Posted on: October 19, 2010 12:05 pm

The Unofficial College Football Bracketologist

As a fervent hater of the current BCS system, I (along with many others) have come up with a plan to legitimize the Div. 1-A championship. This is the only championship in the NCAA that is not settled by a tournament. Why? Simple: tradition. I say, fine, keep all of the non-BCS bowl games exactly how they are. I will agree they generate a lot of revenue and get teams that normally are not recognized some TV time. We will call these the NIT games.

For my tournament (which is the best way to go), there will be 16 teams. The first 11 of these will be the conference champions and then the last five will be at large bids. The at large bids would be chosen by a committee, similar to the way the basketball tournament is handled. There will be a maximum of three teams per conference allowed in the tournament and no two teams from the same conference could play before the national semi-final. If the SEC is as good as everyone says, they should be in the championship game by themselves.

First round games would be played at the higher seed. The national quarter-final games would be played at the Rose Bowl, the Orange Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, and the Fiesta Bowl. The semi's and finals would be played at a rotating site (as the finals is done now).

Here is how the bracket would look if the plan was adopted today. Sadly Va Tech did not make it. Maybe next week. Feedback on this plan is appreciated and I hope that this starts a huge debate. There needs to be a change now!

(Seedings are based on AP rankings, about the best that there is.)

1) Oregon (Pac-10, 6-0)
16) Troy (Sun Belt, 4-2)

9) Utah (At Large, 6-0)
8) Michigan St. (Big 10, 7-0)

4) TCU (MWC, 7-0)
13) West Virginia (Big East, 5-1)

12) Florida St. (ACC, 6-1)
5) Auburn (SEC, 7-0)

3) Oklahoma (Big 12, 6-0)
14) East Carolina (C-USA, 4-2)

11) Ohio St. (At Large, 6-1)
6) LSU (At Large, 7-0)

7) Alabama (At Large, 6-1)
10) Wisconsin (At Large, 6-1)

15) Northern Illinois (MAC, 5-2)
2) Boise St. (WAC, 6-0)
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