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By the looks of things in Charger land, Norv Turner isn't really rallying the troops to get it done after the departure of Marty Schottenheimer. In Norv's third season as HC, the Bolts have looked like they have lost that edge, swagger they had in 2006. The Chargers need to get that attitude bad in a hurry, but the question is can Norv Turner turn that around quick enough to save his job? i doubt it, and so have a few other critics and writers. I believe if the Chargers don't make it further in the playoff's this season, Norv Turner will be replaced and the possible candidate is Mike Shanahan. This would make the Bret Favre revenge story look dismal compared to the coach that took the Denver Broncos to back to back Super Bowl wins in the 90's coaching a the rivral Chargers. I believe this the very possible senario, if not, hopefully the right man is brought in to take us to the highest level bringing San Diego a Lombardi Trophy.

Here is the story I found interesting.  Shanahan as Chargers HC?

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Posted on: September 5, 2009 9:11 am

Retooling the lineup Rewind

Back in January after that crushing lost to Pittsburgh, I wrote that we are alright and were only missing a few key players. And as I sit here in September one week away from opening day, I see that I was partially right. Particially right due to the season hasn't started and actually see the Chargers first string four quarters yet.

We're in the mix of a great run this year with the health of offensive players such as LT and defenseive players in Shawn Merriman. Then the drafted kids in English, Ellison, Johnson, Vaughn and Vasquez will plug in from time to time. This years preseason showed how potent the offense was and how much the defense missed S. Merriman. Finishing up at 2-2 doesn't mean a thing, especially like last weeks game the Chargers beat Matt Ryan and his Falcons by half time. It was the third string that lost that game but thats preseason for ya.

Now the team is looking to do their final cuts to make a 58 man roster, and where it will hard is at running back because the Chargers are so deep in that position. I have a hunch that G. Johnson will make the team cutting M. Bennett to free agency due to money and Johnson being a beast in his last two preseason games. I hate to Bennett to leave because he is a crafty veteran especially playoffs time. At wide reciever, the Chargers have the second hardest decision because a few pickups made an impression on Norv Turner. I still see them heading to the practice squad. The defense is for the most part already cut down, hopefully Cesaire and Bingham will get back on track from the IR and help make a great run. The late week pick up Travis Johnson is a question mark due to his injury, by looking at what he did with the Texans, he didn't get much play. If not, a very raw player with a lot of upside, Vaughn, will help the defensive line. Special teams with Knaeding and Scrifes are solid as usual.

Now boys and girls, get ready for a story telling season, a season that tells us dreams come true for a city that hasn't had a championship since the early 90's when the San Diego Soccers won the indoor soccer league. This could be the season that the Chargers can get the monkey off their back for not only this decades squad but for all the great Charger teams of the past. No pressure for this years Chargers team to win it all, just win enough to break the San Diego curse and bring home the Lombardi.

That is my quick run down of the 2009 season, what do you think is missing from this and do you believe?
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Posted on: January 16, 2009 10:55 am

Retooling the lineup

After a up and down 2008 season, and blown 2009 playoff run, there is still promise. The 2009 Chargers have found one thing that most teams lack, and that is tenacity and mettle. With this becoming part of this team of never say never, I see with the correct personnel changes or additions, that the 2010 Super Bowl is not out of reach. In the past two seasons, LT, Gates, Rivers and few others have been plagued with injuries in which hampered the Chargers from full potential of the Super Bowl. If LT in the off season goes and gets corrective surgery and rehabs slowly, he and the Chargers will benifit next season. And with Shawn Merriman coming back in full health, and possible FA pickups on defense, I can see that horrible Charger defense stepping up to make the run that much easier. We are aware of the key players coming close to their end of contracts. I say let the contracts stay as is until the next season ends because this usually works out for the best for team and players. By not giving these key players early contract offers, it has the players produce more to make their value go up in stock. In all, the 2009 Chargers are going to make some more noise next season, but it will depend on how the front office makes its moves. Let's hope the move is in the right direction.
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