Posted on: April 29, 2009 8:13 pm

Next years Cards

The Cards ahve release James, LaBoy, and Hood. It is unfourtunate but that is the way things go. Our draft choices should have been a for shadowing of what was to come. The drafting of 2 RB was clear that James was going to traded or released. Wells is to replace James and Larod should be able to replace JJ as an RB and in kick returning duties.  We drasfted a CB and a S, so someone from the back feild was going to be leaving. Plus we picked up Mcfadden . Laboy has to be the biggest shock of the group. He just signed a nice contract not long ago.

The fact that James is gone, means Wells and the big H will have to step up. My feelings are mixed with Wells. On one hand he is a great RB with speed, vision and agility. On the other he has problems with health and he comes from the big ten, a run it down your throat kinda of game play. Ohio st has a p[assing game but they are a running team. I see Wells as not being happen in AZ after a season or two depending on the time he gets in the back feild. Luckly we were ably to get the SEC defensive player of the year from last year, but the SS and FS possitions are pretty strong with Willson and Rolle starting.  I think the pick of Johnson was a depth pick for Willson who might be getting close to retiring in a few seasons.

More to come!!!
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Posted on: January 15, 2009 6:33 pm

Here We Go Cards!!!!

Cards fans, are you ready to get loud this weekend?

I know the house I will be at is going to be dam loud. Watching the Cards do something amazing with good friends never ever hurts. Even thou the Cards might have players out, we will be able to come throught and win it. This is the team that brings home the Superbowl to AZ!!  IT have been great watching the Cards this year. They have had there ups and downs, but we the fans stood behind them all the way. The fans knew how good of a team the Cards could be. We have to much talent not to do great things. This was the year that talent became one. God what a great time to do so.

So to all the Cardinal fans, to you I say this: Gather your friends, grab some grub and drinks, position the TV and make some noise for your Cardinals. They represent us and we represent them. It is time to earn the respect we are due!!!!  GGGGGGGOOOOOOO CCCCCAAAAARRRRDDDDSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

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