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Posted on: December 14, 2009 1:13 pm

NCAAB Rankings 3 - Sunday, December 13 2009

Alright folks, here are my Top 25 for the week. I did these last night, I am just copying them over now because, well, it is finals week and I have no time for anything anymore.

1. Kansas 9-0 (1) --
2. Syracuse 10-0 (3) +1
3. Kentucky 10-0 (5) +2
4. Texas 8-0 (4) --
5. Purdue 9-0 (7) +2
6. West Virginia 7-0 (8) +2
7. Villanova 9-1 (2) -5
8. Duke 7-1 (9) +1
9. Tennessee 7-1 (10) +1
10. Florida 8-1 (6) -4
11. Georgetown 8-0 (13) +2
12. North Carolina 8-2 (15) +3
13. Michigan State 8-2 (16) +3
14. Gonzaga 8-2 (17) +3
15. Connecticut 6-2 (11) -4
16. Ohio State 7-2 (12) -4
17. Texas A&M 8-2 (14) -3
18. Texas Tech 9-0 (24) +6
19. Clemson 8-2 (25) +6
20. Kansas State 9-1 (NR) --
21. New Mexico 10-0 (NR) --
22. Mississippi 8-1 (23) +1
23. Butler 7-3 (NR) --
24. Georgia Tech (21) -3
25. UNLV 7-1 (18) -7

Last 5 Out:
26. Cincinnati 6-2 (20) -5
27. Florida State 7-2
28. Wisconsin 7-2 (19) -9
29. Oklahoma State 8-1
30. BYU 8-1

I will post later with some explanations, but you will find that my poll this week is pretty close to what the AP Poll is.

Posted on: December 8, 2009 2:32 pm

A Few Explanations

First off, my last post was a test of the pictures that have not been working lately, but oh well enough about that.

For this week's "exCUSE me!" Top 25 poll, here are my explanations as to what I did.

#3 Syracuse Orange
      - The reason that I bumped up Syracuse to the 3 spot is because of the absolute dominance that they have shown. They have won all 8 games to this point by double digits, and are averaging about 90 points per game. Until they lose or stop being so dominant they will remain near the top, and not just because I go there.

#6 Florida Gators
      - Florida is an impressive 8-0, winning their preseason tournament in Atlantic City, and dispatching Michigan State pretty easily. This ranking is optimistic, so I'm hoping that Florida can live up to it, although they have a ridiculously tough one coming up against Syracuse.

NR Washington Huskies
      - "One loss and they're out of the top 25? What gives?" First off I'd like to say that I think the Pac-10 is a relatively average conference this year. They are weak in terms of BCS conferences and until some team gives me a reason to believe otherwise that is my stance. I had them up near the rankings in the first place because they were undefeated and ranked in the polls, so the first opportunity they gave me when they lost to Texas Tech (a very winnable game in my opinion) my chance had arrived.

#20 Wisconsin Badgers
      - Wow that game against Duke was impressive. I'm not sold on them yet, but they showed a great commitment to defense which I hope to see more in the future. They will have success in the Big Ten if they keep it up in a conference which I feels defense seems to come first.

#24 Texas Tech Raiders
      - Do I think they'll be around for long? Nope. But they did beat Washington, and they are 8-0 so they deserve some love.

Scroll back to the rankings for my ideas about the UNC/Ohio State debate, user Spanky J brought up a good point there.

Enjoy! Like my rankings? Hate my rankings? Let me know!!

Posted on: December 7, 2009 2:21 pm
Edited on: December 8, 2009 2:12 pm

NCAAB Rankings 2 - Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alright folks, here's my second week of rankings. The number in the parenthesis is the ranking I had them during the previous week.

1. Kansas 7-0 (1)
2. Villanova 8-0 (2)
3. Syracuse 8-0 (5)
4. Texas 6-0 (3)
5. Kentucky 8-0 (8)
6. Florida 8-0 (14)
7. Purdue 7-0 (6)
8. West Virginia 5-0 (7)
9. Duke 7-1 (4)
10. Tennessee 6-0 (10)
11. Connecticut 6-1 (11)
12. Ohio State 7-1 (12)
13. Georgetown 6-0 (18)
14. Texas A&M 7-1 (20)
15. North Carolina 7-2 (13)
16. Michigan State 6-2 (9)
17. Gonzaga 6-2 (16)
18. UNLV 7-0 (NR)
19. Wisconsin 6-1 (NR)
20. Cincinnati 5-1 (NR)
21. Georgia Tech 6-1 (NR)
22. Florida State 7-2 (19)
23. Mississippi 7-2 (25)
24. Texas Tech 8-0 (NR)
25. Clemson 7-2 (21)

Last 5 Out

26. Notre Dame 8-1 (23)
27. Washington 6-1 (15)
28. Illinois 6-2 (NR)
29. Vanderbilt 6-1 (NR)
30. Oklahoma State 7-1 (24)

Posted on: December 1, 2009 5:30 pm

Cal? Really?

Sunday night I came out with my first top-25 rankings of the season. Now, I generally think I do a good job, and I know I'm not perfect (Notre Dame at #23) but there are a few things in this week's rankings that I just do not agree with.

  #25/NR Portland Pilots
      - Okay, Portland, don't get me wrong. You deserve to be in the hunt for the top 25 especially after your great weekend in Anaheim, knocking off #16/22 Minnesota. But. You crushed a very down UCLA team, and let's not forget that in the championship game you folded big time against a good West Virginia team. If Portland had been within single digits then I would have certainly considered them for my top 25. Keep winning, Portland, and maybe beat Gonzaga while you're at it. Then you'll show me what you are made of.

  #NR/25 California Golden Bears
      - I don't understand how you can put in a 2-loss team such as Cal and shove out teams like Oklahoma State 6-0 and Florida State 5-1. Maybe it's just my way of thinking, but Florida State has only lost to Florida, who is now ranked pretty good, and Cal has beaten no one of significance yet.

My Last 5 out

  26. Cincinnati 4-1
  27. Georgia Tech 4-1
  28. Butler 4-2
  29. BYU 5-0
  30. UNLV 5-0

I don't think it's right to put a 2-loss team in the polls this week, and Butler fits into that category. The only reason I have Miss at 25 and not Cincy is that Cincy lost to Gonzaga, while Miss lost to Nova, who is ranked higher than Gonzaga.

Also, if Kentucky can get past their two huge games this week, expect them to jump up into the top 3 in my rankings this week.

Watch for North Carolina to upset Michigan State at home tonight. Here are my picks for the evening:

  Florida vs. Florida A&M
  Purdue vs. Wake Forest
  Cincy vs. Texas Southern
  Indiana vs. Maryland
  Notre Dame vs. Idaho State
  UNC vs. Michigan State

My Stats
Overall Record: 0-3
Conference Games: 0-0
Ranked vs. Ranked: 0-1
Ranked vs. Unranked: 0-1
Unranked vs. Unranked: 0-1

I'll get better I promise.

Posted on: November 29, 2009 11:42 pm

NCAAB Rankings 1 - Sunday, Nov. 29, 2009

Hey all, so here is my first set of Top 25 rankings of the season. I'll post here every Sunday night with the rankings, and every Monday night with a critique of the AP/Coaches Poll as well as some of my explanations, so don't complain that I don't explain my picks, you'll just have to wait a day. So without further ado, here they are:

Week 3 (November 30-December 6)

1. Kansas 5-0
2. Villanova 6-0
3. Texas 5-0
4. Duke 6-0
5. Syracuse 6-0
6. Purdue 5-0
7. West Virginia 5-0
8. Kentucky 6-0
9. Michigan State 5-1
10. Tennessee 5-1
11. Connecticut 4-1
12. Ohio State 5-1
13. North Carolina 6-1
14. Florida 6-0
15. Washington 5-0
16. Gonzaga 5-1
17. Louisville 4-1
18. Georgetown 4-0
19. Florida State 6-1
20. Texas A&M 5-1
21. Clemson 6-1
22. Marquette 6-1
23. Notre Dame 6-1
24. Oklahoma State 6-0
25. Mississippi 5-1


Posted on: November 25, 2009 6:54 pm

What to Watch For

To start off I am very excited that this week I'm going to come out with my first top 25 rankings of the season. The first few weeks are really hard to rank since no one really has a body of work, but with the preseason tournaments in full swing we are starting to see a few teams really separate themselves from the pack, and a few teams really start to falter.

Who's Hot?
#6/6 Purdue: 4-0 (0-0)
      - I get concerned with highlighting Big Ten teams because I'm not always sure that the conference has enough offense in it, but their win against #9/11 Tennessee was pretty big in the Paradise Jam. Look for Purdue to be a contender down the stretch.

#10/9 Syracuse: 5-0 (0-0)
      - Syracuse is arguably the hottest team in the nation right now. I can't say best, but in terms of body of work they certainly have the best wins around. Throttling #13/12 California and #6/4 UNC is no laughing matter. If the Orange stay consistent look for them to be dancing deep into March.

#23/NR Notre Dame 5-0 (0-0)
      - Notre Dame will be a disappointment if they do not run the table in their non-conference schedule. They are playing well, but I'm really interested to see what this team looks like going into Big East play. Their toughest non-conference opponent is a down-trodden UCLA team.

Cincinnati 4-0 (0-0)
      - If Cincy beats Gonzaga tonight there is absolutely no way they are not a Top 25 team. Wins against all ranked teams in the Maui Invitational should boost them to around 17-20 I would say.

Who's Not?
#21/22 Maryland 4-2 (0-0)
      - Just as quickly as they burst into the top 25, they are going to freefall right back out of them. Beating New Hampshire and Fairfield by 30 points is all well and good, but when you play the bigger boys, you have to show up and Maryland clearly has not, losing to Cincy and now Wisconsin.

#NR/23 California 3-2 (0-0)
      - Injuries have pestered the team so far this year, but losing twice to ranked teams isn't going to help them later on during the year. Are they still the favorites for the Pac-10? Who knows this year. Just remember when thinking about California is that teams that live by the 3 also die by the 3.

Dayton 2-2 (0-0)
      - Starting off the season ranked is pretty good for Dayton, being in a non-BCS conference, but their consecutive losses to Villanova and Kansas State have them reeling a bit. I still like Dayton, and I think they will make a splash this year in March. The good news is that their losses have been close.

#5/5 Kentucky 5-0 (0-0)
      - Okay, don't get me wrong here, I think Kentucky has the potential to go very far this year, but they still need to prove that to me. If they beat UNC on December 5th or UConn on December 9th, Kentucky will not only be taken off of this list, they will shoot right up my rankings. I'm a big advocate of 'prove it on the court' and that is how I base my rankings, so until they do that against a quality opponent I don't think they should be anywhere close to #5 in the nation.

#8/8 West Virginia 2-0 (0-0)
      - More so than Kentucky, WVU not only hasn't played a quality opponent yet, they have barely played anyone yet! The 76 Classic in Anaheim will show what they are made of.. there are some good teams in that tournament. I fully expect them to get beaten by Purdue in December, and end up in the middle of the Big East at the end of the year. Please, Mountaineers prove me wrong.

#18/19 Georgetown 3-0 (0-0)
      - I'm worried that the Georgetown can't score. I've been worried that Georgetown can't score for the past 3 years. They always play great defense, but I don't think that they're going to be able to outscore opponents this year. Every team has bad games, but a 46-45 win over Temple? Just barely getting by Temple is one thing, but only scoring 46 points is absolutely abysmal.

** I would put Maryland on this list as well, but the new week's rankings don't come out until Monday, and I'm pretty sure they won't be in them, so I can't really say that they are overrated based on that.

Game of the Night - Wednesday

Maui Invitational - Championship Game - Honolulu, Hawaii
Cincinnati 4-0 (0-0) vs. Gonzaga 4-1 (0-0)
10:00 PM - ESPN

Game of the Night - Thursday

76 Classic - Quarterfinals - Anaheim, CA
#22/16 Minnesota 3-0 (0-0) vs. #12/10 Butler 3-0 (0-0)
8:30 PM - ESPN2

Game of the Night - Friday

Legends Classic - Semifinals - Atlantic City, NJ
#2/2 Michigan State 4-0 (0-0) vs. Florida 4-0 (0-0)
8:00 PM

My Picks 0-0 on the season, 0-0 in conference games

Michigan State

- I know that's a lot to swallow for one post, but enjoy it, and expect to hear a lot more from me this year on college basketball.

Posted on: November 4, 2009 5:02 pm

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, college basketball is right around the corner, and with that I'm back for another great season. I've been without cable for the past few months, so with my cable back in action I can finally be back in the loop. Not that I don't read articles or anything it's just much easier for a college student to get a 1-hour summary of everything that went on in a day of sports via SportsCenter than reading every headline from every game that was played.

So for the upcoming season, there are three things you need to know about me:
1. I love college basketball and attend Syracuse University, so I will do my best to leave my bias away from this blog. I will, however, be more informed on the Big East from being at a lot of the games, so expect a lot of Big East discussion.

2. My opinion usually tends to differ from that of the main media outlets when it comes to rankings and strength of teams. The funny part is that come March, I tend to be right most of the time. Funny coincidence, right?

3. I hate uninformed people commenting to me about college hoops. I'm not always 100% informed on what's going on, but I am for sure 100% informed on how the game works, and generally have a good ideas when it comes to game strategy and clock management and other coaching aspects of the game. You'll see why later in this post.

I was planning on keeping this one short, but can I please say how painful it was to watch Syracuse get handled by LeMoyne (Division II) last night? The final was 82-79 and it really looked like the only player on the Orange that came to play was Wes Johnson. The offense pretty much went through him, and as a result he ended up with 34 points. Okuaku didn't show up, and even airballed a free throw. At this level, you have to be sinking your free throws. Just ask Memphis the year they blew the National Championship to Kansas.

The good news about all of this is that it should be a wake-up call to the young Syracuse lineup. They need to be more mentally tough and need to take these types of opponents more seriously. You can't take anything away from LeMoyne because they totally outplayed the Orange last night, but on a good day, Syracuse beats them by at least 20 points, no question.

So my story about uninformed fans. I am sitting there at the game last night and there is 1:30 left to play in the 2nd half, the Orange down by 3, which means it is a one possession game. This guy next to me is frantically screaming at the players to foul. Absolutely screaming at the top of his lungs. He had been bugging me most of the game just because of some other stupid comments, such as a wide-open 3-pointer which hit off the rim and missed elicited an "Oh come on, you gotta sit him for that." If you know anything about college basketball you know that fouling in a one-possession game only happens when you're down with around 35 seconds or less left to go, which just so happens to be the time on a shot clock. There were essentially three possessions left in the game, so in a one possession game why could you possibly think it is a good idea to foul? The Orange, being well coached, did not foul in that situation. I explained this situation to a non-college basketball watcher and they replied, "Yeah, that's dumb, why would you give them free points, there's so much time left."

I rest my case.

Posted on: March 10, 2009 3:28 pm

Doug Gottleib is a moron.

Alright so I'm watching Outside the Lines on ESPN and they have Doug Gottlieb on talking about the NCAA tournament and other things, and one of the questions brought up was "did the Big East make a mistake by letting all 16 teams into the tournament?" Now take into account that the 16 seed DePaul beat 9 Cincinnati in the first game,and Gottleib says that it was a stupid mistake by the Big East because it hurts the bubble teams. Now DePaul goes on to play 8 Providence, who needs a win versus a decent team before they face Louisville. So Gottleib has a problem with the fact that Cincinnati losing hurts Providence, when DePaul wouldn't have been in the tournament as of last year.

Alright so here's the thing. Cincinnati is just below the bubble, trying to play their way in. If they can't beat DePaul, who went 0-16 in conference play, why do they deserve to play anyone else in a postseason tournament? If you can't beat the bottom of your conference then what's the point of you even being considered? It does suck for providence, but you know what they could have taken care of this in the regular season.

I wouldn't be suprised if he says that Georgetown and Notre Dame will still make the tournament.





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