Posted on: July 14, 2009 11:58 am

NCAA Hippocracy v 'Yes We Can' NCAA Playoff

Now that we lost one major 'Stick in the Mud,'  it is time to act.  Let's get the rest of these self-serving bums out of the way by an act of congress. 

The 'Yes We Can' College Football Plan is tribute to Obama and his statement about the one thing he would change in sports if he could-  Adding a College Football Playoff.

Simply put-  The 'Yes We Can' Plan

Regular Season- Starts August 23rd
(earlier for some but not all) and it is done Thanksgiving Weekend.  Regular Season is limited to 12 Games,  not including 1 approved Conference Championship game.  Done by Thanksgiving Weekend.

1 "Legacy" Bowl- Rose, Cotton, etc. before December 8th.

The next 2 weeks, we would have pre-set, League specific stadiums that would be like March Madness- starting after December 15th 

Rd 1: Dec 15, 16, 17, 18
Rd 2: Dec 22, 23

Midwest Bowl Series, Big 10 # 1 Seed, (or Big 12, MAC depending on previous year 1st Round), then the 3 nearest, highest ranked 'at large schools'

Rd 1 Arrowhead Stadium- Toto Bowl,  Browns Sadium- LeBron Stay Here Bowl- as the highest bidding major venue
Rd 2 Winners to Lambeau Field for the Lombardi Bowl as the highest bidding major venue

Southern Bowl Series - SEC #1 Seed, (or Big 12, C-USA depending on previous year 1st Round) then the 3 nearest, highest ranked 'at large schools'

Rd 1 Miami- Everglades Bowl, New Orleans- Jazz Bowl as the highest bidding major venues
Rd 2Winners to Dallas for the Jerry Jones Memorial Bowl as the highest bidding major venue

East Coast Bowl Series - ACC #1 Seed, (or Big East, Ivy depending on previous year 1st Round) then the 3 nearest, highest ranked 'at large schools'

Rd 1 Philly- Brotherly Love Bowl, DC- Obama Bowl as the highest bidding major venues
Rd 2 Winners to New York for the Jersey Bowl as the highest bidding major venue

West Coast Bowl Series - Pac 10 #1 Seed, (or WAC, Mountain West depending previous year 1st Round) then the 3 nearest, highest ranked 'at large schools'

Rd 1 San Fran- Pelosi Bowl,  Seattle- Cobain Bowl as the highest bidding major venues
Rd 2 Winners to LA for the Glitter Bowl as the highest bidding major venue

A-  Auto-Bid/ Bowl Conference affiliation for next year if seed loses in the 1st Round, Conference loses auto bid next season until they can win it back.  Hear that Mountain West?  Big 10?  Big East?  Win, and you are in!! Lose, and you lose your Auto Bid, got it Buckeyes?

B- 1-4 Auto-bid get 'home' bowl preference, as in USC Can pick between Seattle and San Fran Bowl.  

C- Rd 1: Dec 15-23rd

D- Rd 2:  Final 8 Jan 1, 2- - 4 New Years Day Bowls, with the D III and D II Championship games preceding them.  

E- Final Four Jan 7,8 is 1 Pre-set paid for Venue, with a Two Came Card.  Like Basketball, but no Monday game.  GOOD!

F- Championship:  Jan 15- Final Game is Pre-set, paid for Venue.  Could be same venue as Final 4 to really drive up bidding by the Cities.

Now the Drawbacks and Arguments:

Draw Back 1:  "We should have been #16."  Answer:    At #17 to #20, your performance is too far off of national Championship status.  Look as Michigan State.  Don't lose to Ohio State and Penn State then.  Georgia, I don't need to tell you who not to lose to.

Draw Back 2:  Scheduling During Finals.  So what.  Look at March Madness.  That takes just as much time.

Draw Back 3:  At Large Bids getting bad travel opportunities due to proximity- say Florida in Chicago: Same arguement as #1- Win your conference in a conference that wins it's Round 1 games, and you are all good.  Or, win your road game in Chicago, you national Champion you.

Draw Back 4:  4 Bowl Games (only ) on New Year's Day.  Hey, we can at least not have them overlapping each other, and feel free to throw in the D-III & D-II games, and maybe even a High School All-star or a Blu/Gray Game for non-invitees.  There you go.

Draw Back 5:  Season goes to long.  Well, Basketball goes from Mid- October to Early April.  25 weeks.  We are talking Early August to Mid January.  25 Weeks.  NEXT!

Any more drawbacks?  I want to hear them, but not stupid comments on how we won't be allowed becuase we are not in charge.  We have Obama on our side.


So there it is.  Who has the power to make this happen?  We might.  We elected a Black President who was born before segregation and busing had ended.  He is on our side.  Let's get on the Agenda!!!

Posted on: October 20, 2008 7:47 pm

45-7 Was Not Quite as Close as it Sounded. . . .

The Buckeye Beatdown in East Lansing?  It could have been much worse. 

The Buckeyes showed the Green & Whites just what 5 star talent can do.  Run.  Fast. 

  • Javon Ringer-  Nice guy.  Misses Jehuu.  He needs to work on his vision.  NOT super fast.

  • Coaching on the defensive side:  Try using arms to tackle with.  OLB's:  try CONTAINING!!

  • Brian Hoyer-  Again, seems like a real nice guy.  Time to acknowledge that you are not B10 material.

 I feel better.

At least we are not in the Rich Rod Reality Show.  Did you see those new away Uni's?  Looked just like Flava Flav's  . .  I mean WVU's Mountaineer duds.

Go Sparties- beat the Wolverinies. . .

MSU 23, UM 20 in OT.  A man has to DREAM!

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