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Lobofan2003's Bracket 1/28/10

It's funny how things can change so quickly. Last week, prior to Saturday, Oklahoma State was the last team out of my bracket. Now with wins in the last week over Kansas State and Texas A&M, the Cowboys are all the way up to a #6 seed.

Things also changed quickly for Kentucky who was the #1 overal seed just briefly, before losing their undefeated mark at South Carolina. The Wildcats hang on to the last #1 seed for now, but they must watch out for Texas, Kansas State and Duke who all have better computer numbers.

Without further ado my top seeds:
#1 Seeds: Kansas (#1 overall seed), Villanova, Syracuse, Kentucky
#2 Seeds: Duke, Kansas State, Texas, Michigan State
#3 Seeds: Georgetown, West Virginia, Purdue, Vanderbilt
#4 Seeds: Pittsburgh, Gonzaga, Wisconsin, Temple

You can find the rest of my bracket, including pairings and locations, here .

A couple of notes on procedural changes made within the bracket:

Kansas would normally get the winner of the Play-In (Opening Round) Game as the #1 Overall Seed, but they are given geographic prefence and placed in Oklahoma City for the 1st two rounds. Oklahoma City is a Thurs./Sat. site; the Play-In winner must play in a Fri./Sun. site and is thus placed against Villanova in Buffalo in my bracket.

Xavier and Rhode Island were switched spots in order to avoid a rematch between Kansas St. and Xavier in the 2nd Round. Otherwise Xavier would have been a 7 seed and Rhode Island an 8 seed.

As always questions and comments are appreciated.
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Lobofan2003's bracket 1/23/10

I usually post my bracketology on Friday, but this week I had to fly out of town for a job interview on Thursday, so this is a day late. It does not take into account any of the results from Saturday.

The biggest shakeup in this week's bracket is on the 1 and 2 seed lines. With Kansas St.'s victory over Texas they move up to a 2 seed and knock the Longhorns down to a 2-seed. It was a really close call between Syracuse and Texas for the final #1 seed, in reality both are deserving of a 1 seed, but Syracuse's better RPI and SOS gave them the nod. Below you see all of the top seeds:

#1 seeds: Kentucky (#1 overall seed), Kansas, Villanova, Syracuse
#2 seeds: Texas, Kansas St., Georgetown, Duke
#3 seeds: Pittsburgh, Purdue, Michigan St., W. Virginia
#4 seeds: Wisconsin, Temple, Tennessee, Gonzaga

The other difficult part was the last four teams in and the last four teams out. You could just easily switch any or all of the last four teams in and out.

As of Friday:
Last Four Temas In- Florida St., Louisville, St. John's, Wichita St.
Last Four Teams Out- Oklahoma St., VCU, Illinois, Richmond

See the entire bracket here: Lobofan's 2003 Bracketology

Thanks for all your comments and questions.

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Bracketology 1/15/10

The main headline from this edition of bracketology is that the Pac-10 is at this point in time a one-bid league. Do I think the league will be a one-bid league when all is said and done? No, but I have to be true to my bracketing principles that I seed teams based on if the season ended today. Eventually I think Washington will do well enough in league play to earn a bid along with California. The biggest winners of the fact that the Pac-10 only received 1 bid are the rest of the big six Power Leagues and the A-10. The other five Power Leagues and the A-10 all received AT LEAST 5 bids.

Kentucky and Texas are nearly even for the #1 overall seed, but I gave it to Texas. Kentucky does, however, get the winner of the Play-in (Opening Round) Game in the First Round due to the fact that the winner of the Play-in Game must play at a Fri/Sun site. Another difficult choice for me was whether or not Syracuse or Kansas received the 4th #1 seed, which ended up going to Syracuse. Neither team leads their league, but Syracuse got the nod with a 5-0 road/neutral record compared to Kansas' 4-1 record.

Seed Lines 1-5:
#1 Seeds- Texas, Kentucky, Villanova, Syracuse
#2 Seeds- Kansas, Duke, West Virginia, Georgetown
#3 Seeds- Purdue, Kansas State, Michigan State, Pittsburgh
#4 Seeds- Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Wake Forest, Temple
#5 Seeds- Vanderbilt, Clemson, Connecticut, Tennessee

See all of the matchups on the Ya Sports! site:

One final note on the bracket:
Ohio St. and California were both moved down from the 9 seed line to the 10 seed line to fit Bracketing Principles and Procedures; they were switched with Dayton and Texas A&M who were originally 10 seeds in my bracket in the same regions as Ohio State and California.

Thanks and please feel free to comment and ask questions.

Edit: Thanks to Beer who pointed out a couple of errors in my bracket at the Ya Sports! site:

In the West Region: 2 Kansas vs. 15 ARKANSAS ST. (not LSU), Arkansas St. is the Sun Belt Champ and plays Kansas, that was merely a typo on my part.

Also, the "Pod" with Georgetown as the 2 seed is played in Providence instead of Milwaukee; I merely forgot to put the heading above those two games.

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Bracketology- January 8th

In my latest edition of bracketology the Boilermakers get some love. They are my #1 overall seed, allowing them to stay close to home and play in the Midwest Regional in St. Louis.

The other three #1 seeds are: Kansas-South Region, Texas-West Region, and Kentucky- East Region

#2 seeds: Duke, West Virginia, Syracuse, and Kansas St.
#3 seeds: Georgetown, Villanova, Michigan St. and Pittsburgh
#4 seeds: Connecticut, Gonzaga, Wisconsin and Temple

Teams with poor strengths of schedule got penalized either in their seeding or not making the bracket at all. Baylor, a 1-loss team, bearly got in as an 11 seed while Virginia Tech and Miami are out of the bracket entirely due to their poor non-conference schedules.

Just like the NCAA committee does, injuries were taken into account. Ohio St. and California are the two best described by how injuries into account. Both have suffered injuries to key players and would otherwise have very shaky resumes but remain in the bracket with the expectation that the teams' performances will improve once those players return.

All 65 teams and the matchups can be found here:

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Bracketology-Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas to everyone out there who reads this.

I have posted my first bracketology of the 2009-10 season in cooperation with GTucker on his site, Ya Sports! I will be posting throughout on the season on his site or on here how I think the NCAA committee would seed teams if the season where to end at that very moment. My #1 seeds for my 1st bracketology are: Texas, Syracuse, Kansas and Kentucky.

You can find my entire first bracketology here:

Please leave comments and questions; however, keep in mind that Bracketology is very difficult and takes a lot of time and effort, especially when trying to follow all of the Bracketing Prinicple and Procedures that the NCAA uses so please be respectful of myself and other people on here that do this, we are not getting paid to do this so outright attacks will not be tolerated.

However, you will see that last year I was very successful in the final bracketology on Selection Sunday, as seen on the Bracket Matrix website which scores all of the bracketologists:
Bracket Matrix

Thanks everybody, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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