Posted on: February 2, 2009 6:19 pm

You Lucked Out Twice Steelers.

It's not debateable this isn't an argument its a fact.

Steelers Super Bowl Championships


Bill Leavy and Terry McAulay should be Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes' co-MVPS as they played aas big of a role in the steeler wins as these players. Who can forget every call going Pittsburghs way in XL (Roethlisberger on goal line, offensive pass interference penalty)etc... and the refereeing was just as badly in favour of the steelers Sunday well until McAulays crew which had to be corrected on REPLAY to overturn their bad calls in favor of Pittsburgh started making obvious make up calls against them. The Refereeing was ATTROCIOUS and severely impacted the outcome of the game. It all started with the awarding of a TD to Roethlisberger on the first drive (as taught in all reffeing clinics SEE THE BALL CROSS THE PLAIN) and continued phantom chop block call on a player who was NOT engaged and saw it coming. The horrendous roughing the passer call combined whit the horrid running into the holder call in which the refs were dying for Pittsburgh to score but they still couldn't put it in. McAulays crew did a horrible job as they tried to take "control" of the game but did it by just throwing yellow all over the field. How was James Harrison not EJECTED???? (I guess punching players isn't an ejection it's just like hockey). Also whatever happened to the celebration rule when Santonio Holmes was obviously using the ball as a prop. Now this isn't to say every one went against Arizona but the vats majority did. Wayne Gandy had a fistful of jersey on every play and could've been penalized even more but honestly why poor refereeing in the Super Bowl. MORE CALLLS AREN'T BETTER CALLS!!!!! This flag happy crew chosen by the NFL wrecked the flow of the game and didn't even call the fouls when they needed to be. Look at last years SUper Bowl there were missed calls ealry but then Mike Carey and Co dissapeared and let them play. Was there holding on Manning's magical escape YES was it called NO was that the right call yes a foul should be called when it gives a certain team a distinct advantage, not too keep the refs busy. It's a shame that BOTH of the Steelers Super Bowls are tainted.

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