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Posted on: February 2, 2009 6:19 pm

You Lucked Out Twice Steelers.

It's not debateable this isn't an argument its a fact.

Steelers Super Bowl Championships


Bill Leavy and Terry McAulay should be Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes' co-MVPS as they played aas big of a role in the steeler wins as these players. Who can forget every call going Pittsburghs way in XL (Roethlisberger on goal line, offensive pass interference penalty)etc... and the refereeing was just as badly in favour of the steelers Sunday well until McAulays crew which had to be corrected on REPLAY to overturn their bad calls in favor of Pittsburgh started making obvious make up calls against them. The Refereeing was ATTROCIOUS and severely impacted the outcome of the game. It all started with the awarding of a TD to Roethlisberger on the first drive (as taught in all reffeing clinics SEE THE BALL CROSS THE PLAIN) and continued phantom chop block call on a player who was NOT engaged and saw it coming. The horrendous roughing the passer call combined whit the horrid running into the holder call in which the refs were dying for Pittsburgh to score but they still couldn't put it in. McAulays crew did a horrible job as they tried to take "control" of the game but did it by just throwing yellow all over the field. How was James Harrison not EJECTED???? (I guess punching players isn't an ejection it's just like hockey). Also whatever happened to the celebration rule when Santonio Holmes was obviously using the ball as a prop. Now this isn't to say every one went against Arizona but the vats majority did. Wayne Gandy had a fistful of jersey on every play and could've been penalized even more but honestly why poor refereeing in the Super Bowl. MORE CALLLS AREN'T BETTER CALLS!!!!! This flag happy crew chosen by the NFL wrecked the flow of the game and didn't even call the fouls when they needed to be. Look at last years SUper Bowl there were missed calls ealry but then Mike Carey and Co dissapeared and let them play. Was there holding on Manning's magical escape YES was it called NO was that the right call yes a foul should be called when it gives a certain team a distinct advantage, not too keep the refs busy. It's a shame that BOTH of the Steelers Super Bowls are tainted.

Posted on: February 2, 2009 12:17 am

Kurt Warner Best Super Bowl QB Ever.

Better than Montana, Brady, Bradshaw etc...

Here's why:

In his 3 super bowl games Kurt Warner has given us 3 remarkable performances, he has never had a bad or even average Super Bowl game. Warner's 3 passing totals are most in Super Bowl history and though he only has one super bowl win his TEAMS won or lost the games. While playing for the Rams warner carved up both the Patriots and Titans defenses although the points scored would indicate something different (red zone performance) and today he turned in a masterful performance against what some people were calling the best defense ever or since the first steel curtain. He constantly avoided pressure and when he was called upon he led his team on a scoring drive and put them in a wining situation. Not to mention that he bounced back from his disastrous interception by playing as good a half of football as you can. You'd have to come up with a really good argument to say that he's not even the best PLAYOFF QB ever but we'll leave that for another time. Warner doesn't have the best record of quarterbacks in the Super Bowl based on the facts that he played for a very good but not outstanding Arizona team and 2 very unbalanced St Louis teams. However that does not take away from his individual performances in the Super Bowl. If I'm in the Super Bowl and I can take any quarterback I take Kurt Warner.
Posted on: January 28, 2009 6:29 pm

Super Bowl XLIII Pick

Pittsburgh @ Arizona

The Steelers have had one of the most consistently successful seasons in the NFL. Their vaunted defense led them to an AFC Championship and now to the Super Bowl. In the playoffs the "D" has done their part but don't underrate their offense who have been able to create some big plays. WR Santonio Holmes has had a breakout playoff and "Big" Ben Roethlisberger has been cool and collected in or outside the pocket.

The Cardinals came roaring out of the gate cooled down and are now roaring again. Their always explosive offense has been getting a run for its money this playoffs by their turnover causing defense. QB Kurt Warner and WR Larry Fitzgerald have looked more dominant than even Brady to Moss last year.

On Offense the Steelers have done what is required of them all year long (methodical drives, low on turnovers, control field position). Their much maligned offensive line has improved greatly and haven't been a huge liability in the playoffs as some expected. Willie Parker has his burst back after being sidelined with a variety of injuries and has been able to contribute in the playoffs. Roethlisberger has done a great job being creative and making plays. Wrs Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward are both solid receivers and match up well against the Cards secondary if they are both healthy. TE Heath Miller's impact on Pittsburgh's passing game is very underrated and watch for him to have some key 3rd down conversions in this game. Look for the Cards defense led by Darnell Dockett and Karlos Dansby to stop the run early and force Ben to beat them through the air. This young exuberant group will come out with energy which will be hard for the Steelers to match. Look for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to blanket whichever Pittsburgh receiver he's on.

On Defense the James Harrison and Troy Polamalu led group have been physically beating up opponents but watch for this game to be their hardest test yet. Look for the steelers to try and make Arizona work for everything they get by being physical with receivers and going into some soft zones, don't expect them to come out blitzing like Philadelphia did. Watch for Arizona to exploit Pittsburgh's defense by attacking the seams in their 3-4 alignment. I also expect Arizona to have less balance in their offense than previous games as I expect them to throw early and throw often. Watch for Anquan Boldin to have a bigger game then Larry Fitzgerald does against Pittsburgh because Arizona will throw in the middle a lot against Pittsburgh's zones. Look for Kurt Warner to have a huge day and be very efficient against the Pittsburgh defense.

Arizona is too bad of a matchup for Pitsburgh look for them to jump out to an early lead and make the Pittsburgh offense play catch up where it will start making mistakes.

Arizona 28 Pittsburgh17

Posted on: January 18, 2009 10:35 pm

Sunday Recap

Arizona 32 Philadelphia 25

My Pick: Arizona 27 Philadelphia 23

Larry Fitzgerald WOW! The Cardinals score early and often as I expected and were able to put the Eagles in a deep enough hole that they couldn't get out. I thought offensive co-ordinator Todd Haley became a little too conservative in the second half but they managed to get the job done. The Arizona defense played fairly well but looked really discouraged and fatigued in the 3rd quarter. On the Eagles side they just couldn't match the intensity of the Cards in the first half which is understandable but their defense which has received much praise for its play lately really couldn't stop the Cards offense. The 1st drive was extremely disappointing as Arizona just passed and ran the ball right down the field. Much of the blame will be put on Mcnabb but he played quite well. The reason the Eagles "O" couldn't be consistent was because of their lack of a running game not McNabb's errant throws which was all that the Fox commentary crew talked about. The latest big argument seems to be whether McNabb n Warner belong in the hall of fame THEY BOTH DO! People will say McNabb hasn't won the big one but you have to be a big game Qb to reach 5 NFC championships its unfortunate the pieces have never come together for him

Pittsburgh 23 Baltimore 14

My Pick: Pittsburgh 30 Baltimore 13

Game pretty much went as I had expected other than I expected Willie Parker to have a bigger game after Chris Johnson's performance last week. Roethlisberger did a great job of buying time and did especially well considering Hines Ward couldn't go. As for Baltimore it was a magical run but Joe Flacco just couldn't do it. Maybe this is the end of this Ravens era led by Lewis and Co... Time for the Flacco era this guy is a special player. Last but not least all the best to McGahee and his family hope hes OK. For everyone who said I was crazy maybe i was but in the end I was only 8 points off (imagine if Ward had played)

Cards vs Steelers looking forward to it!

Posted on: January 15, 2009 10:28 pm

NFC Championship Pick

Philadelphia @ Arizona

The Eagles have had a remarkable run coming from the 6th seed and getting to the NFC Championship game. Donovan McNabb is playing some of the finest football of his illustrious career. Reaching 5 NFC Championships in 8 years shows how unappreciated this great Eagles QB has been. However the key to the Eagles run has been their defense most notably the defensive line who helped bottle up Adrian Peterson and managed to contain Earth WInd and Fire and stop them on two fourth and short opportunities. Also free agent acquisition Asante Samuel has played extremely well by having two game changing interceptions.

On Offense though they are led by McNabb their offense revolves around RB Brian Westbrook who in my opinion is the best back in the league when healthy. He is a bit banged up and the Cardinals "D" will really be inspired playing in front of their home crowd. Andy Reid has proven to be a little more consistent with the run this year but expect him to get into old habits if the Eagles fall behind early. So expect a lot of the load to be put on McNabb and the passing game. The Eagles unheralded group of receivers have worked very well as a unit and have been consistent in these playoffs. Avant and Curtis have been fairly reliable and Jackson has delivered the big play when needed. The Eagles O-line has protected McNabb well but is still not making enough lanes for Westbrook to run through expect much of the same to happen against the Cardinals. The Eagles defense has been close to perfect these playoffs. The defensive line led by Trent Cole and Brodrick Bunkley have been very effective against the run and that will continue against Arizona. Their underrated linebacking core has stepped up in their last couple games and have good sideline to sideline speed which will be important against Arizona. However in this game the most important part of the defense will be the secondary. The secondary has looked good in these playoffs but haven't played a receiver of Fitzgerald or Boldins pedigree. Samuel will probably be matched up on Fitzgerald but i feel this is a big mismatch I would rather have Sheldon Brown on him for various reasons. The most prevelant one being that Brown is steadier and Samuel lives and dies by the sword by playing for interceptions. Brian Dawkins always gets his due for the job he does but don't sleep on Quentin Mikkell who's had a solid season. Look for Jim Johnson to come with pressure early and often to try and take the crowd out of the game.

The Cardinals improbable run started with a somewhat surprising victory over a Atlanta team with a highly regarded running game which was easily shut down. Then they shocked the world by going into Carolina and beating a team which was considered a Super Bowl favourite. Kurt Warner looks like a guy who knows that this may be his last chance at the big one. For some reason I have a gut feeling that he will end his Hall Of Fame career after this season. Edgerrin James has been resurrected and so has the Cardinals run game which was pitiful in the regular season and Larry Fitzgerald has looked all world these playoffs. However the biggest part of the Cardinals run has been their defense which is suddenly a turnover forcing machine. Karlos Dansby and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie get lots of the credit for the turnaround but don't look past stalwarts Darnell Dockett and Bertrand Berry.

The Cardinals offense has been their strong point all season and will continue to be in this game. Their much maligned offensive line has responded well to criticism and have protected warner fairly well during their playoff run. Expect Boldins return to be a huge boost to the Cards morale but don't be sure how long it will last as I have a feeling he still may be lingered by that hamstring injury. I expect the Cards to get Boldin the ball early and often to test out the hamstring and if its not good to go let him get in as many plays as possible before he has to leave the game. Expect a big game out of Edgerrin James who will be looking to finally play in the big one. I don't expect him to have a big day running the ball but look for him to gain substantial yardage on screens and swing passes used to nullify the effects of Jim Johnson's blitz schemes. Expect Arizona to throw more quick timing passes then usual to offset the effects of Johnson's blitzes too. Look for the Cards O-line to make mistakes early but watch for them to improve as the game goes on. Expect Warner to have a big game in front of the home crowd a veteran like him will not be phased by Jonhson's blitzes the second time around. On defense the Cards need to make the Eagles one dimensional as ealry as possible and force McNabb to beat them through the air. McNabb has thrown some interceptions this year and has been known to get very frustrated when things don't go well. Look for Rodgers-Cromartie to be physical with the small yet speedy DeSean Jackson. Look for the Cards secondary to match up very favorbaly with an Eagles receiving core which lacks a legitimate number 1 receiver and look for the linebacking core to keep a banged up Westbrook in check. With all these good things said I do believe the Cards may have to bring more than their front four to get enough pressure on McNabb.

Both teams have superb kickers (Rackers and Akers). The Eagles have a big threat in the return game with Jackson and the Cardinals kicking teams have not been that great so watch for some fireworks. As far as coaching there isn't much to choose from when it comes to Reid and Whisenhunt who both have big game experience. Though this is Whisenhunt's first championship game when it comes to being a head coach I don't expect his preparation will be much different than it was when he was a co-ordinator. The crowd will be the biggest factor in this game of the intangibles expect the game to get ugly if Arizona gets up front early.

It is hard to see Reid and McNabb choke in another championship game but I feel that the momentum and swagger Arizona is bringing into this game puts them over the top.

Cardinals 27 Eagles 23

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