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Posted on: March 21, 2009 1:56 am

Cornerback DJ Moore Better at WR?


 An estimated 20 teams attended the Vanderbilt Pro Day with the hope that cornerback D.J. Moore, who left after his junior season would improve upon his disappointing Combine time of 4.59 and 4.60 seconds (electronically timed). Unfortunately, he only ran slightly faster Friday at the Vanderbilt Pro Day, registering 4.55-4.61 -- and that was with a breeze behind him.

The 5'09, 197 pound Moore has eye-popping athleticism and was considered by many to be the top cornerback in the SEC. The questions about his straightline speed have led to quite a few scouts to wonder if the quick and secure-handed Moore could make the transition to receiver. Moore had 12 interceptions over the past two seasons at Vanderbilt and has rare hand-eye coordination for a cornerback, turning 13 of his 18 career passes defended into turnovers. Moore also proved to be one of the nation's best punt returners while at Vanderbilt, averaging 14.35 yards on 17 returns.Unlike many of the top-ranked returners, Moore's success is not a typical all-or-nothing returner. His average in 2008 is due to the fact that he consistently made the first defender miss and squirted his way through for 10+ yards consistently, rather than breaking one 90 yard touchdown, but averaging 5 yards per return otherwise.

Also, he is no stranger to the receiver position, having manned the spot several times over his career with the Commodores.

Don't let Moore's poor times in the 40-yard dash fool you, he's a talented athlete well worth Top 50 consideration -- it just may not be at the position he typically started at while with the Commodores.

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Posted on: March 13, 2009 12:28 am

Diamond in the Rough? Reed, Toal Pro Days


 Though scouts attended the Boston College and Oregon Pro Days Thursday to see potential Top 50 picks B.J. Raji, Max Unger, Ron Brace and Patrick Chung, among others, the early word out of each workout was that a playmaking, Combine-snub stole some of the show. 

At Oregon, defensive end/outside linebacker Nick Reed, the Pac-10's leading sacker each of the past two seasons, measured in at 6-foot-1, 245 pounds and put up some impressive numbers in the drills: 40-yard Dash: 4.71...Vertical Jump: 31.5 inches...Bench Press Reps (225 pounds): 24...Broad Jump: 9.0 feet...Short Shuttle: 4.27...Three-Cone Drill: 6.96...60-yard Shuttle: 12.02. There were 22 teams on hand. 


At Boston College, one-time iconic linebacker/fullback Brian Toal turned in an impressive Pro Day performance of his own. Toal has struggled throughout his career with injury, including missing most of his senior season with a broken right leg (fibula). At the BC Pro Day Thursday, however, Toal appeared to have his old explosiveness back, registering a 37.5" vertical jump. The vertical would have led all linebackers tested at the Combine, including former ACC star Aaron Curry. Toal showed surprising agility and flexibility throughout linebacker and running back drills. He caught the ball cleanly in running back drills.


Reed and Toal are among the more intriguing "diamond in the rough" prospects of the 2009 draft. Each had been characterized as a try-hard player with limited athleticism, but impressive workout totals could lead to late round or -- at minimum -- free agent consideration.

Posted on: March 11, 2009 4:09 pm

Andre Smith Pro Day "Disappointing"


 Just got off the phone with an NFL general manager. He was not at the Alabama Pro Day, but relayed to me the report he had been given via phone from one of his scouts. I asked him to characterize the impression he received from the scout regarding Smith with one word. His word: "disappointing."

Smith measured in at 6-4 1/4, 325 pounds and was timed in the high 5.2s to low 5.3s in the 40-yard dash. He also posted only 19 repetitions of 225 pounds, a surprisingly low number considering the strength he shows on the gridiron. The bench press number won't concern scouts too much due to the fact that Smith has very long arms (35 5/8"), but the number is still surprisingly low.

The GM still expected to see Smith ultimately drafted between 10-20 and referred to Smith's film and interviews at the Combine as the reason why. Apparenty, despite sounding unprepared and silly, at times, when fielding questions for the media, Smith was more effective in his conversations with teams.



Posted on: March 8, 2009 1:18 pm

Missouri's William Moore steals show at Pro Day


With receiver Jeremy Maclin and tight end Chase Coffman not working out until Missouri's second Pro Day, March 19th, scouts attention centered on defenders Evander "Ziggy" Hood and William Moore.

Hood helped his cause by improving on virtually every drill he had performed at the Combine. He elected not to run the 40-yard dash, but improved his efforts in the bench press (35 reps), vertical (34 1/2), broad (9'08"), 20-yard shuttle (4.45) and 3 cone drill (7.32).

The real story, however, was Moore, who not only improved his Combine numbers, but showed the fluidity and explosiveness in position drills to reassure scouts that he can remain at safety. Moore was "officially" timed at a 4.49 in the 40-yard dash, but some scouts on hand had his times closer to the early to mid 4.4s. His 6.94 second 3-cone drill showed his ability to change directions quickly and his 37 1/2" vertical showed explosiveness. There remain some concern about Moore's ability to play free safety, but as a strong safety, he likely solidified his stock as a 2nd round prospect. The New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins seemed especially intrigued.



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Posted on: March 6, 2009 5:30 pm

TCU linebacker Phillips Tore Meniscus at Combine


A huge component of TCU's typically stout run defense, inside linebacker Jason Phillips announced to scouts attending the Horned Frogs Pro Day Friday that he has a torn meniscus in his left knee. The injury, which Phillips believes occurred at the Combine, is expected to keep him sidelined for 3-4 months, putting a significant damper on the enthusiasm he had built with an impressive Combine performance. Phillips, a three-time Mountain West conference selection, proved more athletic than expected, turning in a very impressive 4.69 second 40-yard dash. Hodge's injury kept him from participating in most drills, but he did elect to re-do the broad jump and improved upon his Combine performance (10') with a 10'02" effort.

Phillips injury could push him into the late rounds or perhaps even undrafted free agency, at which point the gritty linebacker could qualify as a true steal...

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Posted on: March 4, 2009 9:04 pm

Beckum Shines at Wisconsin Pro Day

Unable to workout at the NFL Combine after still recovering from the broken leg that sidelined him throughout much of his senior season, tight end Travis Beckum helped his stock Wednesday with an impressive performance at the Wisconsin Pro Day.

Beckum, who measured in at 6-2 3/4 and 239 pounds, ran the 40-yard dash twice, clocking in between 4.58-4.63 seconds. He also posted a 41" vertical jump and caught the ball well during drills, only dropping one pass. Beckum elected not to lift Wednesday, but he didn't have to after leading all tight ends with 28 reps of 225 pounds at the Combine -- the only drill the Badger standout performed for scouts in Indianapolis.

The surprise of the day did not come from Beckum, however, but from junior running back P.J. Hill, who has dropped about 20 pounds since the end of the season and impressed scouts with his new build. At 5-10 1/8 and 218 pounds, Hill was clocked in the mid 4.6s. Unlike Beckum, however, Hill struggled a bit in pass-catching drills.

Linebackers Jonathan Casillas and DeAndre Levy did not workout. Each is coming off of a knee injury and is expected to workout for scouts April 2nd.Reports had between 25-28 teams attending the Pro Day, with the Bengals, Broncos, Bucs, Chargers, Dolphins, Falcons, Giants, Jaguars, Lions, Packers, Patriots, Lions, Redskins, Saints, Seahawks, Texans and Vikings among them.


Posted on: March 3, 2009 7:30 pm

Full Draft Order


The NFL just released the full draft order today. This order does not include the compensatory selection. When the league releases that version, I'll provide an updated selection order. Here is the latest order, round by round:


1-1-1 Detroit
1-2-2 St. Louis
1-3-3 Kansas City
1-4-4 Seattle
1-5-5 Cleveland
1-6-6 Cincinnati
1-7-7 Oakland
1-8-8 Jacksonville
1-9-9 Green Bay
1-10-10 San Francisco
1-11-11 Buffalo
1-12-12 Denver
1-13-13 Washington
1-14-14 New Orleans
1-15-15 Houston
1-16-16 San Diego
1-17-17 New York Jets
1-18-18 Chicago
1-19-19 Tampa Bay
1-20-20 Detroit from Dallas
1-21-21 Philadelphia
1-22-22 Minnesota
1-23-23 New England
1-24-24 Atlanta
1-25-25 Miami
1-26-26 Baltimore
1-27-27 Indianapolis
1-28-28 Philadelphia from Carolina
1-29-29 New York Giants
1-30-30 Tennessee
1-31-31 Arizona
1-32-32 Pittsburgh


2-1-33 Detroit
2-2-34 New England from Kansas City
2-3-35 St. Louis
2-4-36 Cleveland
2-5-37 Seattle
2-6-38 Cincinnati
2-7-39 Jacksonville
2-8-40 Oakland
2-9-41 Green Bay
2-10-42 Buffalo
2-11-43 San Francisco
2-12-44 Miami from Washington
2-13-45 New York Giants from New Orleans
2-14-46 Houston
2-15-47 New England from San Diego
2-16-48 Denver
2-17-49 Chicago
2-18-50 Cleveland from Tampa Bay
2-19-51 Dallas
2-20-52 New York Jets
2-21-53 Philadelphia
2-22-54 Minnesota
2-23-55 Atlanta
2-24-56 Miami
2-25-57 Baltimore
2-26-58 New England
2-27-59 Carolina
2-28-60 New York Giants
2-29-61 Indianapolis
2-30-62 Tennessee
2-31-63 Arizona
2-32-64 Pittsburgh


3-1-65 Detroit
3-2-66 St. Louis
3-3-67 Kansas City
3-4-68 Seattle
3-5-69 Dallas from Cleveland
3-6-70 Cincinnati
3-7-71 Oakland
3-8-72 Jacksonville
3-9-73 Green Bay
3-10-74 San Francisco
3-11-75 Buffalo
3-12-76 New York Jets from New Orleans
3-13-77 Houston
3-14-78 San Diego
3-15-79 Denver
3-16-80 Washington
3-17-81 Tampa Bay
3-18-82 Detroit from Dallas
3-19-83 Green Bay from New York Jets
3-20-84 Chicago
3-21-85 Philadelphia
3-22-86 Minnesota
3-23-87 Miami
3-24-88 Baltimore
3-25-89 New England
3-26-90 Atlanta
3-27-91 New York Giants
3-28-92 Indianapolis
3-29-93 Carolina
3-30-94 Tennessee
3-31-95 Arizona
3-32-96 Pittsburgh


4-1- Dallas from Detroit
4-2- Kansas City
4-3- St. Louis
4-4- Cleveland
4-5- Seattle
4-6- Cincinnati
4-7- Jacksonville
4-8- Oakland
4-9- Green Bay
4-11-San Francisco
4-13-San Diego
4-15-New York Jets from Washington
4-16-New Orleans
4-17- Dallas
4-18- New Orleans from New York Jets
4-19- Chicago
4-20- Tampa Bay
4-21- Philadelphia
4-22- Houston from Minnesota
4-23- Baltimore
4-24- New England
4-25- Atlanta
4-26- Miami
4-27- Indianapolis
4-28- Carolina
4-29- New York Giants
4-30- Tennessee
4-31- Arizona
4-32- Pittsburgh


5-1- Detroit
5-2- St. Louis
5-3- Kansas City
5-4- Denver from Seattle
5-5- Philadelphia from Cleveland
5-6- Cincinnati
5-7- Atlanta from Oakland
5-8- Jacksonville
5-9- Green Bay
5-10- San Francisco
5-11- Buffalo
5-12- San Diego
5-13- Denver
5-14- Washington
5-15- New York Giants from New Orleans
5-16- Houston
5-17- Philadelphia from New York Jets
5-18- Chicago
5-19- Tampa Bay
5-20- Dallas
5-21- Philadelphia
5-22- Minnesota
5-23- New England
5-24- Atlanta
5-25- Miami
5-26- Baltimore
5-27- Carolina
5-28- New York Giants
5-29- Indianapolis
5-30- Dallas from Tennessee
5-31- Arizona
5-32- Pittsburgh


6-1- Detroit
6-2- Kansas City
6-3- St. Louis
6-4- Cleveland
6-5- Seattle
6-6- Cincinnati
6-7- Jacksonville
6-8- Oakland
6-9- Green Bay
6-10- Buffalo
6-11- San Francisco
6-12- Denver
6-13- Washington
6-14- Green Bay from New Orleans
6-15- Houston
6-16- San Diego
6-17- Chicago
6-18- Tampa Bay
6-19- Detroit from Dallas
6-20- New York Jets
6-21- Philadelphia
6-22- Philadelphia from Minnesota
6-23- Atlanta
6-24- Dallas from Miami
6-25- Baltimore
6-26- New England
6-27- New York Giants
6-28- Indianapolis
6-29- Carolina
6-30- Tennessee
6-31- Arizona
6-32- Pittsburgh


7-1- Dallas from Detroit
7-2- St. Louis
7-3- Kansas City
7-4- Seattle
7-5- Miami from Cleveland
7-6- Cincinnati
7-7- Oakland
7-8- Tampa Bay from Jacksonville
7-9- Green Bay
7-10- San Francisco
7-11- Buffalo
7-12- Minnesota from Washington
7-13- New Orleans
7-14- Houston
7-15- San Diego
7-16- Denver
7-17- Pittsburgh from Tampa Bay
7-18- Dallas
7-19- New York Jets
7-20- Tampa Bay from Chicago
7-21- Philadelphia
7-22- Minnesota
7-23- Miami
7-24- Tampa Bay from Baltimore
7-25- New England
7-26- Denver from Atlanta
7-27- Indianapolis
7-28- Miami from Carolina
7-29- New York Giants
7-30- Tennessee
7-31- Arizona
7-32- Pittsburgh

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Posted on: February 22, 2009 4:56 pm

Everette Brown 6-1 7/8, 256 pounds's top ranked defensive end may have to change to linebacker considering that he measured in at 6-17/8 and 256 pounds. Listed at 6-4, 251 pounds at Florida State, Brown's lack of preferred height is certain to raise questions among scouts who are looking for pass rushing help. Brown told the media today that he plans on doing both defensive line and linebacker drills this week at the Combine.

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