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Posted on: April 18, 2010 12:46 pm

McDaniels' defense of Dez telling?

The weeks preceeding the NFL draft is full of hyperbole and deceit. What NFL coaches, front office executives and scouts say on the record is often less than honest.

Rather than boldface lie to the media members they typically are paid to be honest with, most league members simply choose to not to comment about specific players.

Bill Parcells, Bill Belichick and Scott Pioli are a few of the more famous examples of NFL personnel who subscribe to this theory.

Denver head coach Josh McDaniels, formerly the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach under Belichick in New England, apparently operates under a different philosophy, going out of his way to defend Oklahoma State wide receiver Dez Bryant.

During his pre-draft press conference with Denver media, McDaniels was uncharacteristically candid when asked about Bryant and the apparently erroneous report that he had been taken off Denver's list of possible draft selections. McDaniels said as much, noting that  Bryant "is on our board."“I think you have to be careful with confusing character issues with some people that made some mistakes,” McDaniels said. ”This guy has never been arrested, he’s never had a drinking issue, he’s never done anything that’s put him in that position. He’s made a few mistakes that he wishes he hadn’t made. But I think there’s a difference. We enjoyed our visit with him. He did everything we asked him to do and had a smile on his face. We enjoyed the entire visit, and he did well.”
McDaniels' admission is interesting. If he hadn't said anything about Bryant, many likely would have assumed that the reports that the Oklahoma State star was off their board were true. End of story.

By publicly defending him and claim that Bryant remains on their board, however, McDaniels could be attempting to create interest in the pick or preparing Denver Broncos fans for the possibility that Bryant will be their pick.

On the one hand it might seem odd that Denver would take Bryant considering that they just got rid of a similarly gifted receiver in Brandon Marshall and his laundry list of character concerns.

It is worth noting, however, that Josh McDaniels' success in the NFL have been tied to two offenses blessed with spectacular receiver play -- the Broncos with Marshall and the Patriots with Randy Moss.

As talented a coach as McDaniels may be, entering the 2010 NFL season without a headlining talent at receiver might be more risk than drafting Bryant would be...

Posted on: March 7, 2010 7:39 pm

NG Ferguson suspended, Dan Williams for Fins?

Veteran nose guard Jason Ferguson, a free agent, has been suspended for eight games, making it quite likely that his former team -- the Miami Dolphins -- will be in the market for a new nose guard.
Howard Balzer of The Sports XChange and St. Louis Press-Democrat broke the story here , noting that not only Ferguson, but veteran offensive tackle Ryan Tucker had been suspended. According to Balzer's story, the belief was that each player was being suspended due to a violation of the NFL's substance abuse policy. Ferguson had previously been busted for marijuana when entering the draft in 1997 and was suspended for four games in 1999 for steroids.

Though Ferguson, 35, was a free agent, there had been some talk that the Dolphins would attempt to re-sign him. Ferguson has long been a Bill Parcells' favorite, playing for him with the New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys and Miami.

The Dolphins plugged veterans Tony McDaniel and Paul Solai in at the nose guard position last year when Ferguson went down with a torn triceps, but it is thought that the team would like to upgrade -- and that was with Ferguson being an option.

With Ferguson not an option for at least half of the season, the club could look to trade for Shaun Rogers, who the Browns reportedly have placed on the market, or look to the draft.

If they look to the draft, former Tennessee defensive tackle Dan Williams might be the perfect solution. Selecting a nose guard with the 12th overall pick might seem too rich, but considering how many clubs are switching to the 3-4 scheme and the number of nose guards this year who have been franchised, the position is clearly gaining in value. 

Williams, 6-2, 329 pounds, was the most dominant lineman in the SEC this past season, despite being miscast as a defensive tackle in the 4-3. He is precisely the type of squatty, powerful two-gap fire hydrant teams are looking for in a nose guard...

Considering Miami's gaping hole at the position, Williams could be the perfect fit.
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