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14/4 My MLB Power Rankings


 Here's my MLB Power Rankings after the first week of baseball:

1. Chicago Cubs 4-2: The Cubbies have gotten off to a nice start, taking 2 from 3 off Houston and likewise against the Brewers.

  Chicago Cubs logo                                        

2. Tampa Bay Rays 3-3: Considering who the Rays have played, they've started pretty well. Their pounding of the Yanks didn't hurt either.

 Tampa Bay Rays logo

3. Atlanta Braves 5-1: The Braves suprised a lot of people by taking 2 from 3 against the Phils and they've backed that up with a sweep of the lowly Nats.


 Atlanta Braves logo

4. Florida Marlins 5-1: The Fish have started well, sweeping the Nationals and taking two from 3 against the NY Mets. Their pitching staff has made a dominant start to the season also.

Florida Marlins logo

5. St. Louis Cardinals 5-2: The Cards have been solid so far and Albert Pujols is looking like he will have another big season for St. Louis.

St. Louis Cardinals logo

6. Toronto Blue Jays 5-2: The team from north of the border had a great start to the season, sweeping the Detroit Tigers and taking 2 from 3 against Cleveland. They have been hard to stop in the 1st week.

Toronto Blue Jays logo

7. L.A Dodgers 4-3: The Dodgers have had a decent start to the Season, splitting their series with SD and winning their series with main division rival, Arizona.

Los Angeles Dodgers logo

8. Baltimore Orioles 4-2: The O's opened up by taking 2 from 3 against the Yankees and they backed up by doing the same against Tampa. Their young players seem to be coming along quite nicely.

Baltimore Orioles logo

9. Chicago White Sox 3-3: The Southsiders have struggled to put runs on the board so far but their pitching has been lights out.

Chicago White Sox logo

10. Seattle Mariners 5-2: The Mariners have looked good so far, splitting their series with the Twins and then sweeping the A's on the road. They've handled a tough opening week well especially considering they haven't had Ichiro.

Seattle Mariners logo

11. Philadelphia Phillies 3-3: The Braves series was a tough one for the Phils but they bounced back against the Rockies, winning the series.

Philadelphia Phillies logo

12. San Diego Padres 5-2: The Pads have gotten off to a hot start, splitting their series with the Dodgers and sweeping the Giants. They've beaten some of their NL West rivals to start off which is promising.

San Diego Padres logo

13. Boston Red Sox 2-4: They've played a tough schedule to start with, facing the Rays and Halos and the Sox haven't fared too well but have still managed to get the 2 wins against the Rays and Angels.

Boston Red Sox logo

14. New York Yankees 3-3: They struggled against Baltimore mostly and then were able to beat an average KC team. Not too bad considering they're without A-Rod.

New York Yankees logo

15. L.A Angels 3-3: The Halos couldn't win their series with division rival Oakland but they were good enough to win 2 from 3 against the Red Sox to complete an emotion filled week in Anaheim.

Los Angeles Angels logo

16. N.Y Mets 3-3: They started the week well by taking 2 outta 3 from the Reds but they dropped 2 to the Marlins which has gotta hurt Mets fans.

New York Mets logo

17. Oakland Athletics 2-4: The A's beat down the Angels which was great for them but they couldn't follow up, getting swept by the Mariners.

Oakland Athletics logo

18. Detroit Tigers 4-3: Detroit dropped 3 outta 4 at Toronto but were mor comfortable at home against the Rangers, completing the sweep.

Detroit Tigers logo

19. Texas Rangers 3-3: The Rangers have had a mixed start to the season. They swept Cleveland but were then swept themselves, by the Detroit Tigers on the road.

Texas Rangers logo

20. Pittsburgh Pirates 3-3: It doesn't feel right putting them here but what can I say. They've played decent ball so far. .500 over their 6 road games.

Pittsburgh Pirates logo

21. Minnesota Twins 3-4: They're missing Joe Mauer and they've scraped together to go 3-5 which isn't too bad. They need more offensive production really.

Minnesota Twins logo

22. Colorado Rockies 3-3: The Rox took 2 from 3 @Arizona but weren't quite able to completely handle the Phils back home.

Colorado Rockies logo

23. Kansas City Royals 3-3: They won a tough series with the White Sox but weren't able to beat the Yanks. They avoided a sweep though at least.

Kansas City Royals logo

24. Cincinnati Reds 2-3: The Reds struggled with the Mets to start with, then they split their shortned series with the Pirates. Aaron Harang has been looking good for them.

Cincinnati Reds logo

25. Arizona Diamondbacks 2-4: Zona' has only been able to take a game from each of their two series' with LA and Colorado respectively. Their pitching hasn't been anything flash.

Arizona Diamondbacks logo

26. Milwaukee Brewers 2-4: The Brew Crew struggled on the road @ San Francisco, but they made a slight improvement against the Cubs winning just one but staying fairly competitive.

Milwaukee Brewers logo

27. Cleveland Indians 1-5: Cliff Lee has looked terrible and so have the Indians. Their pitching has really sucked.

Cleveland Indians logo

28. Houston Astros 1-5: The Stros opened up against a tough Cubs lineup which meant that they were outmatched by the Northsiders. They weren't able to get it done against St. Louis either.

Houston Astros logo

29. San Franciso Giants 2-4: They won 2 from 3 against Milwaukee but got swept by San Diego. Lincecum hasn't looked good at all and their offense is still terrible.

San Francisco Giants logo

30. Washington Nationals 0-6: The Nats haven't been able to get on the board yet, they've been swept by both Florida and Atlanta now.

Washington Nationals logo





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My CBB Top 25 for Week 11

  1. Duke..their demolition of Maryland sured up the top spot for me. Big game for the Blue Devils on Wednesday. 
  2. Pittsburgh..After the UL Loss, Pitt has got back on track beating Syracuse and a rapidly improving West Virginia.
  3. UCONN ..Big win @ ND, they continue to look solid.
  4. Wake Forest..Wake and UNC are interchangeable but I put the deamon deacons ahead because they still have only lost 1 game. 
  5. North Carolina ...took care of Clemson, as usual and now the Tar Heels will look to hit the road and get some more ACC wins.
  6. Oklahoma ...The Sooners are looking mighty good and they're a lock for the Big 12 Championship. Still undefeated in Big 12 play and they beat a pretty good Baylor team this last week.
  7. Louisville ..well Louisville is the hottest team in the country right now. A big win @ Syracuse comfirms that they're one of many forces to be reckoned with in the Big East.
  8. Michigan State ..They did lose to Northwestern but it was a bad week for most teams in the Big 10 so they don't drop too far.
  9. Marquette ..Easy Schedule but I still got to give them props. It'll be interesting to see how they go against better teams.
  10. Xavier ..The Musketeers are rolling and they had a good win @LSU this past week.
  11. Texas ..on second thought..the Lonhorns might be a bit high at #11..they play Baylor in a big game in Waco.
  12. Arizona State..James Harden is leading this team to success night in night out and I think they'll duke it out with UW for the Pac-10 crown. 
  13. Syracuse : the Cuse have been playing some of the best teams in the BE and they haven't had a lot success..a loss at home to Louisville didn't help.
  14. Purdue ..The Boilermakers are coming along quite nicely and they beat Tubby Smith and Minnesota which is a good Big10 win.
  15. Clemson ..Once again Clemson was unsuccessful going to Chapel Hill but not to worry, they're still in a good position..a win over VA tech could help their status.
  16. St. Marys (Ca) ..whoever hasn't seem this team play needs to check them out because they're the real deal. Patty Mills is one of the best PG's in the Country.
  17. Washington ..The Huskies sit atop of the Pac-10 table and a win over UCLA puts puts a smile on UW fans faces.
  18. Illinois ..The Illini got two decent Big ten wins under their belt this past week with defeats of OSU and the Badgers.
  19. Gonzaga ..Zaga is rolling along nicely, having little trouble with most of their conference games so far..the big test will be St.Marys this Thursday.
  20. Memphis ..Memphis is leading the way in Conference USA just 3 losses and they are undefeated in conference play. They got a nice win over UT also this past week.
  21. UCLA ..they haven't looked overly impressive as they are only just getting over the line in some of their games. Losing to UW was a slap in the face.
  22. Kentucky ..Kentucky is suprising a lot of people with the way their playing at the moment. They lead SEC East and they picked up some SEC wins this past week.
  23. Butler ..very very good team in a low key conference. They should be strong come tourny time.
  24. California .. the lost to Oregon State at home was a bit embarassing but Cal is still in good shape to compete in the Pac-10.
  25. Villanova..they fought Uconn to the wire and they got a win against USF.
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