McCoy, QB -- Like I said with their first pick, the Seahawks might enter the hunt for a FA QB, but with McCoy available there shouldn't be any doubt that he can learn from Hasslebeck for a year (or until injured) and step in as a starting NFL QB. His production was solid as he earned candidacy to the Heisman award ceremony as a finalist. The Hawks can bulk up their O-line with their picks later in the draft. (Alternate Choice: T. Cody, DT)

15. New York Giants - Bruce Campbell, OT -- The Giants defense really needs the help, as they gave up 30pts or more several times over the span of the season. Eli Manning needs to be protected in order to be the solid QB he can be. Campbell is bigger and will alleviate pressure from opposing rushers. (Alternate Choice: J. Hughes, OLB)

16. San Francisco 49ers (through Carolina) - Joe Haden, CB -- Nate Clements will not be moving to safety. Dashon Goldson will be back there as he is becomming a bruising commodity for SF. Haden will bring speed and versitilty to a team whom surrendered 1/2 a season of 300 yards in the air to opponents. He can be a shut-down CB whom Singletary will enjoy. (Alternate Choice: B. Spikes, ILB)

17. Tennessee Titans - Brandon Spikes, ILB -- Spikes will be a great fit for the Titans. The team was near the top 10 in rush D, but near the bottom in pass d.  Spikes was a crucial part of the Gator's defensive success, racking up several tackles and earning 2nd team All-American honors. His play away from the ball is what impresses. He is all over the field, all game. (Alternate Choice: P. Robinson, CB)

18. Pittsburg Steelers - Jermaine Gresham, TE -- Big Ben needs another outlet. His receivers are fine, but what is an issue is the lack of a TE who can break off a block and pick up YAC. Besides Mendenhall and aging Willie Parker, the Steelers aren't in panic mode on offense but should consider grabbing a tough tight end for opponents to bring down. His injury will be something to look at if it affects his status at the combine. (Alternate Choice: M. Lupati, G)

19. Atlanta Falcons - Mardy Gilyard, WR -- Matt Ryan has Roddy White and Tony Gonzales. Gonzo stuck at 999 so he should be back another year. Atlanta has a strong rushing game and can bulk up at WR. Gilyard has speed and can break off CB's really well. Will fit great with a surging offense in the ATL. (Alternate Choice: P. Cox, CB)

20. Houston Texans - Anthony Dixon, RB -- Steve Slaton got banged up as the Texans couldn't find the pass to run balance that is needed to succeed. They have improved year-over-year and are in prime position to make it to the playoffs in 2010. Dixon is a bigger back. He might be a reach, but with Slaton injured, the team couldn't find the running game and suffered for it. Dixon ranked 1st in the SEC with 125+YPG. Matt Schaub won't have so much pressure with Dixon getting some reps. Dixon is kinda like Brandon Jacobs. Fun to watch. (Alternate Choice: K. Calloway, OT)

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