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Bracketology- January 8th

In my latest edition of bracketology the Boilermakers get some love. They are my #1 overall seed, allowing them to stay close to home and play in the Midwest Regional in St. Louis.

The other three #1 seeds are: Kansas-South Region, Texas-West Region, and Kentucky- East Region

#2 seeds: Duke, West Virginia, Syracuse, and Kansas St.
#3 seeds: Georgetown, Villanova, Michigan St. and Pittsburgh
#4 seeds: Connecticut, Gonzaga, Wisconsin and Temple

Teams with poor strengths of schedule got penalized either in their seeding or not making the bracket at all. Baylor, a 1-loss team, bearly got in as an 11 seed while Virginia Tech and Miami are out of the bracket entirely due to their poor non-conference schedules.

Just like the NCAA committee does, injuries were taken into account. Ohio St. and California are the two best described by how injuries into account. Both have suffered injuries to key players and would otherwise have very shaky resumes but remain in the bracket with the expectation that the teams' performances will improve once those players return.

All 65 teams and the matchups can be found here:

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Posted on: December 25, 2009 3:18 am

Bracketology-Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas to everyone out there who reads this.

I have posted my first bracketology of the 2009-10 season in cooperation with GTucker on his site, Ya Sports! I will be posting throughout on the season on his site or on here how I think the NCAA committee would seed teams if the season where to end at that very moment. My #1 seeds for my 1st bracketology are: Texas, Syracuse, Kansas and Kentucky.

You can find my entire first bracketology here:

Please leave comments and questions; however, keep in mind that Bracketology is very difficult and takes a lot of time and effort, especially when trying to follow all of the Bracketing Prinicple and Procedures that the NCAA uses so please be respectful of myself and other people on here that do this, we are not getting paid to do this so outright attacks will not be tolerated.

However, you will see that last year I was very successful in the final bracketology on Selection Sunday, as seen on the Bracket Matrix website which scores all of the bracketologists:
Bracket Matrix

Thanks everybody, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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Bracketology-Coming Again To a Blog Near You

I will be doing my own version of bracketology again this year. I've just started transitioning from watching college football to watching more college basketball. The season is still early with not enough games having been played for me to do a bracketology based on the way I do my bracketology.

My bracketology is different from the ones you see from writers on CBS and ESPN like Palm and Lunardi in that I don't take into account any kind of preseason expectations or predictions about W-L for the rest of the season. My bracketology projections are based entirely on results up until that point in the season, acting as if the season was over and it was Selection Sunday. I also try to follow all the Principles and Procedures that the NCAA Selection Committee uses in seeding teams, creating matchups to avoid rematches, and sending to various locations (pods).

You can check how I did last year in comparision to other bracketologists at the end of the season at the Bracket Matrix site
. If you must get your fix of Bracketology this early in the season visit Dan's blog http://dantheman4250.blogs.cbssport
where he does a bracket based a little bit on preseason expectations and results of the season thus far. As time goes on his bracket will be become more like my style of bracket based solely on performance to date. I hope to have the first edition of my bracketology up around the beginning of the year once non-conference play winds down and the RPI becomes more stable.

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September...the best (sports) time of year

September is one of the greatest times of year if you're a sports fan (especially of baseball and/or football).

The baseball penant races are winding down, it looks as if most of the races have been decided although the AL Central may come down to the final week between the Tigers and the Twins. Even without many exciting races, September allows clubs to bring up young kids and get a chance for fans to see the future and for teams that will be going to the playoffs to set up their rotations and get players healthy for the playoffs.

College football is off to a fast start with a lot of exciting upsets to start the season. Boise State beat Oregon, BYU beat Oklahoma and Houston beat Oklahoma State just to name a few. The non-AQ conferences are making big strides against the AQ conferences. The perception of the Mountain West is growing off the charts after Utah's win over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and the afore-mentioned BYU win. Is this the year that a Mountain West team can get into the BCS with one loss or even possibly get into the (Mythical) National Championship game if they go undefeated? Before we can even think about that though both Utah and BYU have tough matchups tomorrow if they are going to stay undefeated; Utah plays Oregon at Autzen Stadium and BYU plays Florida State at home in Provo. Both teams also have to play a tough TCU team later in the year in conference play. In addition the Mountain West teams, Boise State looks like they could also contend for a BCS spot; could two non-AQ teams possibly get BCS-bowl bids this year?

If the excitement of baseball and college football wasn't enough, how about the start of football season? From trying to dominate my fantasy league once again this year to watching the resurrgent Seahawks here in the Northwest there's plenty for me to watch in the NFL this season. What has you excited this season in the NFL?
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Mariners need a bat!

With Beltre gone for 6-8 weeks (and even with him in the lineup) it is painfully obvious that the Mariners need a power/RBI producing bat to add to the lineup if they want to stay in the AL West race.

The Angels have been on a tear lately and are threatening to run away with the division here pretty soon if they keep up their current pace. Meanwhile, the Mariners showed in the first game of the Yankee series that they can not score enough runs to keep up with talented offensive teams. Now, management may decide eventually that the Mariners are out of the race and not make a trade. In all honesty, the Mariners are playing better than I would have thought at this point; nobody could have thought they would be only 3 1/2 games out at this point. However, as a fan, I don't want to see any potential opportunity or hope of making the playoffs go by the wayside. Mariner fans have suffered in agony the past few years and it is time for management to show the fans that they want to return the Mariners to the success and exictement of the playoff runs of the early part of this decade just as much as the fans want the Mariners to return to the playoffs.
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Posted on: May 9, 2009 12:11 pm

Funny, apparently you need to score runs to win

The Mariners have finally shaken off their good start and begun to play like they did last year.

After a 12-6 start the M's are now 15-15 and not score any runs. Over their 5 game losing streak they have managed a total of 9 runs. This is looking way too much like last year, no offense. Branyan has shown flashes, but other than that there is no power in the middle of the order; Beltre has yet to hit a home run.

Not that it really matters when you can't score runs, but the back end of the rotation has been horrible as well. Silva and Jakubauskas aren't getting the job done, its time to call up some starting pitchers from the minors and give them a try, anything would be better than watching Silva pitch another game.

The Mariners gave their fans a glimmer of hope at the start of the season, but now it is starting to look just like last year.
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Posted on: April 16, 2009 6:10 pm

Ichiro is back and the M's are in first place!

Boy was I totally wrong about the Mariners struggling without Ichiro. Instead they are 7-2 and Ichiro hit a Grand Slam in his return.

I don't expect the Mariners to keep up this pace, but the AL West looks wide open this year. The Angels pitching staff has been struck by tragedy and injury; the Rangers can hit, but they can't pitch; and the A's are, well the A's. If Griffey can lead the M's into the playoffs in his return to Seattle, he will go from idollized to immortalized status. One thing is for sure, as a Mariners fan, this season has already been better than the horribleness that was last season.

It is a good for Northwest sports; the M's off to a good start, the Sounders have begun their 1st MLS season and the Blazers tied for the NW Division title and have a home-playoff series in the 1st Round.



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Posted on: April 3, 2009 10:00 pm

The Season is Over and it hasn't even started yet

Ichiro is out to start the season with an ulcer. They say he will miss only 8 games but by that time we may be 0-8. It sucks to be Mariners fan, we will be in last place yet again!


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