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Posted on: September 2, 2010 5:20 pm

Want a free issue of Draft Slant, our weekly PDF?

I'm very proud of the work Chad Reuter and I do in producing NFLDraftScout.com's weekly PDF, Draft Slant.

This product, entering its third year of production, is typically on sale for 4.99 per issue or 39.99 for the yearly package (16 issues), but we're offering Week One for free.

Draft Slant offers an in-depth look at the top senior prospects around the country and features, specifically:

  • "The Hot Read" - scouting and college football insights by me.

  • The Stock Report - Players Moving Up and Down NFL Draft Boards

  • Diamond in the Rough - reviewing lesser-known prospects that scouts are not ignoring

  • Film Room Notes - scouting reports on various prospects by NFLDraftScout staff (per reader request, we've made this longer and more detailed this year) 

  • Previews for the Game of the Week and other top match-ups

  • Top 32 Prospects

  • Top Ten Prospects by Position (per reader request, we've included Heights/Weight/Speed #s per player this year)

  • Future Stars to Know Today

    I'm so sure that you'll appreciate the depth of Draft Slant that we're giving the first issue away for free this year.

    Click here if you'd like to purchase an issue, the entire series or just to check out the freebie!s

Posted on: August 26, 2010 11:26 am

NFLDraftScout.com Radio -- New segment (8/25)

My fellow NFL draft analysts Chris Steuber and Chad Reuter once again hit the radiowaves yesterday with their second episode of their new show, Setting the Board.

Chris and Chad start off the show with a discussion regarding Notre Dame's issue over long commercial breaks as part of their NBC package, as well as the NCAA investigations into several programs and individual players. With last week's episode focusing on the offensive side of the ball, this week Chris and Chad focused on the top defensive prospects.

Take a listen and feel free to comment here on the blog or simply call in next time. Remember, the guys are live from 3-4 pm EST each Wednesday.

Posted on: August 25, 2010 12:35 pm

Locker feature, Pac-10 Preview links

My fellow analysts Chad Reuter and Chris Steuber have already posted articles previewing the top ten players for some of the BCS conferences, as well as feature stories on individual players among those conferences he felt deserved more attention.

For example, Chad's story on Wisconsin offensive tackle Gabe Carimi is currently the headlining story on NFLDraftScout.com. Chris' story on Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson was previously the top story.

Chad ranks the top ten senior prospects of the Big East right here.

I wrote the SEC preview and a feature on Mississippi defensive tackle Jerrell Powe a few weeks ago. With our scheduling our Top 10 and feature stories to coincide with CBS' College Football schedule, I've been off for a few days and have the chance to amp up my work here on the blog, do some radio work and start up a Twitter account .

Today, however, my preview of the Top 10 Senior Prospects of the Pac-10 went up. So, too, did my feature article on Washington quarterback Jake Locker.

I only mention each of them here as the articles are not currently being featured on NFLDraftScout.com (where you'd normally find my/our work), but as part of CBS' College Football pages.
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NFLDraftScout.com Radio, Parts 1 and 2

If you like NFLDraftScout.com's year-round coverage of college and pro football and especially the NFL Draft, you may want to check out our two latest ventures onto the radio airwaves.

My fellow draft analysts Chris Steuber and Chad Reuter introduced our new series "Setting The Board" on NFLDraftScout.com radio just last night. The show, which airs each Wednesday night at 6pm EST and offers listeners a live call-in, is off to a rocking start. The topics last night range from Rex Ryan's obscenity-filled theatrics on HBO's Hard Knocks to Tim Tebow's first NFL test to the real meat and potatoes of our content -- checking out the prospective NFL talent across the country.

Last night's show focused on the senior prospects on the offensive side of the ball, including a debate as to which of the top quarterbacks -- Washington's Jake Locker or Florida State's Christian Ponder -- is the most pro-ready.

In case you weren't able to listen in live or simply want to listen again, you can check it out by either following the prominent NFLDraftScout.com radio link on the right side of our main page here or simply by clicking on this link to go directly to our UStream link.

For those of you that would like to listen to me yap a bit, as well, I'll be co-hosting with Ian Furness on Seattle's 950 KJR AM today from 4-6 pm EST. KJR's website offers a "Listen Live" feature off their main page and toll-free numbers to call in and talk with us.

Live at the Seattle Seahawks' training camp, listeners can expect a great deal of talk centering on Pete Carroll's bunch, but Ian and I often break down college prospects that the Seahawks and every other NFL team are certain to be keeping an eye on. In fact, Ian and I broke down prospects on KJR each Friday last fall and plan to do the same this year, as well.

I hope you'll find the time to join us NFLDraftScout.com radio in the future. If you're like us -- and can't live without draft talk even nine months away from the event -- this is the place to be.

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First Round Stunners, Part Two

My fellow senior analyst Chad Reuter and I wrote up five bold predictions each in articles here and here .

Like Chad, I elected to push the boundary with the definition of "bold," predicting a trade with the first pick among other things. I fully recognize that the Rams aren't likely to make this trade. I've spoken to enough people in the league, however, that caused me to feel there was a reasonable enough chance of it occurring that I listed it.

Last year , I went out on a limb and predicted that Tyson Jackson, not Aaron Curry, would be the first defensive player selected and that Andre Smith would be a top ten pick. Chad had the even better bold (and true) prediction, picking the Raiders to take Darrius Heyward-Bey at No. 7.

We were ridiculed at the time for our picks and some ended up not happening. A few, however, ended up being true. I don't anticipate either of us getting all five of our predictions correct this time either, but would be disappointed if we don't pull off at least a few of them.

Because these predictions are such conversation-starters, I thought I'd include a few more that I considered using in the original article.

  • In the "do as I say, not as I've done" department, watch out for Georgia Tech wideout Demaryius Thomas to jump way up in this draft. Some teams, in fact, have him rated higher than Dez Bryant -- and that isn't just due to Bryant's so-called character concerns. I mention the "do as I say" aspect as I don't have Bryant listed on my 4/19 mock draft. After conversations with a few more team sources over these past few days, however, I've been lectured enough to change my thinking on this kid and will certainly be moving him up for the final mock I'm finishing tonight (available Thursday morning). I've acknowledged his dazzling physical upside in the past, but what I hadn't realized is how impressive "Bay-Bay" has done in interviews. The perception might be that Thomas isn't pro-ready due to his time in such a run-heavy offense, but he has dazzled teams in interviews with his on and off-field intelligence. Considering he scored a 34 on the Wonderlic -- second best among all WRs (Eric Decker had a 43) -- perhaps this shouldn't have surprised me (34 on the Wonderlic; second best among WRs), but I admit, it did. I'd still be a bit surprised if he jumped ahead of Bryant, but I'd certainly no longer be stunned.  
  • With all due respect to Mr. Mel Kiper, Jr., Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen absolutely remains in play for the Seattle Seahawks. I don't feel strongly enough to have included it among my original bold predictions, but I would not be the least bit surprised if Pete Carroll took Clausen. He knows him well; much better than he knew Charlie Whitehurst before making the trade for him. He couldn't have. Whitehurst hasn't played. If Seattle was willing to gamble picks on a quarterback they couldn't possibly have known as well as Carroll knows Clausen just to solidify the position, they could do it again. Consider that if Seattle hadn't traded for Whitehurst and given him millions, many would be assuming at this point that Seattle would be strongly considering the former USC recruit. Because of that deal, most aren't. I'm not sure that is a safe assumption.
  • I believe center Maurkice Pouncey is being heavily considered by the Denver Broncos. They own the 11th pick and I can't imagine them taking him there, but they can't afford to trade down too far if they want to get him, as there are several teams in the mid to late teens who love Pouncey. There is a bigger dropoff between Pouncey and the No. 2 rated center (either Baylor's J.D. Walton or Boston College's Matt Tennant, depending on the team) than between the top-rated and second-best prospect at any other position in this draft. To put it into perspective how rare taking a true center in the top half of the draft is, note that the last time it happened was 1993 when the Cleveland Browns selected Steve Everitt from Michigan with the 14th overall pick.

Posted on: February 23, 2010 6:49 pm

Combine Surprise Team

Everyone knows that CJ Spiller is going to run well and that Ndamukong Suh is strong. For other standouts, my fellow Senior Analyst Chad Reuter did a nice job of previewing the Combine here.

I wanted to pass along a few of my thoughts, as well.

My Combine Surprise Team list isn't designed to predict which players will post the fastest times in the 40-yard dash (Jacoby Ford) per position or lift the 225 pound bar (Mike Neal) the most times.

It is, instead, a peek ahead to prospects I feel will boost their stock due to all-around strong performances at the Combine.

QB - Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State: Better athleticism than most think and he'll impress with his accuracy
RB - Lonyae Miller, Fresno State: Don't be surprised if Ryan Mathews' backup runs better than most of the other backs tested.
TE - Andrew Quarless: Speed and vertical jump will surprise. Has to catch the ball cleanly.
WR - Taylor Price, Ohio: Watch this kid run his way into the second round.
OT - Selvish Capers, West Virginia: Capers may have struggled in Mobile, but the former TE's athleticism will be on display this week. 
OG -  Marshall Newhouse, TCU: Amongst a relatively unathletic group, Newhouse, a former LT, could stand out.
C -  Matt Tennant, Boston College: Like guards, the 2010 center class doesn't possess many standout athletes, but Tennant's light feet should impress.

DE -  Jason Pierre-Paul, South Florida: At 6-6, 260 pounds, Pierre-Paul can backflip his way onto a gymnastics team . How that translates into sacking the quarterback I don't know, but it does speak to his unique athleticism.
(Okay, so Pierre-Paul isn't really much of a surprise. I just wanted an excuse to put up the youtube video. Here is another defensive end to keep an eye on)
DE - Kevin Basped, Nevada: For a kid with his lanky (6-6, 240) frame, Basped is going to surprise people with his strength.
DT - Mike Neal, Purdue: Remember the old Bill Parcells NFL video, "This is why you lift all them weights..." ? Neal does. 
ILB - Donald Butler, Washington: Among the more athletic linebackers no one is talking about.
OLB - Simoni Lawrence, Minnesota: The scouts know about undersized OLBs Rennie Curran, Dekoda Watson and Harry Coleman. They'll know Lawrence's name after this week too. 
CB - Joshua Moore, Kansas State: Nationally underrated corner jumps into primetime this week. 
S - Chad Jones, LSU: I've spoken to scouts who feel Jones is one of the ten best all-around athletes in the draft. Hefty praise considering Jones measures in around 6-3, 230... 

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Crompton, Skinner, Fitzgerald among Combine Snubs

The hardest working guy in the draft analysis business -- my fellow senior analyst Chad Reuter -- wrote the following note regarding a few of the worthy prospects spurned by the Combine committee... He wrote this en route to El Paso, Texas to scout the Texas vs. Nation game.

Every year a few deserving names are not included in the final Combine list, mostly due to space concerns. There are only so many spaces available to make drills and team interviews workable during the six day event, held in Indianapolis.

Last year, 45 players not invited to the Combine were drafted, four of which were selected in the top 100. Oakland and New England selected FS Mike Mitchell and RT Sebastian Vollmer in the second round, respectively, while Dallas picked LB Jason Williams and Tennessee Jacksonville CB Derek Cox in third round.

That was the exception, rather than the rule, as the Combine usually includes all but one or two of the top 100 selections. It is expected that only a one or two prospects not invited to Indy will sneak into the third round this year.

Tennessee QB Jonathan Crompton is at the top of the list of those thinking they were snubbed by the National Football Scouting services and its member teams. His improvement from 2008 to 2009 under the tutelage of Lane Kiffin was astounding. He has the physical tools to be an NFL starter and seemed to be destined to prove himself in workouts at the LucasOil Dome.

Receiver Freddie Barnes from Bowling Green State is an impact college player with a legitimate beef after not receiving an invite. His production was unparalleled as a senior, even given the spread offenses prevalent in today's college football. Barnes' lack of speed may have caused him to skip the forty yard dash, anyway, but he deserved to be included as one of the draft's top 300-plus prospects.

Versatile defenders DE/OLB Alex Daniels (Cincinnati) and DT/DE Jeffrey Fitzgerald (Kansas State) could be fourth or fifth round picks for 3-4 teams looking for pass rush help in the front seven. Both players transferred from other major programs, Daniels from Minnesota (off-field incident) and Fitzgerald from Virginia (academics) raising some concerns from scouts that could have been discussed at team interviews.

Interior linemen John Estes (Hawaii) and Sergio Render (Virginia Tech) may not even be fourth-round picks, but performed well enough during their careers and at the East-West Shrine Game practices to be considered for the Combine. Estes lack of size and short arms won't excite some teams, but his bullish strength and solid technique could earn him a starting role eventually. Render is a run-blocking specialist who could be another fifth or sixth round pick with the potential as a starter in the right system. UCLA inside linebacker Reggie Carter and Utah free safety Robert Johnson also seemed to enjoy solid weeks in Orlando, but apparently weren't impressive enough to make the list. Similarly, Maryland free safety Terrell Skinner, who'd flashed during last week's practices in Mobile, didn't the cut.

Other draftable players who were left off the Combine list include intriguing small-school players DE/OLB Danny Batten (South Dakota State) and RB Deji Karim (Southern Illinois) and BCS conference standouts DT Andre Neblett (Temple) and FS Aaron Webster (Cincinnati), all of whom join Crompton and Daniels, along with many other interesting prospects, at the Texas vs. the Nation All-Star Challenge this week.

Follow our coverage of the week of TvN practices on NFLDraftScout.com!

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