Posted on: March 12, 2010 8:59 pm

Bracketology 3/12/10

I posted a new bracket taking into account games through this afternoon.

Illinois returns to the bracket after their win against Wisconsin today. Ohio State, thanks to Evan Turner's miracle buzzer-beater, is still in the hunt for a 2 seed, but not quite there yet. All of my #2 seeds; West Virginia, Purdue, Kansas State and New Mexico have better resumes than the Buckeyes. I think in order for the Buckeyes to get a #2 they have to hope one of those teams slips up in their conference tournament.

#1 seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke
#2 seeds: West Virginia, Purdue, Kansas State, New Mexico
#3 seeds: Ohio State, Villanova, Baylor, Michigan State
#4 seeds: Temple, Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin

The entire bracket can be found here .

The bracket is constantly changing and fluid, especially with the last few teams in and out as teams win or lose in their conference tournament. By tomorrow, the last few teams in and out will probably change based on tonight's games.
Posted on: March 10, 2010 11:01 pm

Bracketology 3/10/10

I have been busy moving to Texas and I still don't have interent in my apartment so I haven't been able to work on bracketology much until now.

My latest bracket can be found here .
#1 seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Duke
#2 seeds: Purdue, West Virginia, Kansas State, New Mexico
#3 seeds: Villanova, Ohio State, Baylor, Pittsburgh
#4 seeds: Michigan State, Wisconsin, Temple, Tennessee

Last Four In: San Diego State, Arizona State, Rhode Island, Memphis
Last Four Out: UAB, Dayton, Mississippi, Washington
Next Four Out: Illinois, Mississippi State, Wichita State, Minnesota
Posted on: February 26, 2010 2:59 am
Edited on: February 26, 2010 3:12 am

Lobofan2003 Bracketology 2/26/10

I have not been able to devote as much time to Bracketology as I would like, as I am getting ready to move to Texas next week. So you may get one more bracket out of me on Sunday and then probably not again for another week until I can get down to Texas and get internet installed and everything.

Anyway, the latest edition of my bracketology is up on the Ya Sports! website, here

Purdue gets a #1 seed for now, but who knows how long that will last with Hummel out for them. Tough break for a really great player. We'll see how Purdue does the rest of the year, but I think if they slip up even once, the committee is going to give them a #2 seed (assuming Duke wins the ACC tournament and gets the last #1 seed).

#1 seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Purdue
#2 seeds: Duke, Villanova, Kansas State, West Virginia
#3 seeds: Georgetown, New Mexico, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin
#4 seeds: Pittsburgh, Ohio State, Texas, Michigan State

There were a lot of Principles & Procedures (P & P) adjustments made to the bracket. My spreadsheet looks all colorful with all of the changes made from the original S-curve (when teams change regions in my bracket the region next to a team's name changes from green to blue). Before these changes were made my bracket had sorts of other colors in it; when a procedural issue occurs in the bracket it is programmed (thanks to my friend Beer) to highlight that in red or yellow depending on the type of issue that is occuring. Of the 65 teams in the bracket, only 11 are in their original spots (the Top 5 teams Kansas through Duke and 6 others). Most of the time the teams stayed on their original seed line; however, Connecticut and Virginia Tech were swapped seed lines to fit the P & P.

Regional balance is as follows: Midwest = 523, East = 517, West = 523, South = 517

I tried to keep teams as close to home as possible while following the P & P, Beer can use his analysis of the distance traveled to check and see how I did.

Posted on: February 19, 2010 3:22 pm

Lobofan2003 Bracket 2/19/10

The latest edition of my bracket can be found here . Not a whole lot of changes, but Wisconsin and Gonzaga both fell a seed with their losses last night. Villanova is barely hanging on to a #1 seed over Purdue, but that can easily change over the next week.

#1 seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Villanova
#2 seeds: Purdue, Duke, West Virginia, Kansas State
#3 seeds: Vanderbilt, New Mexico, Michigan State, Georgetown
#4 seeds: Wisconsin, Texas, Ohio State, Pittsburgh

Last Four In: Florida, St. Mary's, San Diego State, Marquette
Last Four Out: Mississippi, William & Mary, Seton Hall, South Florida
Next Four Out: Charlotte, Mississippi State, Cincinnati, Arizona State

Special shoutout to the Sun Belt conference who has 5 teams tied for the lead at 10-5 in conference. North Texas gets the auto bid due to having the best RPI of the bunch. That should be a fun conference tournament to watch.
Posted on: February 14, 2010 7:04 pm

Lobofan2003 Bracket 2/14/10

It's the Valentine's Day edition of Bracketology.  No sweethart for me, so I am hanging with my love of College Basketball.

I made some last minute changes to take into account Georgetown's loss to Rutgers as well as Louisville's win over Syracuse, so I hope I haven't missed any potential rematches.

#1 seeds: Kansas, Kentucky, Syracuse, Villanova
#2 seeds: Duke, Purdue, West Virginia, Kansas State
#3 seeds: Georgetown, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt
#4 seeds: Texas, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Gonzaga

You can see the whole bracket here .
Last Four In: Florida, St. Mary's, Marquette, Virginia Tech
Last Four Out: Charlotte, San Diego State, Cincinnati, William & Mary
Next Four Out: Wichita State, Mississippi State, Washington, Seton Hall

Bids By League: ACC-7, BIG12-7, BIGE-7, ATL10-5, BIG10-5, SEC-5, MWC-3, USA-2, WCC-2

Posted on: February 11, 2010 4:56 am

Lobofan2003 Bracket 2/11/10

Here is the latest version of my Bracketology, updating through the results of Wednesday's games.

Lobofan2003 Bracket

Nothing changes on the 1 or 2 seed lines, but there is a big shakeup on the 3 and 4 lines. New Mexico and Vanderbilt move up to 3 seeds; while Texas and Michigan St. due to their multiple losses within the last couple of weeks move down to the 4 seed.

#1 seeds: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Villanova
#2 seeds: Duke, Purdue, West Virginia, Georgetown
#3 seeds: Kansas State, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt
#4 seeds: Texas, Michigan State, Wake Forest, Temple

Last Four In: Florida, Old Dominion, Louisville, Notre Dame
Last Four Out: Marquette, Charlotte, South Florida, Virginia Tech
Next Four Out: Washington, Cincinnati, Minnesota, Texas Tech
Posted on: February 7, 2010 3:51 pm

Lobofan2003's Bracket 2/7/10

This does not take into account all of today's results, only the Noon ET games (specifically the ND/South Florida was included).

#1 seeds: Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Villanova
#2 seeds: Duke, Purdue, West Virginia, Georgetown
#3 seeds: Kansas State, Wisconsin, Texas, Michigan State
#4 seeds: New Mexico, Tennessee, Temple, Georgia Tech

Last Four In: Louisville, Dayton, Old Dominion, Cincinnati
Last Four Out: Marquette, Notre Dame, VCU, South Florida
Next Four Out: Minnesota, Washington, Virginia Tech, Illinois

The entire bracket and matchups can be found here .

As always questions and comments are appreciated and special thanks to Beer for helping me with making the bracketing process easier.
Posted on: February 4, 2010 4:17 am
Edited on: February 4, 2010 4:34 pm

Bracketology Update 2/4/10

I have made a new bracket using a new method to balance out the regions based on my S-Curve based on games through Wednesday night. (See Dantheman's February 4th Bracketology thread for my S-Curve). However I am too tired to check for rematches tonight, so I will wait to post the matchups until the morning or afternoon, whenever a I have time to do that.

Meanwhile here are the seed lines:

#1 seeds: Kansas, Villanova, Syracuse, Kentucky
#2 seeds: Duke, Purdue, West Virginia, Georgetown
#3 seeds: Kansas St., Texas, Michigan St., Wisconsin
#4 seeds: Temple, New Mexico, Vanderbilt, Tennessee
#5 seeds: Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, BYU, Ohio St.
#6 seeds: Gonzaga, Pittsburgh, Butler, Baylor
#7 seeds: Xavier, Rhode Island, Florida St., Texas A&M
#8 seeds: Northern Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma St., UNLV
#9 seeds: UAB, Clemson, Charlotte, Mississippi
#10 seeds: Cincinnati, Richmond, Old Dominion, California
#11 seeds: Louisville, Florida, Dayton, Cornell
#12 seeds: South Florida, Maryland, Marquette, Siena
#13 seeds: Utah State, Tulsa, Kent State, Oakland
#14 seeds: College of Charleston, Pacific, Sam Houston St., Murray St.
#15 seeds: Weber St., Jacksonville, Morgan St., Coastal Carolina
#16 seeds: Arkansas St., Stony Brook, Robert Morris

Play-in Game: Lehigh vs. Jackson State

*NOTE that Florida St. and Northern Iowa were swapped seed lines; Northern Iowa would have been a 7 seed and Florida St. would have been an 8 seed

Last Four In: Dayton, South Florida, Maryland, Marquette
Last Four Out: Arizona, St. Mary's, San Diego State, Minnesota
Next Four Out: North Carolina, South Carolina, Seton Hall, William & Mary

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