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Posted on: April 23, 2010 6:47 pm

Rams, Bucs, Browns confused by team needs?

Some teams subscribe to the "best player available" theory, with the Rams, Bucs and Browns clearly being among them.

Consider that the Rams, who invested the No. 2 overall pick in Jason Smith last year and only a few years back invested a first round pick in another offensive tackle, Alex Barron, made Rodger Saffold, a career tackle, the first pick of the second round. Saffold will most likely be moved inside to guard.

As talented as Saffold is, he doesn't fill the need for a defensive tackle the Rams now have considering they traded away former starter Adam Carriker.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Tampa Bay Bucs, who had a need at offensive tackle, instead elected to again fortify their defensive line, taking Brian Price from UCLA. His burst inside made him a natural candidate as a 3-technique, the same position the Bucs had filled previously with first round pick, Gerald McCoy.

The Browns made a similar move, electing to look past concerns at pass rusher and quarterback to take another defensive back -- the 10th among the first 38 selections. Pairing the big-hitting TJ Ward with first round pick Joe Haden and recently acquired DB Sheldon Brown gives the Browns an impressive new secondary to compete with the underrated passing attacks of the AFC North.  

Posted on: February 25, 2010 2:59 pm

Indiana OT Rodger Saffold impressive...

NFL scouts consistently tell me that the single most underrated component of the Combine is the "feel" teams get for players through the informal and formal interviews.

Like many coaches (who have worked their up through high school, college to the NFL level), my background lies in education. This has often come up when discussing with scouts how to quickly "size up" players' personality.

No player invited to the Combine lacks the ability to play football. The tough part of scouting is not in differentiating the players who can play, but the ones who will continue the work necessary to improve their play once they are given an NFL paycheck.

In that case, after being less than wowed with some of the higher-rated tackles of this draft that have come through the media room, thus far, I was very impressed with Indiana's Rodger Saffold. The former Indiana player has the uniquely sculpted, yet stout build scouts look for in a left tackle. He was also very thoughtful, articulate and passionate with his answers.

I fully realize how little the ability to impress in workouts means on the football field. Considering that Saffold has already struck me as a woefully underrated prospect due to his size, strength and agility, I (and more importantly, scouts) don't have many reservations about his game.

Soon, they won't have reservations about his intelligence and dedication either.

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