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Posted on: November 23, 2008 10:19 am

Week 12 NFL Picks - EARLY GAMES

New England at Miami

Pennington has been cooling off as of late, while Cassel has been getting better as the season progresses. The wildcat offense has been on display long enough now that most teams are planning around it, and Miami has had a hard time the past few weeks with Oakland and Seattle. New England

New York Giants at Arizona

The G-men are only 22nd against the pass, and Arizona's high-powered receiving game is sure to give them a rough time today. Arizona is equally bad against the run, and that will be the Giants' plan-of-attack. The game will come down to who does the other part better, and I believe the wild pass attack by the Cardinals will open up the running lanes while the Cardinals stuff the box against the G-men run game. Throw in the cross-country travel for the Giants and Cardinals should sneak this one out in a major upset.. Cardinals

Oakland at Denver

Oakland just cant put much together this year, and with their horrible showing against the pass, Denver should be up by 21 at halftime especially playing at home. Denver

Indianapolis at San Diego

San Diego suffered a demoralizing loss to PIttsburgh and is on the verge of watching their 2008 season go up in flames. Indianapolis is riding a wave of great play to put them back in contention for the playoffs. With the veterans on the Chargers having been through this type of season before and bouncing back, they face a must-win contest in their home stadium. Add in the fact that Indy's running game is still a mess and San Diego should be able to put pressure on Peyton with their 13th ranked pass-defense San Diego

New York Jets at Tennessee

The Jets face a tough test in stopping Johnson/White this week, while Jones should be able to run wild on Tennessee's 27th ranked rush defense. Look for Favre to be kept in check most of the day while Jones is allowed to run wild. The Jets have yet to face a decent rushing offense all year, so their ability to handle that should be the difference. Tennessee puts pressure on the inside/outside by switching up White/Johnson and squeeks by in this one, with their only remaining test coming their last two weeks of the season. Tennessee

Chicago at St. Louis

After an embarassing week last week for Chicago, they should come back strong against the woeful Rams. Unfortunately for the Rams who have been looking slightly better each week, they run into a freight train of ticked off Bears this week. Chicago

Buffalo at Kansas City

Two teams moving in opposite directions. Bills have been struggling as of late, and their games go the way Edwards goes this year. The Chiefs have turned Thigpen into a serviceable starter and have suffered some close loses the past few weeks. Look for KC to continue to fluster Edwards and for the Chiefs to protect Thigpen and allow him to play a safe game. Edwards under extreme stress to keep the Bills in the AFC East hunt and he should crumble under the weight this week. Kansas City

Minnesota at Jacksonville

Both teams have failed to meet expectations this year, but Jacksonville's solid passing game and decent rush defense should be able to slow down the Minnesota offense. Minnesota's poor overall defense should allow Jacksonville to walk away with this game at home. Jacksonville

Tampa Bay at Detroit

No reason to pick Detroit from here on out as they seem to be struggling all around, and Tampa Bay is playiing solid football this year. Tampa Bay

San Francisco at Dallas

Tony Romo's return sparked the Cowboys last week, and look for them to carry that high into this week against a weak San Francisco team. Dallas has an all-around strong offense with Romo back, and Barber has been a monster this year. Dallas

Houston at Cleveland

Brady Quinn was slightly exposed last week, but Rosenfels looks worse. In what should come down to whoever can defend the run and apply their run game better, look for Cleveland to open up more running options with a moderate short-passing game from Quinn. Screen passes and TE play should allow Cleveland to open up a running game to sneak a win out this week. Cleveland

Philadelphia at Baltimore

Baltimore has struggled against the better teams on its schedule this year (Pit, NYG, Indy), but Philadelphia could not dispatch the lowly Bengals last week. Philadelphia's defense has been strong this week, but Baltimore's is better, so look for the Ravens to control the clock with the run game and win a low-scoring game by pressuring McNabb into a few mistakes. Baltimore

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