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T.O should be back, along with accountability...

Look, I'm a Cowboys fanatic who hates the hell out of Terrible Owens, but the idea he should be cut is moronic.  Besides the fact that we would be penalized his salery AND another 700,000 dollars on a team that is already low in cap space, who the hell is gonna step up and take his place?  Crayton?  He is the only player on the team who drops the ball more than T.O.  Roy Williams was a disappointment, and we have no idea how he will play in the upcoming season.  I like Stanback and Austin, but both have only been spot players and haven't had the attention of being a number one guy.  Playing in the safety of the shadows is drastically different than playing under the savage bright lights of Texas Stadium and the rabbid Dallas fans.  I wish them both luck, but wouldn't bet the farm on either of them.  T.O is still the best receiver on the team, and we need him to draw double teams in order to free up other players.  Tony Romo needs to step up and be a leader in the huddle, and cut out this cavalier attitude crap.  The smile and "aww shucks" way he answers questions about...well, ANYTHING, was alright his first two years, but the s**t has to stop now.  The kid needs to grow a set and tell Owens that the team doesn't go to the playoffs just because he catches 9 balls for 200 yards every game.  That cuts into spreading the ball around, which keeps the D guessing and also opens up the running game.  Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones need to stop coddling T.O as well, as the constant hand holding and a$$ kissing only fuels his madness.  If the whole team let T.O know just how they felt, he could either shape up, or pout, kill his chances of ever joining another team, and be out of a job.  Which would be sad, because i still think he has a few good years in him.  T.O is like Rasheed Wallace of the Detroit-basketball-Pistons;  they both could be dominant forces at their respective positions, but their attitude and sometimes lackluster performances and inability to hold themselves accountable for anything is what holds them back.  It ain't the media, or another player on their team who is jealous of their talent, it is their own ego.  Kill your ego, T.O, and help the Cowboys become more than a very popular joke on everyones lips.

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 9:52 pm

Even without second ring, Warner is a HOF'er...


Kurt Warner is a winner.  He may not be flashy like McNabb, or a Mac Truck like Big Ben, or a pretty boy celebrity like Romo, but he is a F'n GAMER!  Warner, when healthy, is a monster with the pigskin, and his career numbers prove it.  Even without a second ring, Warner's  stats put him on par with some of the legends of the game.  I randomly choose four HOF QB's to match Warner up with in order to prove my hypothesis.  These four are people who names are whispered with reverence and glee by fans all over.   I'm not trying to tarnish any of their names; I just want to illustrate how absolutely bad ass Kurt Warner is.


First lets put Warner up against someone who was in the league the same amount of years, Jim Kelly.   Kelly retired after 11 seasons, the same number Warner has now completed.   In those 11 seasons, Warner has played 50 less games than Kelly did, 160 to 110.  Warner has a better yards per game average than Kelly (221.7 to 259.9), and a better completion percentage (60.1 to 65.4).  Warner's QB rating blows Kelly's out of the water (84.4 to 93.8), and both went to four Pro Bowls.  The glaring difference is the amount of rings.  Kelly went to four Super Bowls and won none of them, while Warner is going to his third, and has a ring in his back pocket.  Once again, not trying to diss Jim Kelly; I think making it to a Super Bowl is a feat in itself, and making it to FOUR IN A ROW is a Herculean effort, but he didn't come away with any, so that is a factor.


Let's match Warner with my boy Troy next.  Aikman only played one more year than Warner, so we won't extend Kurt's stats to even out the years played.  Even with that extra year, Troy's stats don't blast  Warner's out of the water.  Aikman played 55 more games than Warner, but only leads him by about 4400 in career yardage.  With an average of 259.9 yards per game, it would take Warner 17 more games to edge out Troy.  While I don't think Kurt can play all 16 games in a season, he will surely sign a new two year deal in Arizona and have the chance to play 17 games in the next 32.   The QB rating's are vastly different, which you would think would be in Aikman's favor because of Emmitt, but Warner kills him (81.6 to 93.8). 


I'm not going to continue to break the stats down, because I hate when someone belabors the point.  You can see what I've posted and see for yourself.  Just realize that for many years, Warner was a backup for other people, and that it is also the Pro Football Hall of Fame, not just the NFL Hall of Fame.  Any pro numbers in Warner's favor should count.  But I think his NFL numbers get him in when you match him against some of the greats.  Anything else is just icing on a fantastic career.  And all this gushing from a man who, as a Cowboys fan, hates the Cardinals.  Just saying, is all.   


Troy Aikman career stats:

Yards per game: 199.6

Passing Yards: 32942

Completions/Attemps: 2898/4715

Completion %: 61.5

TD/INT: 165/141

TD %: 3.5

INT%: 3.0

QB rating: 81.6

Games played: 165

Years in NFL: 12

Overall record: 94-71-0

Pro Bowls: 6

Super Bowl record: 3-0




John Elway Career stats:

Yards per game: 220.0

Passing yards: 51475

Completions/Attemps: 4123/7250

Completion %: 56.9

TD/INT: 300/226

TD %: 4.1

INT%: 3.1

QB rating: 79.9

Games played: 234

Years in NFL: 16

Overall record: 148-82-1

Pro Bowls: 9

Super Bowl record: 2-3



Kurt Warner career stats:

Yards per game: 259.9

Passing yards: 28591

Completions/Attemps: 2327/3557

Completion %: 65.4

TD/INT: 182/114

TD %: 5.1

INT%: 3.2

QB rating: 93.8

Games played: 110

Years in NFL: 11

Overall record: 48-37-0

Pro Bowls: 4

Super Bowl record: 1-1


Steve Young career stats:

Yards per game: 196.0

Passing yards: 33124

Completions/Attemps: 2667/4149

Completion %: 64.3

TD/INT: 232/107

TD %: 5.6

INT%: 2.6

QB rating: 98.8

Games played: 169

Years in NFL: 15

Overall record: 94-49-0

Pro Bowls: 7

Super Bowl record: 1-0


Jim Kelly career stats:

Yards per game: 221.7

Passing yards: 35467

Completions/Attemps: 2874/4779

Completion %: 60.1

TD/INT: 237/175

TD %: 5.0

INT%: 3.7

QB rating: 84.4

Games played: 160

Years in NFL: 11

Overall record: 101-59-0

Pro Bowls: 4

Super Bowl record: 0-4


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I have a little hate in my heart for you Phillip!

It felt good, damn good, to just watch the Steelers paste the Chargers in their playoff game.  I try not to harbor hate in my heart for people, but there are a few figures that force me into my absolute irate emotions when it comes to them.  T.O, Randy Cross, Cris Collinsworth, John Madden, Jason Kidd, Trent Dilfer, Eli Manning...they all have a place in that dark part of my soul I try to hide away from others.  Phillip Rivers has slowly made his way into that place, which is fast becomming crowded in this "look at me" society.  I hate people who draw attention to themselves when they haven't achieved anything.  Phillips claim to fame is playing after having knee surgery.  Ok, cool, you get man points for that.  But many other players have done the same.  It's what you do when you are a professional.  You suck it up and you play through pain.  You got to work when you are sick and should be at home, you write that paper even though you'd rather be out with your friends, you do what you need to do.  CBS had a little featurette about Rivers before the game, with teammates talking about how "misunderstood" Rivers is and what a good teammate he is.  That's cool.  He ain't a good role model.  He says that he doesn't think his yelling and berating of other players isn't bad because he doesn't cuss and wouldn't be ashamed to tell his mother and wife what he is saying.  I'm sure your mother and wife wished you'd shut your F'n mouth and quit being an @$$ on national television.  That is what is embarassing.  Not the choice of language, but the fact that you act that way at all.  This is a team game, not about individuals.  You make the game about you when you step out of line to disrespect an opponant.  I saw a clip where he was yelling at a New England palayer to "act like you've been here before."  How about taking your own advice, son?  How about standing on the sidelines and taking your whippin' like a man, instead of getting in the faces of the Steelers players as they are beating you by double digits.  Be graceful, be respectful, and act like you've been there before.  Maybe you won't be such a douchebag.
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Better to lose with a puppet...

This is an open letter to my former favorite franchise owner, Jerry Jones.

Dear Jerry,

     Hi!  My name is Jamar, and I've grown up watching the Cowboys since I was a little kid, and I don't know my team anymore.  It seems when you went and got your face cut up to make you look young (it ain't working!), they gave you a lobotomy also.  Where in the league do you see a successful team that has only one person making the player decisions.  You said the best thing about being the owner and GM is that when you make a mistake with players you're not gonna fire yourself.  Are you F'n kidding me?  It takes a monumental ego to think that it's a good thing you can't be fired as the GM.  As a man with a monumental ego, even I know it's a good thing I don't have total immunity at my job.  I wouldn't do anything and would barely pay attention to anything that I was responsible for.  Accountability is everything.  No one man can make decisions this foundational to a team.  A bad player choice can affect a team for years to come (see the Lions for proof).  The best years you've had is when you had someone who would help you make choices.  You won 3 Super Bowls thanks to Jimmy Johnson (yeah Barry Switzer was the coach for the third, but the team was made up of Johnson's players so I'm counting it for him), and what have you done since running him out of town so you can play dressup with the NFL's talent pool.  You pick players who have no chemistry, personal problems, and limited talent.  Roy Williams from the Lions for all those draft picks?  In the middle of the season?  He wasn't even the best WR on his own team, but he's gonna come in the middle of a season and make a difference?  You are making this team a joke sir.  Get some help.  Parcells had cleaned up this team, and it was growing in talent, personal conduct on and off the field, and chemistry.  Then you introduced the cancer of T.O.  Cuz no one had seen that movie before, what could happen by adding him to this team.  You made the decision despite what Parcells wanted, and look what it's gotten you.  A loud-mouthed malcontent who stalks the sidelines looking for people to throw under the bus so he can hide the fact that his skills are declining and he can't handle press coverage.  He's mad that his QB is throwing the ball to other receivers.  I'm sure his QB is mad that it takes T.O 7 seconds to get off the line nowadays.  Get open quicker and the ball will come your way Owens.   

     Now, I know it's your team and your millions, but I as a fan who pay for merchandise and all the other fans lucky enough to live close enough to the team to buy tickets and watch them live, we pay a lot for these players also.  Without us, you would be marching Footballs' equivialent to the Florida Marlins out there.  The payroll would be a joke, and you couldn't have all these high priced primmadonnas running around Texas Stadium.  Find a GM, and help make decisions, cuz it works better that way.  Look at New England.  As much as people hail Belichick as a genius, Scott Pioli helps pick players.  How successful has that been?  I've forgotten...

     Please Jerry, please find a GM.  We fans are loyal, but we deserve a fighting chance, not a well paid group of choke artists *cough* Mets *cough*.  Give us a team that can win, not fall apart at the end of the season with regularity.  And get a coach who you can't walk all over, man.  That is also an F'n joke.  Wade Phillips?  Just like T.O, the movie has been written and we know how it ends.  I may have hated all my old football coaches, but they made me play had and I'm glad they did.  What fun is it to play for a softie and lose all the time?
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