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Posted on: September 12, 2010 10:35 am

Here is What I Think

Wow it has been a while since I have been on but since today is the real start of the fantasy football season that i need to get my but on here to give is what i think is some good advice for the year and today first off i want to start with my Sleeper of the year well he isn't quite a sleeper any more but if you don't have Johnny Knox you should probably go get him by any means necessary this guy will do Some good things and expect some Desean Jackson like numbers from him. Another person to looking out for is my boy Jermain Gresham this guy is a Beast and i expect him to make an impact early and often with to pretty good wr's on the edges he should find himself open alot and Carson Palmer has nothing but good things to say about him . Here is a really deep sleeper at Te Jared Cook  for the Titans should probably be the starter just based on natural talent alone but he reminds me of Jermichael Finley who is also a stud and i expect to be the #1 Fantasy te  by years end and next year if there is any IDP players out there grab this guy Tamba Hali he has recently moved from DE to MLB i know in my ESPN league that he is still listed a DL which could be a steal since DL  usually don't  get as many tackles a MLB does  so get him if you can ok enough about boring IDP players not for some of my predictions either Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers will break Dan Marinos passing yards record this year ,Calvin Johnson will have 1400 yds and 16-18 tds Derek Anderson will actually be good again lol Larry Johnson will have The starting Job in Washington by week 5 Tashard Choice will be more relative one way or another by injury or lack luster play by either Marion Barber or Felix Jones Jay Cutler will be a top 5 Qb i expect big things from him in a Mike Martz system if you can get him and Johnny Knox cheap you will be glad you did Johnathan Stewart will start to be fazed in as more of the Bell Cow in Carolina deangalo williams is Gone Baby Gone next year so i am sure they want to give Stewart the chance to show what he can do with the bulk of carries ok thats all the Nuggets for now Good luck this week and this Season Unless you are playing me then i wish you no luck at all.
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Posted on: July 26, 2009 11:18 am

Welcome toFantasy Football 2009 Q&A

ok first of all i just want to say i am so glad that the f-ing football season is finally here and Fantasy Football Drafts will be happening in august and some the first week of september so i Guess for my first blog i guess i wil ask for your help in selecting my keepers this year its pretty much a set deal but maybe i can be swayed ok so first off my keeper rules are a little different than most leagues we get to keep a player in the Draft Where he was originally Drafted so if u Drafted Adrienne peterson in the 3rd Round you get to keep him in the 3rd round till you dont want him anymore that would happen and if you pick someone off the waiver wirethat you end up keeping it counts as last pick in draft... so my choices are Mr woderful himself Tom Brady 1st Rnd. Brian Westbrook 2nd Rnd.  Marshawn Lynch 5th Rnd. Brandon Marshall 8th Rnd Cris Johnson 12th rnd and my favorites kurt Warner 18th pick (waiver wire pickup) and Steve Slaton 19th last pick(waiver wire pickup)so as of right now i am keeping Brady 1st rnd cris Johnson 12th rnd and Steve Slaton 19th pick so tell me what you think ...what would you Do................................. we get Bonus pts for big play tds  40 + yds
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