Posted on: February 15, 2009 7:46 am

Vote for the Mets to Win!

he Mets team is looking pretty good for 2009. Here's the positional breakdown. Please comment.


First Base - I think Delgado will be fine at first base. He probably won't put up the same numbers he did last year, but I could easily see him hit .265 with 20 HRs and 100 RBIs. That's not half bad IMO and I can see him doing even better than that. If Delgado gets off to a fast start I think he'll pull off .275 30 HRs and 120 RBIs.

Second Base - Second base is a bit of problem for the Mets, but although Castillo is way overpaid he puts up average numbers for a second basemen. If he can bring his average up to somewhere in the .260 to .270 range I'll be thrilled. We know he won't hit for power or drive in too many runs. If Castillo starts playing like he did last year we'll probably see him spilt time with Cora and maybe Valentine. I can see Cora hit around .270.  As we saw last year Jerry is not afraid to bench Castillo and bench him often. I wouldn't be surprised if Murphy gets some time at second aswell.

Third Base - We are 100% set at third base with David. He'll bat .300 hit 30 HR and drive in 130 runs.

Short Stop - The Mets need Reyes to play well this season. We know Reyes will bat close .300 hit 10-20 HRs drive in about 60-70 runs and steal 60 bases, but I have one thing I want to see from Reyes this year... show up in September. Reyes seems to be one of the least clutch players on the Mets IMO. If he can bat .300 in September we won't blow the division this year.

Catcher - The Mets will have Schneider and Castro sharing time at catcher this year. I'm fine with this if Castro can stay healthy this season. Schneider can hit for .260 (not too bad for a cather) and Castro can hit for power. I liked the way Jerry handeld the catcher situation last year and I hope he has the same approach this year.

Outfielders - Right now our outfield looks like this: Ryan Church in Right, Carlos Beltran in Center and Daniel Murphy /Fernando Tatis in left. We know that Beltran will give us 20 HRs, 100 RBIs and hit for .280 because he does it every year. We need Church to get off to a fast start to help him forget about his injury problems and go back to playing like he did before. Murphy and Tatis played well last year but there is no way Tatis will be able to do that again. As for Murphy he may be able to hit for a very strong average maybe .300 if we're lucky. We also have some depth in the outfield with Pagan, Evans, Reed, and Sulivan.

Starting Pitching - Our rotation is Santana, Pelfrey, Maine, Perez, Garcia/Redding/Niese/Parnell. I expect Santana to get 20 wins with an improved bullpen and I expect Pelfrey to put up good numbers as well. Maine is a bit of question mark but I think he'll make it out okay. Perez will be more consistant than last year because he will be more consistant without Peterson screwing with his motion. After Peterson left Perez stopped having those terrible games that brought his era up so high. Garcia could potentially be the best five starter in the MLB or being sitting on the DL with another injury. If Garcia is 100% healthy he should easily win the job. Remember only a few years ago he had 17 wins. He won't be that good but I could see him with 12-14 wins which is great for a 5 guy. If Garcia gets hurt then it's down to Niese and Redding. Unless Niese pitches incredible in Spring Training Redding will get the job. I don't love Redding, but he's not a bad 5 guy. He can go 10-10 or 12-9 this season with a little help.

Bullpen - The Mets bullpen is much stronger than it was last year. We got a nasty one-two punch with K-Rod and JJ Putz. For the middle innings we got Green, Feliciano, and Sanchez. I like Green and Feliciano but I'm not a big fan of Sanchez. He hasn't seemed to get it together since his injury a while back.

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