Posted on: February 9, 2009 9:56 am

mlb is to blame

I don't even know where to start.  I can't stand A-Rod but always felt he was just that gifted one like Jordan.  I would love to come on here and blast him but the epidemic that hit baseball for the late 80's, 90's  and into the 00's  really takes an era of baseball and throws into question every person that played.  Think of this...The hits leader is not in the hall of fame.  The homerun record holder(by some the greatest record in sports) will not go into the hall of fame.  The person who everyone looked at to take that record in a Yankees uniform and bring it back to New York and was thought of as clean...now is tainted and by some accounts won't go into the Hall of Fame.  The greatest pitcher of the modern era may go to jail and not into the hall of fame.  What has happened to baseball?  It seems as though Baseball's arrogance and ignorance will truly scar a generation of players.  Baseball ignored its problem.  They did not test and they did not punish.  They allowed a Union to get so strong that it ran the league.  They ignored all the accounts and rumors and allowed homeruns and high K totals to dominate because it put butts in the stands.  Players in retrospect probly did it to keep up with the jones's because the player they were once better than was putting up numbers that made them lose their job and livelihood.  The great players were looking normal and probly got frustrated by average joe now putting up better numbers.  It was an epidemic that was not solved by one big iron fist that kicked players out of the league for violations.  But Steve Howe got a million chances so who would have even thought anyone would have been held to any standard.  This problem is due to the poor leadership and poor organizational standards of MLB.  It is like not disciplining your child for 15 years and then trying to because the police showed up because he stole a car.  It is too late for that one.  They have not been bound to any rules so they will not follow any rules and you have a wild child.  I don't feel bad for the players who have to live by the consequences of their actions but there were no consequences because no one told them it was wrong.  There were no penalties for it until 2003.  So they played under the rules of MLB.  Is it illegal?  Yes!  But so is cocaine and heroin and I don't see people not listening to the Doors or Nirvana because they did illegal stuff.  As a matter of fact Woodstock is celebrated for its drug use and freedom.  So MLB this is on you, not A-Rod, Clemens, McGwire, Sosa etc... The consequence of the homerun era is that none of it really existed due to drugs

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