Posted on: October 23, 2008 2:40 pm

Fantasy Football?

I have been reading a lot of messages today and it looks like everyone is having some kind of problem with their Fantasy Football team. I know how you are feeling just last week, over half of my team had a bye week and their was nothing I could do about it. But this week I'm going to have a better time with my team. Thanks to my Good Friend who took the time to give me some advice and helped me make my team stronger.

I know I'm new at this Fantasy Football thing, This is my first year playing I usually just watch football but I wanted to do something different this year so I signed up and boy if you would have heard the folks that put me down big time because of some of the picks I made at first,

I had to defend every player I picked and the sad part about it is being a 49ers fan I had not picked, not one player at first, Why you may ask it was just preseason at the time and the ones I liked got dropped before regular season so I'm the one that made the right pick at the time, I really liked Clayton but the 49ers didn't I wonder now if they still like making that decision.

But what I really like to know it why are some many having such a hard time with their Fantasy Team?

I'm a beginner so I know why I'm not at the top of my league but what about all the others who have being playing for years?

What make this year tough?

I'm asking because I care and because I'm still learning.

And I would just like to know what's happening is this year different than any other?

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Posted on: October 22, 2008 11:47 am

Sports Fans Win! 69% to 17%

I took a poll yesterday on No More Politics On CBS SPORTS I got a lot of feed back on it but the one thing I wanted to know was who was sick of looking at the message board and seeing all this political junk on every other post everyday.

And no matter what they say this poll did not lie the fans voted 69% said Yes to no more politics while the No's only got 17% of the vote,

So to all the sports fan we are Winners!

So give yourselves a pat on the back good job, well done!

Go Sports fans!!

Go Phillies win the series!

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Posted on: October 21, 2008 9:33 am

Winners again? Will the 49ers start winning?

Now that Mr.Suit is gone are we going to play as a winning team or still be called loser by everyone. I for one am still hopeful that we are going to be winners, And after the last few weeks we are not going down like a bunch of wimps, The 49ers are a better team than that and I know we can play better than we have been. We are getting a lot of negative remarks from the commentators but so what they are only telling us what is happening on the field like we are not watching the game and they are not the ones that's on the field taking the hits.

So I welcome all comments.

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