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Posted on: March 22, 2009 10:27 am

Spring Sleepers for far??

These guys have stood out for me in the past month of Spring Training and I was hoping to help a few of you out there that haven't had the time (or patience) to notice. I know that spring stats sometimes don't pan out but last year I  was picking in an AL only league and there was a player that was killing the ball all spring, batting .400 while loading up on RBIs. I tossed and turned the night of the draft and finally with my 5th pick I couldn't take it anymore and I pounced....I'll take Josh Hamilton. Everyone in the room said it was too early. On that note, these are the guys that are standing out for me this year.

1. Jordan Zimmerman, Nats- Great spring numbers plus high touted prospect equals great late grab!

2. Mike Fontenot, Cubs- He will start at second and he has the bat to impress.

3. Chris Getz, White Sox- Also starting at second, great speed power combo and rumored to lead off.

4. Pablo Sandoval, Giants- This guy is my favorite sleeper that isn't a sleeper anymore?

5. Anthony Reyes, Indians- I can see him winning 15 this year from the former WS hero.

6. Brett Gardner, Yankees- If he can hold onto CF he will run with it...get it..he's fast, never mind.

7. Paul Maholm, Pirates- I will never again draft a Pirate pitcher but if I had to this would be the one.

8. Tommy Hanson, Braves- He will end the year with better numbers that Price.

9. Elvis Andruss, Rangers- No substance to this, I just have a good feeling about him with the starting nod.

10. Kendry Morales, Angels- Great bat, great glove, 1B, OF eligible and in the middle of a lot of guys that get on base.

Well, I hope this helps someone out there. As we all know, fifty percent of fantasy sports is luck and the other fifty is tons of research and game watching so....... good luck and get to work!



Posted on: February 18, 2009 7:17 am

Draft Strategies and the Power of Luck.

I have noticed quite a difference in draft strategies this year now that I am involved in more pay and commissioner leagues. There are more risks taken in commish leagues obviously with the chance to keep players and it seems the more keepers you can hang onto the more risks you take. I noticed this most recently on Sunday where the keeper policy included 6 minor leaguers as well as the rest of the team including reserves. This was amazing to me as  I have never been involved in such a draft and the only way that I could strike a comparison to this would be to ask you to imagine running down the stairs with your brother or sister on Christmas and after opening everything just take what you want from the combined stash.

Basically I was the 10th pick and as the mid twenties players started to disappear I could see where this was going. BJ Upton, Grady Sizemore, Ryan Braun and other youngsters went in a flash and here came my pick...sitting there with a red bow was A Rod. On went the next 4 picks and here comes my next pick and who is sitting there but the ancient Ryan Howard? I can see drafting young but there is a point where you have to remember that there is a 2009 title sitting there...have we all given up already? Well, long story short I am writing this to warn new owners out there that just because the leagues keeper policy, scoring system or basis in general might seem lop sided it really  should not overbear your choices. It really can kill you in the short term and to be honest with you I have seen a lot of teams build for the future and it has been a very long, tedious and painful thing to watch. Because of the fact that none of us actually own any of these players there is always the chance that the "real" teams these guys play for will be terrible this year and this could really sway the value of any pick as well as any other number of variables. This only goes to show you that no matte what there is always going to be a top 5 on draft day and by the end of the year...chances are...they aren't anymore.

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Posted on: January 19, 2009 6:40 pm

Scherzer or Price?

While a lot of you are prepping for your upcoming draft I would think that Tampa Bay Rays David Price and Arizona Diamondback Max Scherzer have to be somewhere on the top of your pitching list for 2009. It is a hard call between the two youngsters for some as they are both loaded with talent but I personally have to say after watching both of them pitch minimally last year that that Price is standing alone in this debate.

I know that Scherzer is being hyped as the better control pitcher with the "make up" of a future ace but Price just screams unhittable. He came up late last year and seemed to over match everyone he faced right through the post season. Scherzer had glimpses here and there but along with his four losses it seemed that he was a bit shaken in his early and late season call ups. I know that it is tough to go by a small first impression but I am going with my gut here and you can ask my wife....that is one big resource.


Posted on: January 9, 2009 7:31 pm
Edited on: January 10, 2009 8:54 am

Fantasy Sleepers for 2009?

I have already posted a thread asking questions about a headache that I have had for the past three years named Nelson Cruz. I have been waiting and waiting for this guy to come through and finally after an amazing start in AAA he has finally shown some promise in the majors last year putting up numbers that are at the major league level. Many of you out there have the same wish on a prayer player that you have dealt with, either drafting or "keeping" year after year and hoping that it pans out so I figured I would share a few that I could see coming up this year.

Is this finally the year for Brandon Wood? He had his cup of coffee last year and another as the annual infield injury bug hit the red carpet in LA once again. This guy has tons of potential (talking about overused fantasy terms) and has the power that compares with that of Pujols and Howard but is showing more of a Dunn/Sexson swing. He is still real young and raw but who knows...look at Evan Longoria? Two years ago I drafted Wood and never looked twice at Long-gone.

Another guy that isn't so much under the radar because of his late season success is Andre Either. I picked him up when they started hitting him in front of Manny and boy did it pay off. He really showed a lot of promise with not only a great average and some power but also his on base percentage was there and that is rare in younger players. I want to compare him to Hunter Pence but I think that he is aiming more towards a Maglio Ordonez because of his batting average.

Now finally I have to bring up Yunel Escobar. I know he has been mentioned a lot over the past two years but he has yet to fill his potential and I think that if he has a full healthy year he really will put up some decent numbers and become a key to the Braves line up.

Well I know you Veterans out there are probabaly bored by now but I hope this helps someone because one thing I learned in this fantasy baseball world is that there is never too much information to be had while studying for the upcoming season. Thanks for reading.

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Posted on: January 4, 2009 6:50 pm
Edited on: January 10, 2009 8:48 am

Spring Training in...February?

How many of you out there that are in fantasy leagues wish that the baseball season started a month earlier? It has bothered me the past few years and I thought that it only got to me because I live in the Northeast. Maybe I am not alone?

In a perfect world (well, mine anyway) spring training would start on February 1st and the seaon would open up on March 2nd. All northern teams would open the season in warmer climates or under the domes and as the seasons climate changed teams would slowly progress up to the north. This may sound crazy to some of you but try spending a winter watching nothing but college basketball and wondering what the red in the thermometer used to look like! It is bad enough that I have to wait until 1:00 for a football game and wait until 7:05 to watch my beloved Yankees but then there is the long cold wait for pitchers and catchers. I am starting to think that if there was such a term in a sports dictionary as Fan Patience then my picture would be there front and center.

All right, this is turning into a rant but I am sure that there is someone out there that just watched the end of the UConn girls game because the playoffs have been a snooze fest and you can only take so much of those friggin computer wizz kids cashing in on million dollar bracelets on ESPN! If this is you too then you know what I mean!

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