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Posted on: March 3, 2009 7:30 pm

Full Draft Order


The NFL just released the full draft order today. This order does not include the compensatory selection. When the league releases that version, I'll provide an updated selection order. Here is the latest order, round by round:


1-1-1 Detroit
1-2-2 St. Louis
1-3-3 Kansas City
1-4-4 Seattle
1-5-5 Cleveland
1-6-6 Cincinnati
1-7-7 Oakland
1-8-8 Jacksonville
1-9-9 Green Bay
1-10-10 San Francisco
1-11-11 Buffalo
1-12-12 Denver
1-13-13 Washington
1-14-14 New Orleans
1-15-15 Houston
1-16-16 San Diego
1-17-17 New York Jets
1-18-18 Chicago
1-19-19 Tampa Bay
1-20-20 Detroit from Dallas
1-21-21 Philadelphia
1-22-22 Minnesota
1-23-23 New England
1-24-24 Atlanta
1-25-25 Miami
1-26-26 Baltimore
1-27-27 Indianapolis
1-28-28 Philadelphia from Carolina
1-29-29 New York Giants
1-30-30 Tennessee
1-31-31 Arizona
1-32-32 Pittsburgh


2-1-33 Detroit
2-2-34 New England from Kansas City
2-3-35 St. Louis
2-4-36 Cleveland
2-5-37 Seattle
2-6-38 Cincinnati
2-7-39 Jacksonville
2-8-40 Oakland
2-9-41 Green Bay
2-10-42 Buffalo
2-11-43 San Francisco
2-12-44 Miami from Washington
2-13-45 New York Giants from New Orleans
2-14-46 Houston
2-15-47 New England from San Diego
2-16-48 Denver
2-17-49 Chicago
2-18-50 Cleveland from Tampa Bay
2-19-51 Dallas
2-20-52 New York Jets
2-21-53 Philadelphia
2-22-54 Minnesota
2-23-55 Atlanta
2-24-56 Miami
2-25-57 Baltimore
2-26-58 New England
2-27-59 Carolina
2-28-60 New York Giants
2-29-61 Indianapolis
2-30-62 Tennessee
2-31-63 Arizona
2-32-64 Pittsburgh


3-1-65 Detroit
3-2-66 St. Louis
3-3-67 Kansas City
3-4-68 Seattle
3-5-69 Dallas from Cleveland
3-6-70 Cincinnati
3-7-71 Oakland
3-8-72 Jacksonville
3-9-73 Green Bay
3-10-74 San Francisco
3-11-75 Buffalo
3-12-76 New York Jets from New Orleans
3-13-77 Houston
3-14-78 San Diego
3-15-79 Denver
3-16-80 Washington
3-17-81 Tampa Bay
3-18-82 Detroit from Dallas
3-19-83 Green Bay from New York Jets
3-20-84 Chicago
3-21-85 Philadelphia
3-22-86 Minnesota
3-23-87 Miami
3-24-88 Baltimore
3-25-89 New England
3-26-90 Atlanta
3-27-91 New York Giants
3-28-92 Indianapolis
3-29-93 Carolina
3-30-94 Tennessee
3-31-95 Arizona
3-32-96 Pittsburgh


4-1- Dallas from Detroit
4-2- Kansas City
4-3- St. Louis
4-4- Cleveland
4-5- Seattle
4-6- Cincinnati
4-7- Jacksonville
4-8- Oakland
4-9- Green Bay
4-11-San Francisco
4-13-San Diego
4-15-New York Jets from Washington
4-16-New Orleans
4-17- Dallas
4-18- New Orleans from New York Jets
4-19- Chicago
4-20- Tampa Bay
4-21- Philadelphia
4-22- Houston from Minnesota
4-23- Baltimore
4-24- New England
4-25- Atlanta
4-26- Miami
4-27- Indianapolis
4-28- Carolina
4-29- New York Giants
4-30- Tennessee
4-31- Arizona
4-32- Pittsburgh


5-1- Detroit
5-2- St. Louis
5-3- Kansas City
5-4- Denver from Seattle
5-5- Philadelphia from Cleveland
5-6- Cincinnati
5-7- Atlanta from Oakland
5-8- Jacksonville
5-9- Green Bay
5-10- San Francisco
5-11- Buffalo
5-12- San Diego
5-13- Denver
5-14- Washington
5-15- New York Giants from New Orleans
5-16- Houston
5-17- Philadelphia from New York Jets
5-18- Chicago
5-19- Tampa Bay
5-20- Dallas
5-21- Philadelphia
5-22- Minnesota
5-23- New England
5-24- Atlanta
5-25- Miami
5-26- Baltimore
5-27- Carolina
5-28- New York Giants
5-29- Indianapolis
5-30- Dallas from Tennessee
5-31- Arizona
5-32- Pittsburgh


6-1- Detroit
6-2- Kansas City
6-3- St. Louis
6-4- Cleveland
6-5- Seattle
6-6- Cincinnati
6-7- Jacksonville
6-8- Oakland
6-9- Green Bay
6-10- Buffalo
6-11- San Francisco
6-12- Denver
6-13- Washington
6-14- Green Bay from New Orleans
6-15- Houston
6-16- San Diego
6-17- Chicago
6-18- Tampa Bay
6-19- Detroit from Dallas
6-20- New York Jets
6-21- Philadelphia
6-22- Philadelphia from Minnesota
6-23- Atlanta
6-24- Dallas from Miami
6-25- Baltimore
6-26- New England
6-27- New York Giants
6-28- Indianapolis
6-29- Carolina
6-30- Tennessee
6-31- Arizona
6-32- Pittsburgh


7-1- Dallas from Detroit
7-2- St. Louis
7-3- Kansas City
7-4- Seattle
7-5- Miami from Cleveland
7-6- Cincinnati
7-7- Oakland
7-8- Tampa Bay from Jacksonville
7-9- Green Bay
7-10- San Francisco
7-11- Buffalo
7-12- Minnesota from Washington
7-13- New Orleans
7-14- Houston
7-15- San Diego
7-16- Denver
7-17- Pittsburgh from Tampa Bay
7-18- Dallas
7-19- New York Jets
7-20- Tampa Bay from Chicago
7-21- Philadelphia
7-22- Minnesota
7-23- Miami
7-24- Tampa Bay from Baltimore
7-25- New England
7-26- Denver from Atlanta
7-27- Indianapolis
7-28- Miami from Carolina
7-29- New York Giants
7-30- Tennessee
7-31- Arizona
7-32- Pittsburgh

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Posted on: February 27, 2009 11:18 pm

Haynesworth contract good news for DT prospects

Strong performances at the Senior Bowl and Combine already had the stocks of defensive tackles B.J. Raji, Peria Jerry and Ziggy Hood on the rise, but the monstrous contract given to Albert Haynesworth by the Washington Redskins just provides another example of the value of the position.

Raji could stand to make the most out of the deal. Scouts across the league had consistently been ranking him as a top 15 player due to his bulk and strength, but he was considered too slow-footed to make a real impact as a 4-3 under tackle, the premium tackle position in the defensive scheme preferred by most NFL teams. However, after scouts clocked him in the 5.05-5.15 range at 6-2, 334 pounds at the Combine, scouts no are wondering if he does, indeed, have the agility to handle this position. The ability to play inside in both the 3-4 and 4-3 could lead to Raji's stock to soar. I have him at #7 in my current mock draft and there are some who believe he'll end up in the top five by draft day.

Hood has enjoyed a similar jump up the board in recent weeks. While not as dominant as Raji, Hood is among the more consistent defensive linemen in the draft. He is earning late first round marks from several teams.


Posted on: February 21, 2009 12:47 pm

Michael Crabtree stress fracture in his foot

Consensus top wide receiver prospect Michael Crabtree was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the fifth metatarsal in his left foot. The injury, not serious enough to have hampered him while at Texas Tech, was discovered via a bone scan taken by doctors at the Combine.

Crabtree will undergo surgery on his foot. The surgery generally has a 6-10 week recovery period. The NFL Draft is 9 weeks from today. 


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Posted on: February 21, 2009 12:07 pm

Andre Smith Disappears

Former Alabama offensive tackle Andre Smith, characterized by some as the elite prospect of the draft, was nowhere to be found this morning when the fellow offensive linemen began working out. 

He had told the media that he wasn't going to participate in the workouts this week, but he was still expected to attend. League officials had to scramble to find him. Apparently, he was not in the building. 

There is no telling what this revelation could do to Smith's already falling stock...

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Posted on: February 20, 2009 3:59 pm

LeSean McCoy Sick, May Not Workout

Pittsburgh running back LeSean McCoy has been struggling with flu-like symptoms throughout the week and may not be able to workout at the Combine this week.

He told scouts that he wanted to run the forty yard dash, but didn't yet feel strong enough to consider the bench press.

McCoy's illness could be perceived by conspiracy theorists as a ruse to buy him more time to workout, but if the fake is on, it is an effective fake. The league assigns a media rep to walk with each player and McCoy's was sure to keep his distance. NFL.com's Gil Brandt approached McCoy before the Pitt running back even took the podium and asked how he was feeling...

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Posted on: February 20, 2009 2:23 pm

Stafford, Sanchez Impressive on the Podium


If Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford was as impressive conversing over dinner last night with a contingent of Detroit Lion decision-makers as he was today with the media, the race to the be #1 pick may already be over.

Stafford, who dined with Detroit general manager Martin Mayhew, head coach Jim Schwartz, and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, among others, was dazzling in front of the media today at the NFL Combine. Stafford, who had been portrayed as a bit standoff-ish, was instead, articulate, personable, and genuinely comfortable in the spotlight, even taking an impromptu question from USC quarterback, Mark Sanchez, in stride.

Sanchez fielded questions from the media shortly afterwards and was equally impressive. His easy smile and straight-forward honest answers seemed to prove the reports I'd been given by scouts and those close to the USC program that Sanchez would impress in this format as a natural leader.

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