Posted on: January 26, 2009 3:35 pm

super bowl weak

so it's finally here! the weak of the superbowl. now vegas is being nice and only giving the Steelers 7 points. does anyone else really think troy polomalu will not be drifting over to fitzgerald all day long?????? so take him out(any his unbelievable run in the playoffs, really myoplex does make your hands stronger) and they have to throw to boldin. oh no wait, he is pissed off and did not want to even be on this team this year!!! now we go to edge, no wait he just said 5 weeks ago he wants out also!!! hightower? rookie running back in the bowl?? nevermind. but Kurt Warner will pray us to victory, until the pass ruch gets to him and he gets flustered cause that has never happened. but the defense will save them like when they let Brett Favre have the best game of his life 8 weeks ago(really he could not have done better on madden).

so do i think the steelers will win just by showing up? final score 42-10(fitz will sneak in one)

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