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Suns v Lakers WCF Breakdown

Here I thought the outcome of the game was decided on the court.

I have spent the better part of the last week reading from Lakers fans about how the “experts” saying the Suns have a shot in their Western Conference Finals matchup with the Los Angeles Lakers is a joke.

I have seen such in depth analysis from Lakers fans as:

We are taller, we have Kobe Bryant, and we are the Lakers.

That is all well and good, and all of those are, well points, but none of them ring true to the essence of a basketball game.

The Lakers have demonstrated throughout the regular season, and at times in the playoffs that they are, without a doubt, the most talented team in the NBA.  They have the second best player on the entire planet in Kobe Bryant, Lakers fans Lebron is still the most talented player in the league, he just plays on a team full of garbage, but that is another rant for another day. They possess players that can also be effective when Mr. Bryant is not; Pau Gasol, and Andrew “Glass Man” Bynum.  They have role players that thrive in their given roles; Ron Artest on defense, Lamar Odom offs the bench.  They have veteran leadership that allows for them not to get fazed or flustered in the face of adversity; Derek Fisher, Kobe, and of course Phil Jackson.

Looking at that information, you would think the NBA Finals would be without question in their future, many Lakers fans believe this series to be nothing more than a pit stop on their way to another championship showdown.

Well, I have news for Lakers fans, as well as NBA fans everywhere:

THIS IS NOT THE 2005-2007 SUNS! 

They don’t have Amar’e Stoudemire and Shawn Marion fighting over alpha dog status.

They don’t have to worry about Marion’s inability to create his own shot, ask Lebron about that with Antawn Jamison.

They don’t have Mike D’Antoni playing six or seven players only and never having a care about defense.

No, this Suns team is a team that has had the best record in the Western Conference since the All-Star break.  This is a Suns team who plays with a sense of urgency and purpose that truly has not been seen by Suns fans since the 93’ season.

Are the Suns a dominating defensive team, hell no.  Can they get stops in crunch time situations, yes. Therein lays the difference between the aforementioned Suns teams and this current version.  They are more efficient on offense, and play defense with a sense of urgency.

Anyways, on to what this is really about, a breakdown of the matchups so I can have it on record when the Suns win this series in 6 that I predicted as such.  Trust me, I will be around for the crow if they get beat in 4 or 5 games.

PG’s - I have seen it written in many of places that Steve Nash gives up on the defensive end just as much as he gets on the offensive end.  While that may be true against PG’s such as Tony Parker, Deron Williams and Chris Paul, Derek Fisher is none of those guys. 

Fisher is a shell of his former self, but can still do a couple of things well for the Lakers.

1.    He can still hit the open shot when given the opportunity.
2.    He knows the triangle like the back of his hand.

For the Suns to have a shot Steve Nash needs to cut off all clean Fisher looks from behind the arc and make him put the ball on the floor. Fish has been hesitant to do that all season long, and if he does, the Lakers are not getting the open three’s they need to keep the defense honest.

Advantage: Suns

SG’s - Kobe Bryant is the best player on the floor for either side no question about it.  The intriguing part becomes, does Jason Richardson continue to play well enough to keep this match up close.

Richardson has been shooting lights out in the playoffs, and finally resembles the player that is earning $13+ million a year in salary.

Can he keep his ppg over 20 in this series to keep the advantage from being too great in Bryant’s favor? 

As much as Suns/Lakers fans want to fawn over their own players, both sides need to understand the importance of this matchup.    If Richardson is not effective offensively, that means the Suns are not as efficient as they need to be, and when that happens, well, we get results like games 1 and 4 against the Trail Blazers.

On the flip side, if the Suns are able to goad Kobe Bryant into reverting back to gunner mode, the Suns will have won the battle, no matter what the box scores say.  Kobe Bryant taking over 22 shots a game is a good thing for the Suns and is one of the keys to a Suns victory.

Advantage: Lakers

SF’s - Here is where it gets interesting. Lakers fans like to think that because Ron Artest is younger and has a reputation as a good defender he has an advantage over Grant Hill.

I couldn’t disagree more, and neither could the stats:

Hill- PER: 14.2 Defensive rating: 104
Artest- PER: 10 Defensive Rating: 110

So who is having the better playoffs?

Oh but wait, the excuse for Lakers fans is that Grant Hill didn’t have tough defensive assignments while Ron Artest had to defend Kevin Durant.  So that means that his PER is 4 points lower while his defensive rating is 6 points higher?

Now, unlike Lakers fans, I can take off my homer glasses and see that Ron Artest cannot be discounted, the way Grant Hill has been, so I would call this a slight advantage Suns, but going in I will say.

Advantage: tie

PF’s - The most important players on both sides of the ledger entering this playoff series.  Pau Gasol has to continue to be a 1a type option for the Lakers for them to succeed.  When Pau is engaged and effective, the Lakers are nearly unbeatable. He has all the tools necessary to be a dominant player, and when given the chance this post season, he has been.

On the flip side, we have the enigma known as Amar’e Stoudemire.  Can Amar’e keep himself in check and continue to rebound and defend the way he did in the Spurs series?  Will he continue to work his offense out through the flow of the game, as opposed to forcing it like he did in the Blazers series?

Talent wise this is a toss-up, but through these playoffs Pau has been more effective and efficient, so I give the Lakers the advantage here.

Advantage: Lakers

C’s - Glass Man v Robin Lopez is our last look through the starters.  And basically this matchup is a wash for the simple fact we don’t know what we will get from either player.  If Bynum is healthy and ready to play, which from all accounts I have read he is not then he gets the nod here.  But if he continues to be ineffective like he was in games 3 and 4 against the Jazz, this pairing becomes a wash until we see how Lopez is feeling.

I will give an ever so slight lean to the Lakers in this matchup, but I would not be shocked if a healthy Robin Lopez is more effective than an often injured Andrew Bynum.

Advantage: Slight Lakers

Bench :  This has to be my favorite part of this series.  I have read numerous takes from the Lakers side about how this will be the series where the Lakers bench becomes involved and engaged again.

My question is, why?  Why would the Lakers bench, that has been dreadful all season long, all of a sudden bust out against what is thought of by many to be the best bench in the NBA?

The Suns have a decided advantage here, and they use it to push waves at teams.  The Suns bench is a collection of players that use not only their skill, but use their energy to overwhelm many teams.  This bench is what most teams would want in a bench.  They come in, give the starters 5-6 mins of game time off, and do it while playing nasty, physical ball and leaving it all out on the floor.

The Suns biggest advantage in the playoffs so far has been the play of their bench, and I see that trend continuing against the Lakers.

Advantage: Suns

Coaching - This is clearly a matchup of one of the greats vs a guy that is finally getting an opportunity to work with a good team.  To say that Phil Jackson has the advantage would be an understatement, but to act as though Alvin Gentry will cost his team games is ludicrous.

Advantage : Lakers

Overall, this series will have everything you could want.  It has two of the best perimeter players in the NBA today in Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant.

It has the makings of being a classic, with two of the more skilled big men in the league in Amar’e Stoudemire and Pau Gasol.

Are the Lakers the club with superior talent?  Of course they are, but that talent pool is much shallower than the depth the Suns possess.

The Lakers are the big brother the Suns have never been able to beat when it matters.  And every time the Suns think they are moving ahead, the Lakers seem to race right by.

Well, one man thinks this is the year the Suns slay the beast, but maybe my homer goggles are just blinding me.
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Amare's Time in The Sun Needs to Be Done

I am a big Amare Stoudemire fan. 

I love the ability he possesses, even if he has lost some of the explosiveness.  I love the fact that he continues to develop as a post player, expanding his range from the floor.

Heck, he even seems to be making an effort to become a better rebounder.

Now for the reality. 

He is not a max deal player.  He will not be worth the $18-20 million a year he will be looking for.

He is still lazy on defense, and even though he is making strides, he still gets out done on the glass by people smaller and with less strength and quickness than him.

He is not a center piece of a championship team.

He needs to realize he needs to be the Robin to someone's Batman.

So what do the Suns do, and what are some of the options out there?  Glad you asked.

The one that I am most intrigued with is the whispers coming out of Houston.

Apparently the Rockets are interested in Amare and would be willing to make a deal centering around Shane Battier and Carl Landry.

Those players alone would not be enough to get Amare, not because of the talent, but because the salaries would not match up.

So the Rockets would have to include someone like a Luis Scola.  Would the Rockets really want to give up two post players and one of the best individual defenders in the NBA for an All-Star and great offensive player, but someone who will not give you 100% on the defensive end and the boards every night?

Also, I am sure the Suns would like to get Jason Richardson's contract off the books.  The way the Suns trainers seem to provide NBA players with a fountain of youth, would the Suns make and offer for Tracy McGrady?

Something along the lines of McGrady, Landry and Battier for Stoudemire and Richardson?

I am not sure of the market out there, but apparently the Bulls, Nets, and Heat are also interested in the services of Amare. 

Hopefully the Suns are able to get something for Amare, because I do not see him in a Suns uniform next year and I I don't see the Suns as a championship contender with Amare Stoudemire as the centerpiece of this franchise.

Any way you slice it, Amare Stoudemire should be in another uniform come February, and the Suns franchise will be better for it.
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PP2 Schedule

First off, sorry some people only getting a week in between gameplans.  If this is a problem I will try and redo the schedule.

Second, this is the plan right now.  If we begin to have issues with participation, especially voting and gameplans, then I will immediatley dump teams and we will contract.  That may not make people happy, but I am tired of people not showing up, especially when some people are very dedicated and diligent.

If you are dumped, you will not get back in, unless there is a legit reason.  First you should PM me, Kmvenne, MS or Skins with how long you will be gone, that will go a long way in keeping you in here. 

So here it is.

1 missed gameplan, you forfeit 1 trade in transaction period #2.
2 missed gameplans and you are gone.



1. 3G 1/11/10
2. Buc 1/25/10
3. Lakers /JP 2/8/10
4. Showdown game for a bye 2/22/10


1. MM 1/11/10
2. BMu 1/25/10
3. tfitz 2/15/10
4. Showdown game for a bye 2/22/10 (Sorry for the two gameplans in a week time)


1. GoCavs 1/14/10
2. McGrady 1/28/10
3. Cain 2/15/10
4. Showdown game for a bye 2/22/10 (Sorry)


1. kmvenne 1/14/10
2. Joe 1/28/10
3. Nate 2/11/10
4. Showdown game for a bye



1. Buc 1/18/10
2. Harst 1/28/10
3. 3G 2/11/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. Harst 1/14/10
2. Lakers/JP 2/1/10
3. McGrady 2/18/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. Biggy 1/11/10
2. GoCavs 2/1/10
3. Joe 2/11/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. Joe 1/18/10
2. Biggy 1/25/10
3. MM 2/18/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. Skins 1/11/10
2. Cain 2/4/10
3. Buc 2/18/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. BMu 1/18/10
2. tfitz 2/4/10
3. Harst 2/11/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. McGrady 1/21/10
2. Nate 2/4/10
3. Skins 2/15/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. Lakers/JP 1/21/10
2. MM 2/4/10
3. MS 2/15/10
4. Seeding or elimination game

Lakers (aka JP)

1. Cain 1/21/10
2. kmvenne 2/1/10
3. Biggy 2/8/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. MS 1/14/10
2. 3G 2/1/10
3. BMu 2/8/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. Nate 1/18/10
2. Skins 1/25/10
3. GoCavs 2/8/10
4. Seeding or elimination game


1. tfitz 1/21/10
2. MS 1/28/10
3. kmvenne 2/18/10
4. Seeding or elimination game

Again for those that have not been around, we are going back to two games per week, each game getting 72 hours.

Game 1 Pool Play 2

Victorious Basterds v Bay Harbor Butchers 1/11/10
Bus Drivers v Mother Lover's 1/11/10

Big Ben's Block Party v GoCavs 1/14/10
Harst v The Knowledge Organization 1/14/10

Bunch of Bull v Florkansas Gatorbacks 1/18/10
Ruff Ryders v Ripnu Ginobiltans (I forgot the rest) 1/18/10

Championship Crew v TMackers 1/21/10
MM's Mom's Checklist v Worst Team Here 1/21/10

Game 2 Pool Play 2

Victorious Basterds v Florkansas Gatorbacks 1/25/10
Bus Drivers v Ripnu Ginobiltans 1/25/10

Big Bens Block Party v TMackers 1/28/10
Harst v Bunch of Bull 1/28/10

The Knowledge Organization v MM's Mom's Checklist 2/1/10
Bay Harbor Butchers v GoCavs 2/1/10

Mother Lover's v Worst Team Here 2/4/10
Ruff Ryders v Championship Crew 2/4/10

Game 3 Pool Play 2

Victorious Basterds v MM's Mom's Checklist 2/8/10
GoCavs v Ripnu Ginobiltans 2/8/10

Bunch of Bull v Bay Harbor Butchers 2/11/10
Harst v Ruff Ryders 2/11/10

Bus Drivers v Championship Crew 2/15/10
Big Bens Block Party v Worst Team Here 2/15/10

The Knowledge Organization v TMackers 2/18/10
Florkansas Gatorbacks v Mother Lovers 2/18/10

Game 4

Showdown For Bye Weeks

1v4 2/22/10

2v3 2/22/10

Seeds #5 #6 #7 #8

5v6 2/25/10

7v8 2/25/10

Seeds #9 #10 #11 #12

9v10 3/1/10

11v12 3/1/10

Win or Go Home

13v16 3/4/10
14v15 3/4/10

Transaction Period #2

Last two teams out are dissolved and players are lost.  The transaction period #2 will begin Sunday 3/7/10 when the win or go home games end. 

3 trades for 6 players, or if you vote in 25 of the 28 games you can possibly vote in you get 4 trades for 7 players.

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CPMD Pool Play 1 Schedule and Results


11/16/09- Mother Lover's v The Bus Drivers = 15-7 TBD wins
               The Ambulance v The Knowledge Organization= TKO Wins by FF

11/18/09- Victorious Basterds v Ruff Ryders = 15-0 VB wins
               Bay Harbor Butchers v GoCavs/BostonBay44 = 14-4 BHB wins

11/20/09- Florkansas Gatorbacks v Championship Crew = 12-2 FG wins
               McGradyKid134/BrendanQ24 v Michigan Sports = MS wins by FF

11/23/09- Worst Team Here v Sulphurous Nonentities = 7-1 SN wins barring a barrage of votes
                Bunch of Bull v MM's Moms Checklist = 11-6 BOB wins 

11-30-09- Mother Lover's v Ripnu Ginobiltins
               The Knowledge Organization v The Bus Drivers

12/2/09- Victorious Basterds v Bay Harbor Butchers
              GoCavs/BostonBay44 v Ruff Ryders

12/4/09- Florkansas Gatorbacks v McGradykid134/BrendanQ24
             Michigan Sports v Championship Crew

12/7/09- Worst Team Here v Bunch of Bull
              MM's Moms Checklist v Sulphurous Nonentities

12/9/09- Mother Lover's v The Knowledge Organization
             Ripnu Ginobiltins v The Bus Drivers

12/11/09- Victorious Basterds v GoCavs/BostonBay44
               Bay Harbor Butchers v Ruff Ryders

12/14/09- Florkansas Gatorbacks v Michigan Sports
               McGradykid134 v Championship Crew

12/16/09- Worst Team Here v MM's Moms Checklist
               Bunch of Bull v
Sulphurous Nonentities

12/18/09 - 1/2/10 Transaction Period #1 and Add/Drop Period

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CPMD Rosters and Divisions

CPMD Rosters and Divisions

NORTH Division:

Mother Lover's (MM/Chrisper) (0-1)

PG- Rajon Rondo
SG- Kobe Bryant
SF- Richard Jefferson
PF- Zach Randolph
 C- Andrew Bynum

BE- Lou Williams
BE- Arron Afflalo
BE- Al Thornton
BE- Tyrus Thomas
BE- Andrew Bogut

The Ambulance   Ripnu Ginobiltins (WBC_147 BMu_1963) (0-1)  1 Forefeit

PG- Andre Miller
SG- Vince Carter
SF- Luol Deng
PF- Amar'e Stoudemire
 C- Brad Miller

BE- Mike Bibby
BE- Allen Iverson
BE- Jason Terry
BE- Elton Brand
BE- Kenyon Martin

The Knowledge Organization (kmvenne/ignorepeter)(1-0)

PG- Gilbert Arenas
SG- Brandon Roy
SF- Jeff Green
PF- Josh Smith
 C- Emeka Okafor

BE- Ty Lawson
BE- Rudy Fernandez
BE- Anthony Randolph
BE- Marreese Speights
BE- Marcin Gortat

The Bus Drivers (Skins8) (1-0)

PG- Devin Harris
SG- Joe Johnson
SF- Caron Butler
PF- Lamar Odom
 C- Chris Kaman

BE- Brandon Jennings
BE- Ray Allen
BE- Tracy McGrady
BE- Al Harrington
BE- Spencer Hawes

SOUTH Division:

Victorious Basterds (Flash 3/The Big B) (1-0_

PG- Chris Paul
SG- Monta Ellis
SF- Danny Granger
PF- David West
 C- Mehmet Okur

BE- Rodney Stuckey
BE- Michael Redd
BE- Dahntay Jones
BE- Michael Beasley
BE- Joel Przybilla

Bay Harbor Butchers (threegamer13) (1-0)

PG- Derrick Rose
SG- J.J. Redick
SF- Shane Battier
PF- Chris Bosh
 C- Al Horford

BE- Kirk Hinrich
BE- Manu Ginobili
BE- Danilo Gallinari
BE- Travis Outlaw
BE- Roy Hibbert

GoCavs33/BostonBay44 (0-1)

PG- Deron Williams
SG- Josh Howard
SF- Carmelo Anthony
PF- Jermaine O'Neal
 C- Adris Biendrins

BE- D.J. Augustin
BE- Stephen Curry
BE- Mickael Pietrus
BE- Blake Griffin
BE- Anderson Varejao

Ruff Ryders (nate75) (0-1)

PG- Jason Kidd
SG- Eric Gordon
SF- Kevin Durant
PF- Al Jefferson
 C- Marcus Camby

BE- Mo Williams
BE- Grant Hill
BE- Wilson Chandler
BE- Hakim Warrick
BE- Andray Blatche

EAST Division:

Florkansas Gatorbacks (BucFan/miamifins) (1-0)

PG- Jameer Nelson
SG- Stephen Jackson
SF- Corey Brewer
PF- Kevin Garnett
 C- Dwight Howard

BE- Will Bynum
BE- Jamal Crawford
BE- Matt Barnes
BE- Ryan Anderson
BE- Chris Andersen

mcgradykid134/BrendanQ24 (0-1) FF

PG- Tony Parker
SG- Kevin Martin
SF- Rudy Gay
PF- Carlos Boozer
 C- Shaquille O'Neal

BE- Leandro Barbosa
BE- Richard Hamilton
BE- Tayshaun Prince
BE- Charlie Villanueva
BE- Samuel Dalembert

Michigan Sports (1-0)

G- Chauncey Billups
G- Ben Gordon
F- LeBron James
F- Tim Duncan
C- Ben Wallace

BE- Nate Robinson
BE- Raja Bell
BE- James Posey
BE- Paul Millsap
BE- Rasheed Wallace  

Championship Crew (tfitz/Iowa Hawkeyes) (0-1)

PG- Steve Nash
SG- Andre Iguodala
SF- Paul Pierce
PF- David Lee
 C- Tyson Chandler

BE- Tyreke Evans
BE- Raymond Felton
BE- Boris Diaw
BE- Joakim Noah
BE- Kendrick Perkins

WEST Division:

D Leaguers (Cain=CYYOUNG)

PG- Russell Westbrook
SG- Trevor Ariza
SF- Rashard Lewis
PF- Antawn Jamison
 C- Brook Lopez

BE- Aaron Brooks
BE- Anthony Morrow
BE- Kelenna Azubuike
BE- Troy Murphy
BE- Andrea Bargnani

Bunch of Bull (windy city joe)

PG- Baron Davis
SG- Dwyane Wade
SF- Hedo Turkoglu
PF- Shawn Marion
 C- Marc Gasol

BE- Ronnie Brewer
BE- Channing Frye
BE- Jason Thompson
BE- Kevin Love
BE- Greg Oden

MM's Moms Checklist (lakers2408)

PG- Jose Calderon
SG- John Salmons
SF- Ron Artest
PF- LaMarcus Aldridge
 C- Pau Gasol

BE- Derek Fisher
BE- J.R. Smith
BE- Andrei Kirilenko
BE- Carl Landry
BE- Brendan Haywood

Sulphurous Nonentities (b100d/Harst)

PG- Jonny Flynn
SG- O.J. Mayo
SF- Gerald Wallace
PF- Dirk Nowitzki
 C- Nene

BE- Mario Chalmers
BE- Jason Richardson
BE- Thaddeus Young
BE- Luis Scola
BE- Erick Dampier

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2009-2010 CPMD Rules and Schedule

Divisions :

     Mother Lover's
     The Ambulance
     The Bus Drivers

     Victorious Basterds
     Bay Harbor Butchers
     Ruff Ryders

     Florkansas Gatorbacks
     Michigan Sports
     Championship Crew

     Worst Team Here
     Bunch of Bull
     MM Mom's Checklist
     Sulphurous Nonentities


11/16/09- Mother Lover's v The Bus Drivers
               The Ambulance v The Knowledge Organization

11/18/09- Victorious Basterds v Ruff Ryders
               Bay Harbor Butchers v GoCavs/BostonBay44

11/20/09- Florkansas Gatorbacks v Championship Crew
               McGradyKid134/BrendanQ24 v Michigan Sports

11/23/09- Worst Team Here v Sulphurous Nonentities
               Bunch of Bull v MM's Moms Checklist

11-30-09- Mother Lover's v The Ambulance
               The Knowledge Organization v The Bus Drivers

12/2/09- Victorious Basterds v Bay Harbor Butchers
              GoCavs/BostonBay44 v Ruff Ryders

12/4/09- Florkansas Gatorbacks v McGradykid134/BrendanQ24
             Michigan Sports v Championship Crew

12/7/09- Worst Team Here v Bunch of Bull
              MM's Moms Checklist v Sulphurous Nonentities

12/9/09- Mother Lover's v The Knowledge Organization
             The Ambulance v The Bus Drivers

12/11/09- Victorious Basterds v GoCavs/BostonBay44
               Bay Harbor Butchers v Ruff Ryders

12/14/09- Florkansas Gatorbacks v Michigan Sports
               McGradykid134 v Championship Crew

12/16/09- Worst Team Here v MM's Moms Checklist
               Bunch of Bull v
Sulphurous Nonentities

12/18/09 - 1/2/10 Transaction Period #1 and Add/Drop Period

PP2 Will Begin 1/4/10

     1. Gameplans have a max of 1000 words for the PP1 and PP2.  Roster and minutes distribution are not included in that word count.
     2. You must have your gameplan into me or another BOD by the night before or at latest the morning of your game.  Failure to turn in a gameplan will result in a forefeit.  Failure to turn in two gameplans will result in immediate banishment from the tournament as well as constant mocking and possible castration.
     3.  Voting is a must if you are a participant.  Looking at the participant list right now, we should have 20 votes in every match up.
     4.  Voting rules are still being tweaked, but almost any vote will count, as long as it has some explanation for the reasoning behind the vote.  If you have a problem with a vote, please PM one of the BOD's, DO NOT SAY ANYTHING ON THE THREAD!!!!!!!!!!

5.  There is no trading tabulation structure for voting.  If you vote in 90% or more of the matches you will get an extra trade, other than that everyone will be awarded with 3 trades/ 6 players in the transaction periods.  You will be moved to 4 trades/7 players if you vote.  Lack of voting is also cause for removal from this tourney, but that is why we are trying to decide the best way to vote.    

     6. Requirement that each Coach must list the minutes played of each player in the gameplan, no more "Match LeBrons minutes"

     7. Requirement that each player must be designated to a particular position in the gameplans, for example if you have Al Horford, you must say that he's playing 30min at C, then 10min at PF.

     8. Games that go into overtime or get "enough" votes will just continue on and won't push the next set of games back to mess up schedule. ( minimum of 10 votes in each match )  Matches that are tied in point value after 2 days will go into an overtime period of 12 hours where whichever team is leading at that time wins the match.  If it's tied still then we go into a sudden death period where the next vote wins.

     9. If someone doesn't turn in a gameplan they will lose the match by forfeit, the Poster who turned in their gameplan has the option to post only their gameplan for people to comment.  No points are awarded and in case of a tie breaker, the game against a like opponent would be thrown out.

     10. When both teams fail to turn in gameplans, both teams get a loss and nobody gets automatic votes for or against.

     11. Voting value in the game threads:

       *Votes from Sole Owners = 2 points

       *Votes from Team Owners = 1 point

       *Votes from non-participants = 1 point


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Everybody Hates Kobe Bryant?

Ok, that may be a bit of a stretch but there is no question that Kobe Bryant is the most polarizing figure in the NBA today.  Ask 100 people and you will get 10,000 different opinions.  (Yes I know the math doesn't make sense)

Kobe Bryant is without a doubt one of the top players, if not the top player in the NBA today.  He has a killer instinct that has not been seen since the days of yore and by yore I mean MJ. 

He has the ability to feel out a game and decide whether or not to be a gunner, yes he does still have that gunner mentality, but also be a facilitator and score when needed.  He has matured and with better teammates learned how to involve them and sometimes trust them.

All of those things being said, he still will never get the love and respect he deserves from his game.  Why is that?  Why is possibly the best player since MJ has retired, after the Bulls not the Wizards Jordan, so reviled and not adorned with the admiration that his game deserves?

Simple, the guy makes it easy to hate him.

Now let me start by saying that I do not hate Kobe as a player, but I have many issues with the man.  I know, we are supposed to judge a basketball player on his basketball skills, but unfortunately for them, they are in the spotlight.

Kobe has never come across, at least to this outsiders view, as a personable, commercial, marketable type guy.  He is smarmy, I don't know what that means, and just seems smug and cocky.  Is there anything wrong with that, no not at all.  It is what makes him a world class athlete.  But he was never able to take over the mantle of Michael and the movies, commercials, and publicity because of his lack of ability to be open and personable.

All of that being said, He should not have to be Michael, but his game unfortunately took him to that place. 

So why is he hated by so many and loved by the rest?

Here is what I see as the most common themes amongst Kobe hate and the response by the Kobe lovers (not meant in a deragatory way, ok a little bit):

Kobe Haters:  He is a rapist.
Kobe Lovers:  Charges were dropped.

Reality:  Kobe was charged with rape and probably did force sexual acts on a woman.  Did he rape her?  Doubtful, but for either party (lovers or haters) to say that they know for sure is wrong.  My thoughts, he had her up to the room things were probably going along fine, and he asked for something she was either uncomfortable doing, or did something mid romp that was not what she was expecting.  This lead to things getting weird and perhaps the rape accusations.

Here is also the thing with rape charges, they are a sticky situation in that for a supposed victim to face her alleged attacker it is a very trying and difficult situation for the victim.  Also, the paying off thing, it makes him look guilty of just trying to pay her off to get rid of the situation.

Kobe Haters:  He has thrown everyone, teammates, coaches and ex-teammates under the bus.
Kobe Lovers:  All he cares about is winning and he doesn't care who gets in his way.

Reality:  This one is a little tricky, because I have been critical of Kobe's behavior with teammates in the past.  He has only become a good leader recently when he has been surrounded by good teammates.  Is this his fault?  Partly, as one of the greatest ever he should raise up even the worst of players that are put around him. 

In reality, he did lead those teams to the playoffs and they probably were not even that good, but once he got them there they were unable to do anything.

Kobe Haters:  He quit on his team, in game 7 of the playoffs.
Kobe Lovers:  This was the only way for him to wake up management and get the help he needed.

Reality:  Sorry Kobe lovers, but I cannot ever give this one up.  I actually never had a huge problem with Kobe until this series and the summer that followed.  He was at this time, without a doubt the best player in the world.  He had a three games to two lead in a best of seven series against an undermanned Suns team with a close out game at home.  He blew it, he knew it and he quit on his team the following game for reasons no one will ever really know.

The game 6 loss, again from an outsiders view, had to be the most crushing loss of his career and it became evident that he needed more in order to get back to the top.  He got there last year, and was again unable to seal the deal.

He has not always been the consummate professional on the court (I had nothing to with this video so anyone offended by the title/song I apologize).

Will he finally breakthrough as the man on a team?  Will he finally put himself into the pantheon of greatness to everyone? 

I don't know what it will take him to get there in other people's eyes, but in my eyes he is without a doubt a top 15 player of all-time right now.  He is on the cusp of top 10, and with a few more years and a few more rings, he could get into the pentagon of greatness that is the top 5.

He has been childish, immature and an outright jerk sometimes on and off the court.  But as a player on the court, he is special and from this observers point, a generation defining superstar.

He has created a following of kids, teens and adults alike who feel entitlement, a right to be great and the need not to open up to others.  He has also shown these people what it looks like to work at your craft, with tireless dedication and an unending will to be the best. 

Kobe Bryant is loved by many, hated by more, but the man must be respected and his game must be remembered.

God I need to take a shower now after writing this.  I think I might throw up.

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NBA Fantasy GM Part 1

Well the NBA season is about over and it is time for most fans to start planning for next season and what their teams may look like. Well guess what, I am here to help, or piss you off and get flamed, either way, let me know what you think so far.  Agree, Disagree, Hate it, let me know.

Starting from the top I will give you my opinion on what I think each team should do.  Oh, and in my column no team wins the championship b/c it is more fun this way.  (If you care, I am rooting for the Magic, but believe the Lakers in 7)

So we will start with the two teams in the Finals:

Lakers:  Well after another disapointing finals loss what are they going to do.  Kobe is not getting any younger and although some believe he can be dominating for another 5 or 6 years, I put it in the 2-3 range.  Not because of lack of ability, he will just have too many miles on his legs.  That being said, Kobe is schedules to make about $23 million and the Lakers will be losing some key cogs in Lamar Odom and Trevor Ariza.

If I am the Lakers, I try to extend Kobe, and while extending him see if you can get him to take a paycut to $17 million a year.  That will add a little more than $6 million to the $3 million they have now.  That gives you the opportunity to make a decision and if I am the Lakers that decision is Ariza.  Lamar has been good for you, but his inconsistencies and inability to show up when it matters most is not worth the almost $10 million he will surely get.

Along with bringing Ariza back, I bring back Shannon Brown and look for someone like Brandon Bass or Marquis Daniels.

Magic:  Well, they needed Jameer Nelson, and it will be interesting to see what they can do.  I could see Hedo being dangled out there for some bench help, which is the one place that this team is thin.  With Lewis, Howard, Nelson and Lee locked up, there is a great young core there, but moving Hedo, to say the Knicks for David Lee and Jared Quentin Richardson's terrible contract.  This gives them some bench help, and gives the Knicks even more money flexibility in the 2010 offseason.

Cleveland Cavaliers:  Desperation is now the key for the team that was the favorite to win the title entering the playoffs.  After being manhandled by Dwight Howard, the Cavs will be regretting not making the move for Shaq in February.  Lebron may be saying it won't matter if the Cavs win the title next year, but does anybody really believe that?  Now, I think Shaq ends up in Cleveland, for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic.  That will give them someone who may be able to stop the bigs.

Denver Nuggets:  They were almost there, and if not for some conspiracy theories, who knows.  All kidding aside they will need to resign Chris Andersen and Dahntay Jones.  A backup point guard like Anthony Parker will be needed and a backup big in the Jeff Foster mold.  They need some help on the bench and will need to build on this seasons experience to be close again.

Boston Celtics:  I loved what Chitown Clif wrote about trading KG.  Could it happen, maybe, but this is fantasy GM land and I am making it happen.  KG to the Raptors for Chris Bosh and Marcus Banks.  I do this deal if I am both teams, because there is no chance that Bosh resigns with the Raptors.  So Clif, if you read this, thanks for the idea.  Oh and I bring back Stephon Marbury.... Ok that is a lie.

Houston Rockets:  I trade Tracy McGrady as soon as possible.  Will there be any takers, maybe not, but this is fantasy and I think Dallas would be willing to take on McGrady for Jerry Stackhouse and Josh Howard.  This gives the Mavericks someone to take the pressure off of Dirk, and the Rockets get someone who can better fit into their schemes.  They also need to resign Ron Artest, and getting rid of McGrady frees up some money.

Atlanta HawksMike Bibby is going to be resigned, and Joe Johnson will be dangled in trade bait.  That means in my fantasyland, I would be moving Johnson to the Wizards, for Caron Butler, who has an additional year on Johnson as well as Mike James, who would have to be part of any deal made with the Wizards.

Dallas Mavericks:  As I said, the Mavs will be making a big move, in order to land Tracy McGrady.  Is it a bold move, of course, will it happen, in my fantasy GM role, yes.  This also frees up cap space for the 2010 year for the Mavs.

That is part 1, and I will be coming back this week to do part 2 and 3.  Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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