Posted on: November 17, 2008 6:22 am

GM For A Day:Seattle Mariners Part 1

I would totally dismantle this Team. They are a good three or four years away from contending so its time to rebuild. First thing I would do is Hire Joey Cora as the manager because He has the kind of passion i like in a person.Then i would Package Adrian Beltre and Jarrod Washburn together . I would try to get atleast 1 MLB Ready prospect at either 1st base,Left Field, or 2nd base and short stop. and two middle level prospects a young Starting pitcher would be accpetable and a promising Double A prospect. Then i would Trade Yuniesky Betancourt For a player with some pop in his bat. Anyone would work Betancourt is a flop in m mind.Then i would sign  short stop to fill in like a Omar Vizquel or an Alex cora just to fill in for a couple of years until Carlos Triunfel Is primed and ready to go. I would sign Ken Griffey i know thats what everyone wants i think its smart from both Business side that he will be a solid run producer in safeco in the middle of a horried lineup.Plus Reuniting him with one of his old Friends Joey Cora the could do wonders to the locker room.I last thing I would do is Trade ichiro.I would trade him to toronto For Travis Snider OF one of the mos gifted hitters around,Kevin Ahrens 3B,Adam Lind OF,Brett Cecil LHP,John Tosilano 2nd.
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Posted on: November 17, 2008 6:21 am

GM For A Day:Seattle Mariners Part 2

Now My part Two of fixing the Seattle. I would Sign A.J. Burnett,Adam Dunn,Joe Crede, Rafeal Furcal And Jason Giambi to switch from 1st base/DH With Griffey So my Line up and rotation would look like This:

1.Furcal 2nd

2.Adam Lind RF

3.Joe Crede 3RD

4.Giambi 1st

5.Griffey DH

6.Adam Dunn LF

7.Johjima/Clement C

8.Omar Vizquel SS

9.Balentine CF

Pitching Rotation

1.Felix Hernandez

2.AJ Burnett

3.Erik Bedard

4.Brandon Morrow

5.Carlos Silva

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