Posted on: November 23, 2008 9:06 am

Cubs offseason moves

The Cubs were so close last year, but next year has to be closer.  They performed very well throughout the regular season, and when it came to the playoffs, they felt the pressure really hit them and choked.  So here's my solution: go out and sign some postseason experience!  Someone who has been to a World Series and performed, soeone who will not succomb to the pressure of the postseason.

Job #1 is dropping the whole Peavy idea - we'll give up so much more than we would get in return.  Sure Peavy is a great pitcher, but he is still an injury risk, and so many Cubs fans now what having a star pitching go down with an injury is like.  Plus, the package that we would give up is too talented.  Pie is the centerfielder of the future, Ronny Cedeno is a premier backup infielder who can now hit well, and Sean Marshall is a great lefty who can either be plugged into the starting rotation, fill in for a spot start, or be a long man from the bullpen - a true asset to a pitching staff.

Job #2 is to sign Derek Lowe.  Two words: postseason experience!

Job #3 is to get Rafael Furcal.  Should have signed him three years ago, but now is a chance to gt him back, and force Soriano out of the leadoff spot.  Furcal gives you a formidable lefthanded leadoff batter, speed on the bases, and a gold glove shortstop.  We can easily move Ryan Theriot to second base, DeRosa can move to right field full time (and he can still sub in the infield), with Fukudome and Pie platooning center.  We flip flop the batting order so that Soriano is batting 3rd to drive in runs, and DLee moves to 5th behind Aramis Ramirez.

It makes for a great lineup, and a solid defense behind possibly the best rotation in all of baseball.  Make these moves, and a World Series is in line for '09.

Posted on: October 29, 2008 8:12 pm

Possible Cubs Trade?

I recently heard that the Rockies are listneing to offers for Matt Holliday.  With only one year left on his contract, the Rockies are not going to be able to keep him once he reaches free agency.

Alfonso Soriano's contract includes a no-trade clause through 2014.

It is my opinion that the Cubs need to convince Soriano to waive his no-trade clause and send him to Colorado for Matt Holliday.  This would be a major blockbuster trade, and one that would work for both sides.  Soriano would be a leader on that team full of young prospects, and it would give him a great shot at the MVP award, assuming that he would put up massive numbers in Colorado.  Matt Holliday would provide the Cubs with a better defensive Left Fielder, while providing the same offensive numbers.  After such a blockbuster trade, the Cubs should resign Holliday (much like they did after the DLee trade) to an extension.

This may be completely out of hand for the Cubs, but I think it would work and I think it's a much better possibility than a trade for Jake Peavy (which, in my opinion, would only create more problems and a logjam for the Cubs rotation).

I'd like to hear opinions on this possibility - could it happen?  Would the Cubs be better with Holliday?  Or am I just getting my hopes up like every other offseason after the Cubs have not made it to the World Series?

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