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Thursday Night Football Are You Ready!!!

So here is the burning question. Will the Browns one of the worst teams bet the Broncos? I will say this don't never underestimate Cleveland every time you think they are out they come back and bite you in the butt. So to all you Football Fans enjoy tonights game! Romeo Crennel waited as long a he could, but the Cleveland Browns coach felt he had to change his team’s direction - and as a result, finally changed quarterbacks.

Brady Quinn will make his much-anticipated debut as a starter when Cleveland hosts the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, with the Browns fighting to maintain their playoff hopes and the Broncos clinging to a slim lead atop the AFC West.

Browns Team Report Nov 6, 2008 <small></small>


Brady Quinn will make his first meaningful start since he quarterbacked Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl against LSU 22 months ago when he leads the Browns against the Denver Broncos on Thursday night in a nationally televised game at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Coach Romeo Crennel made the decision to bench Derek Anderson and go with Quinn on Monday after meeting with his assistant coaches. He insists the decision was his and that it was not made by general manager Phil Savage or team owner Randy Lerner.

"It was just time," Crennel said Tuesday. "We're not throwing in the towel. We're going to beat Denver. We're going to move forward. I think Quinn will represent himself and the Browns very well.

Broncos Team Report Nov 6, 2008 <small></small>


The Broncos' running game wasn't going particularly well, coming off a 14-yard game against Miami, and that was before two season-ending injuries at tailback.

Michael Pittman and Andre Hall are done for the season, leaving the Broncos to wonder who will play tailback against the Cleveland Browns.

"We can't get down on ourselves and have to know there's people who can step up and do the job," fullback Peyton Hillis said.

Rookie Ryan Torain is the only tailback standing upright unless P.J. Pope, who was promoted from the practice squad after Pittman and Hall were put on injured reserve, is counted. Torain had three carries for 1 yard in his NFL debut on Sunday. He didn't even play in the preseason because of an elbow injury he suffered in early August.

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Posted on: October 29, 2008 2:13 pm

Singletary pick Hill!

Shaun Hill will be the quarterback when the 49ers return to Monday Night Football on Nov. 10.


Interim coach Mike Singletary announced that Hill has replaced J.T. O’Sullivan in the starting lineup. O’Sullivan got off to a good start as the starter, but he ran into difficult times.


O’Sullivan committed 14 turnovers in the past 4 1/2 games with 10 interceptions and four lost fumbles—a number that does not include a fumble that resulted in a safety against the New York Giants.


“We just felt like right now, Shaun gives us the best chance of winning,” Singletary said. “It’s just a good decision all around right now. The things that have happened with the turnovers, J.T. needs to take time to gather himself. It’s a long season. (There are) eight games left, a lot of football. We may have to use both of them before it’s over.”

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Posted on: October 29, 2008 1:56 pm

Kurt Warner said.

TEMPE -- That decision to make Kurt Warner the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback over Matt Leinart doesn't look so controversial now.

Warner's play is reminiscent of his heady days as Super Bowl champion and league MVP with the St. Louis Rams. 'I'm feeling like I'm playing as well as I ever have," the 37-year-old quarterback said Monday. "I feel like I'm seeing the field, making good decisions, protecting the ball probably better than I ever have. I feel really good about where I'm playing right now."

Eight weeks into the season, Warner leads the NFL in completion percentage (70.2) and ranks second in completions (184), attempts (262) and yards passing (2,089). Only Phillip Rivers of San Diego and Tony Romo of Dallas have a better quarterback rating than Warner's 102.1.

"With the exception of one game, I think he's played excellent football for us," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "He is doing a great job of managing the game, getting rid of the ball and running our offense."

In Sunday's 27-23 loss at Carolina, Warner completed 35 of 49 passes for 371 yards and two touchdowns.

The lone blemish was an interception that ended a crucial second-half drive. On that play, Warner threw the ball high and it bounced off intended receiver J.J. Arrington's hands high into the air, where it was picked off by Jon Beason.

"I thought yesterday was one of the better games he's played from the standpoint of his ability to move in the pocket and his ability to protect the ball," Whisenhunt said.

The lone stinker on Warner's resume this season was his seven-turnover performance in a 56-35 loss to the New York Jets. Even in that one, he came back to direct five consecutive touchdown drives in a second-half comeback.

The Cardinals coaching staff often has given Warner the freedom to call plays at the line of scrimmage.

That was especially true in the Carolina game, where Warner repeatedly called short passes when he noticed the Panthers were using an extra man to stop the running game or get added pressure on the passer.

That meant one-on-one coverage, at times by a linebacker, on either Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin or Steve Breaston.

"A lot of the game was us up at the line of scrimmage and me deciding what play I wanted to run and calling the play," Warner said.

When he's given that freedom, he said, there are times when "I feel like we are unstoppable."

He and his teammates felt that way on Sunday against a Carolina defense that had been the NFL's best against the pass.

"We felt very good with what we were doing and the packages that we had," Warner said. "We felt like we had them on their heels. We felt like we couldn't be stopped, that we could just move the ball down the field whenever we wanted to."

And they did, except when the interception or Edgerrin James' fumble stopped them.

Boldin said he knows the Cardinals would have scored if they had been able to stop Carolina on its last possession.

The flip side of Warner's big passing day, though, was Arizona's continued struggles with the running game. The Cardinals gained 50 yards on 14 carries, and 30 of those yards came on Boldin's end around.

James carried seven times for 17 yards.

Whisenhunt said he would consider giving rookie Tim Hightower more carries. James, in brief comments to reporters, said he wouldn't protest such a move.

"That's the way it was heading anyway," he said, "so it's cool."

James said he had been "put into a position to fail" but he declined to elaborate, saying that people would take it the wrong way.

"Being that it's me, the perception has not worked in my favor," he said, "so it's always going to be taken that way. That's why it's best for me to just not answer questions."
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Pro Quarterbacks.

Just to name a few

JTO'Sullivan still looks like a _____________ fill in the blank.

Big Ben makes JTO look like he knows what he's doing.

Kurt Warner still holding on.

Joe Flacco hanging in there.

Seneca Wallace look better this week compared to TJ O'Sullivan.

Drew Bledsoe looking good.

Jeff Garcia Lost to Dallas. sad.

D. McNabb own his game against ATL.

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San Francisco 49ers.

Mike Nolan took the hit for the failures of the San Francisco 49ers. But he shouldn't take all the blame.

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote the 49ers ownership should make every person in the building accountable. Every player, coach, anyone involved in player evaluation, scouting and personnel, as well as the entire front office, must be evaluated and graded. Are these people contributing to the problems of the past six seasons, or can they be integral to the solution?

This includes general manager Scot McCloughan, who received his promotion — along with a new contract — in January, and followed that with an unexceptional draft that has had only wide receiver Josh Morgan (sixth round) make a legitimate contribution at a time when the 49ers desperately needed an infusion of young players.

Teams such as the Patriots can lose Tom Brady and remain on track. Why? Because they enter each season with a careful plan, good depth and strong leadership.

The 49ers have been about patching holes with expensive, ill-conceived free-agent decisions (Antonio Bryant, Derek Smith, Jonas Jennings, Ashley Lelie, Tully Banta-Cain) and poor draft-day decisions. By now, we've learned the hard way — the 49ers should not pick a system quarterback in the first round ever, or repeat the mistake of drafting a tight end sixth overall. Bad, bad, bad.

Mike Nolan's dismissal late Monday was 10 months overdue. But to be fair, Nolan came to the organization on the heels of the truly awful Dennis Erickson/Terry Donahue era (9-23).

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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Plaxico fined $ 45,000.00

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP)—New York Giants receiver Plaxico Burress was fined $45,000 by the NFL for verbally abusing an official and tossing a ball into the stands during last weekend’s game against San Francisco.

Burress was fined $20,000 for comments to head linesman Phil McKinnely after the official called him for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the second quarter, and $20,000 for inappropriate comments after the game on the officiating.

McKinnely had called Burress for offensive pass interference against cornerback Nate Clements on the previous play. After the next play, Burress drew the unsportsmanlike penalty for some choice remarks to the officials.

Burress was assessed another $5,000 fine for throwing a ball into the stands after catching a touchdown in the third quarter.

Burress was suspended by the Giants for one game earlier this season for missing a team meeting on Sept. 22, a decision that cost him $117,500. He has admitted to being fined 20 to 30 times by the team for violating team rules since joining them in 2005.

The nine-year veteran returned to practice Friday after missing two days of work with a sore shoulder and stiff neck. He said he would be ready to play against the Steelers this weekend in his return to Pittsburgh.

“I had a full day of practice, no limitations, so I am ready to go,” Burress said. “I have 48 hours to get ready for the game and I should be back to close to 100 percent.”

Burress spoke before the league disclosed his fine.

Burress, who was hurt in last weekend’s 29-17 win over San Francisco, has been listed as probable for his first game against the Steelers, who drafted him in the first round in 2000. He signed with the Giants as a free agent after the ‘04 season.

In the two games since his suspension, Burress has caught seven passes for 82 yards and two touchdowns. He blamed the lack of production on a combination of things, noting that Steve Smith and Domenik Hixon have benefited from the attention he is getting.

“Teams are not just going to let me line up on the backside and play one on one and say, `Try to go out and stop me,’ ” he said.

Burress also downplayed his return to Pittsburgh.

“I just want to go in and be as good as I can on Sunday, make some plays, hopefully score a few, and get the win,” Burress said. “For myself, I am four years removed from that place and I have moved on and they have, too. We have been able to win a championship and they have, too, so it is going to be a tough game for us.”

The biggest concern for the Giants and Burress might be the condition of Heinz Field. Rutgers and Pittsburgh are scheduled to play there Saturday with rain in the forecast.

“I don’t expect the field to be good at all,” Burress said. “They have maybe a couple high school games and a college game on Saturday and us on Sunday. I told some of the guys just play at a speed where you are under control, but try to be as fast as you can, but under control. It

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Sports Fans Win! 69% to 17%

I took a poll yesterday on No More Politics On CBS SPORTS I got a lot of feed back on it but the one thing I wanted to know was who was sick of looking at the message board and seeing all this political junk on every other post everyday.

And no matter what they say this poll did not lie the fans voted 69% said Yes to no more politics while the No's only got 17% of the vote,

So to all the sports fan we are Winners!

So give yourselves a pat on the back good job, well done!

Go Sports fans!!

Go Phillies win the series!

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Winners again? Will the 49ers start winning?

Now that Mr.Suit is gone are we going to play as a winning team or still be called loser by everyone. I for one am still hopeful that we are going to be winners, And after the last few weeks we are not going down like a bunch of wimps, The 49ers are a better team than that and I know we can play better than we have been. We are getting a lot of negative remarks from the commentators but so what they are only telling us what is happening on the field like we are not watching the game and they are not the ones that's on the field taking the hits.

So I welcome all comments.

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