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Major League Baseball Predictions

Here is how I predict the 2009 season will go: standings, playoffs, awards


National League



1. Mets (101-61)

2. Phillies* (98-64)

3. Braves (84-78)

4. Marlins (79-83)

5. Nationals (70-92)


The Mets bullpen issues seem to be solved, the Phils will still be right there, the Braves could be a surprise, the Marlins are still too young, and the Nats have no picthing.



1. Astros (91-71)

2. Cubs (83-79)

3. Brewers (82-80)

4. Reds (76-86)

5. Cardinals (72-90)

6. Pirates (69-93)


I think Oswalt could make a run at Cy Young this season and Berkman and Lee are trouble, the Cubs will take a step back because Rich Harden and Alfonso Soriano won't make it through the whole season --either will Milton Bradley for that matter, the Brewers lost too much pitching but their young lineup could keep them in the race, the Reds lost a lot of power in the lineup, the Cards overachieved last year and made no big moves, the Pirates are still the Pirates.



1. Dodgers (90-72)

2. Giants (84-78)

3. Diamondbacks (75-87)

4. Rockies (70-92)

5. Padres (69-93)


I'm assuming that eventually Manny will sign for a year or two with the Dodgers and if they do they win the division, the Giants could be the sleeper in the entire NL if Zito is good and Sanchez and Cain take big steps --maybe the best rotation in the league if that all happens, Diamondbacks are always in the running with Webb and Haren, Rockies are losing too many weapons, the padres will trade peavy by the deadline.


NL MVP: Berkman, HOU

NL Cy Young: Santana, NYM

Rookie of the Year (NL): Maybin, FLA


NL Playoffs



Dodgers over Mets (3-2)

Astros over Phillies (3-2)


K-rod blows game 5 in New York after Santana pitches a gem.

Berkman goes deep of Hamels in game 5 and Oswalt shuts down the Phils.



Dodgers over Astros (4-2)


Manny being Manny crushes Astros pitching.



American League



1. Yankees (98-64)

2. Rays* (90-72)

3. Red Sox (88-74)

4. Blue Jays (80-82)

5. Orioles (78-84)


I think this A-Rod thing might end up helping the Yankees and maybe make them play a little loose. A lot of new faces might help bring on a new era of yankee baseball, the Rays are going to be in contention again if the bullpen is solid, the Red Sox could pass either of these teams but to me, they're the oldest and most likely to break down, the Jays are going to be a factor in the division too because of very good starting pitching, the Orioles need pitching.



1. Twins (94-68)

2. White Sox (87-75)

3. Royals (80-82)

4. Indians (79-83)

5. Tigers (65-97)


This year the Twins take the division over the White Sox. I love the Twins young pitching staff and if Liriano is healthy for a full season he could win the Cy Young, the White Sox will be there again but pitching down the stretch might hurt them, the Royals are on the upswing but not enough to make any serious noise, the Indians just don't seem to have the offense in my opinion, the Tigers are old and a mess.



1. Angels (96-76)

2. A's (81-81)

3. Rangers (78-84)

4. Mariners (72-90)


The A's could always surprise but in the end, no one will contest with the Angels, the Rangers will fall off again because of no pitching, the Mariners, well, Ichiro deserves better.

AL MVP: Texiera, NYY

AL Cy Young: Liriano, MIN

Rookie of the Year (AL): Price, TB


AL Playoffs



Yankees over Twins (3-2)

Rays over Angels (3-1)


The Twins pitching is too young to beat that lineup.

The Rays are battle tested, the Angels should be, but aren't.



Yankees over Rays (4-3)


A classic. The up-and-coming franchise gets stopped short by the return of the evil empire.


World Series

New York Yankees over Los Angeles Dodgers (4-2)


Joe Torre back in New York to see another World Series title.

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