Posted on: February 20, 2009 2:23 pm

Stafford, Sanchez Impressive on the Podium


If Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford was as impressive conversing over dinner last night with a contingent of Detroit Lion decision-makers as he was today with the media, the race to the be #1 pick may already be over.

Stafford, who dined with Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew, head coach Jim Schwartz, and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, among others, was dazzling in front of the media today at the NFL Combine. Stafford, who had been portrayed as a bit standoff-ish, was instead, articulate, personable, and genuinely comfortable in the spotlight, even taking an impromptu question from USC quarterback, Mark Sanchez, in stride.

Sanchez fielded questions from the media shortly afterwards and was equally impressive. His easy smile and straight-forward honest answers seemed to prove the reports I'd been given by scouts and those close to the USC program that Sanchez would impress in this format as a natural leader.

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