Posted on: March 8, 2009 11:44 pm

Big East Bracket Challenge

Hey all.  Figured I would try to set up a Big East (and separately, Big Ten) bracket competition.  Scorpionbite has done a great job with the all-inclusive conference tourney stuff.  I'm far too lazy to keep up with all of that, but definitely wanted to try to run a traditional predictive bracket for the wacky, huge 2009 Big East tourney.  There's a lot of solid Big East fans on here, so let's see if our season of fanhood has given us some sort of insight into how the madness at MSG will go.  Let me know if you're interested and send your pics via this thread or by PM.

Scoring will go up as each round progresses, as follows:
1st Rd: 2 pts
2nd Rd: 3 pts
Quarterfinals: 4 pts
Semifinals: 7 pts
Final: 10 pts

Everyone's picks, whether made publicly or not upon sending them to me, will be posted once the tourney starts at Noon ET Tuesday.

The following is the Big East Tournament Schedule:

Tues. Games (Rd. 1)
#9 Cincinnati v
#16 DePaul

#12 Georgetown v
#13 St. John's

#10 Notre Dame v
#15 Rutgers

#11 Seton Hall v
#14 S Florida

Wed. Games (Rd. 2)
#8 Providence v
Cincy/DePaul winner

#5 Marquette v
G'Town/SJU winner

#7 W Virginia v
ND/Rutgers winner

#6 Syracuse v
S Hall/USF winner

Thurs. Games (Quarterfinals)
#1 Louisville v

#4 Villanova v

#2 Pittsburgh v

#3 Connecticut v

Friday Games (Semifinals)
Quarterfinal #1 winner v
Quarterfinal #2 winner

Quarterfinal #3 winner v
Quarterfinal #4 winner

Sat Game (Championship)
Semifinal #1 winner v
Semifinal #2 winner

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