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Posted on: April 13, 2009 7:28 pm

Perfect job for Isiah

Coaching Florida International's men's basketball team. I couldn't think of a more perfect job for Isiah Thomas.

Golden Panthers, congratulations on providing one of basketball's most pre-eminent survivors with a golden parachute that suits him.

What could be better for a Hall of Famer who's way too young to retire, but who has nothing else to do? What could be better than a job with no state income tax? A job located in one of the prime weather locations in the universe? A job in which you can shape young skulls full of mush with tales of your glorious past? A job in which you can flash your NCAA and NBA championship rings, speak on a daily basis about playing for Bob Knight and Chuck Daly, and romanticize the good ol' days with the Bad Boy Pistons?

If it happens -- and some key people who still employ Thomas with the Knicks honestly don't know -- this makes perfect sense. A completely inconsequential job for one of the greatest ever to dribble a basketball. Bravo!

It's amazing how many times athletic directors and NBA general managers recycle coaches without realizing or admitting they're doing it. How many times have we seen it? A fresh start for a coach/former player who wore out his welcome elsewhere. I'd point to Rollie Massimino at Cleveland State years ago, but for all I know, Rollie will trump that with another job this spring.

I am not a member of the Isiah is Evil club. Not in the least. I barely know the guy, even though I attended the same college he did and covered him on almost a daily basis for an entire NBA season. He was one of my favorite players when he played. But I can call B.S. when I see it, and this is a B.S. job if I've ever seen one.

Good for him. I love when absurd things happen and everyone knows it's absurd and the people who make the absurd hire and/or accept the absurd job pat each other on the back in the very sincere/emotional/heartfelt/absurd press conference.

And if I'm the Knicks, I'm wondering the following: Does this mean we don't have to pay him anymore?






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