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Posted on: June 18, 2009 11:42 am

Amare for Jefferson?

I hate to keep being that guy. You know, the guy who takes a perfectly delicious and sensible trade rumor and swats it into the fourth row like Dwight Howard. Sadly, I am stopping by the BergerSphere once again just long enough to ruin your day.

As with most trade rumors this time of year -- or any time of year, frankly -- any discussion of a trade between Phoenix and Minnesota involving Amare Stoudemire and Al Jefferson is premature. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, here's how this one went down. Suns and Timberwolves officials had a discussion at the pre-draft camp in Chicago that went like this: Phoenix expressed interest in Jefferson. Minnesota indicated that it would be highly unlikely it would be willing to do a deal involving Jefferson. Phoenix asked to be informed if that were to change.

That's it. Just another day on the pre-draft rumor mill.

There will, I promise you, be some actual trades that occur between now and draft night. After the first pick -- Blake Griffin to the Clippers -- the jockeying to move down is palpable. The teams positioned from 2-7 -- Memphis, Oklahoma City, Sacramento, Washington, Minnesota, and Golden State -- have varying degrees of desire to trade out of their spots. The one team that has expressed only a lukewarm desire to trade out is Sacramento, and the Thunder aren't 100 percent averse to using their pick -- although GM Sam Presti doesn't need another young guy. Memphis, according to a source, likes Tyreke Evans and Stephen Curry, though not necessarily with the second pick. In a deep but not very top-heavy draft, the Grizzlies are said to be interested in moving down as far as No. 7. That's the theme heading into the last weekend before next Thursday night's draft. According to a team executive involved in the process, "Nobody wants to be the guy who takes somebody at [No.] 3 and passes on the next Michael Jordan at [No.] 7."

My radar tells me the Knicks are up to something, and a rival team executive confirms that New York is the rare example of a team that would consider moving up -- in this case, for either Curry or Ricky Rubio.

Strap on your trade rumor hats and give me the best you've got. The keys are on the table for a couple of days while I regroup after the Finals. Any trade rumors, reports, suggestions, or proposals that you post here will be answered.

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