Posted on: November 24, 2008 11:02 am

The Wacky World of College Football

I have a hard time not laughing.  Not because I truly find the situation funny, but moreso that I use the laughter to hide the pain.  Unfortunately for fans, cash is king in college football, and for that reason alone, we will never see a playoff, no matter how many times a situation like the one in which we currently find ourselves in occurs.  The three way tie atop the Big XII South standings is the best argument for a playoff system.  Texas beats Oklahoma, who beats Texas Tech, who beat Texas.  It's fantastic, and honestly, who wouldn't want to see a late December/early January semifinal/final matchup between 2 of these teams.  The Big XII is about to be punished for having too many great teams, and that's a travesty.  One of the hottest teams in the nation (Oklahoma), might not even make their conference championship game.  No one, save Florida, has looked as good down the stretch as the Sooners.  Why not let these kids settle the score on the field?  As the system stands, this is where I see the BCS bowls settling on for games:

National Championship Game - Oklahoma vs. Florida

Fiesta Bowl - Texas vs. Utah

Sugar Bowl - USC vs. Alabama

Orange Bowl - Cincinnati vs. Georgia Tech

Rose Bowl - Penn State vs. Oregon State

These are obviously hinging on the idea that Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State by a large enough margin to jump Texas in the BCS standings and earn a chance to play in the Big XII Championship game against Missouri.  It also hinges on Georgia Tech winning the tie breaker in the Coastal Division of the ACC, then beating Boston College (who would also likely have to win a tiebreaker in the Atlantic Division of the ACC to get into the championship game).  I'm feeling pretty comfortable with those picks, except maybe Georgia Tech (the ACC is more screwed up than the Big XII South right now).  Now, this is why we need a playoff.  Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, and Oregon State have no business playing in BCS games, and because of conference tie-ins, will replace more deserving teams from Boise State, Texas Tech, and Ohio State.  Such is life in college football though, I suppose.  Hang in there sports fans, if nothing else, this should be another exciting finish to the year.

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