Posted on: February 25, 2010 9:59 am

Player Position Schedules

I managed to get my hands on the official player position schedule and thought some of my more detail-oriented readers might like to know what players were doing each day.

The player positions are put into "Groups." These groups each have a four day schedule in Indianapolis. Based on their schedule, some groups arrived Wednesday, others arrive today, tomorrow or Saturday.

The groups are designated as:

Group One -- Specialists (punters, kickers, longsnappers, return specialists) Offensive Linemen
Group Two -- Offensive Linemen
Group Three -- Tight Ends
Group Four -- Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers
Group Five -- Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers
Group Six -- Running Backs
Group Seven -- Defensive Linemen
Group Eight -- Defensive Linemen
Group Nine -- Linebackers
Group Ten -- Defensive Backs
Group Eleven -- Defensive Backs

Groups One, Two and Three arrived yesterday and depart Saturday.
Groups Four, Five and Six arrive today and depart Sunday.
Groups Seven, Eight and Nine arrive tomorrow and leave Monday.
Groups Ten and Eleven arrive Saturday and leave Tuesday.

Each group goes through a four day cycle.

Day One is spent arriving in Indianapolis, registering, taking the pre-exam and x-rays at the hospital, taking an orientation and beginning their interviews with teams.

Day Two begins with the player measuring (heights, weights, arms and hands), the complete medical examinations, media interviews, psychological testing and more interviews with teams.

Day Three begins with a meeting with the NFLPA, more psychological testing and the final day of team interviews.

Day Four is the players' final day in Indianpolis and the day they actually do the workouts for which the Combine has become so famous.

As if there was any question as to what NFL teams consider to be the most important aspects of the Combine, note that the over-hyped workouts only take one day and are the last thing players are asked to do. The medical and psychological testing, on the other hand, takes two days. Team interviews take three days.

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