Posted on: March 8, 2010 6:45 pm

Dez Bryant pushes back Pro Day from Wed to 25th

Wednesday's Oklahoma State Pro Day is quickly losing its luster.

Head coach Mike Gundy announced over the weekend via a radio interview that cornerback Perrish Cox would not be allowed to work out at the Cowboys' Pro Day.

Now, this report from ProFootballTalk.com is reporting that wide receiver Dez Bryant won't be able to work out Wednesday either.

Bryant's inability to work out Wednesday isn't altogether surprising. He had previously cited a pulled hamstring as to why he wasn't able to run and perform drills at the Combine just two weeks ago.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about Bryant's decision not to work out is the date in which his new Pro Day is planned -- March 25 -- the same day scouts will be flocking to see Sam Bradford throw.

Bryant had better hope he gives scouts plenty of time to leave Bradford's work out before coming to his. There is little doubt which of the two workouts will generate the most interest.

It is approximately a two hour drive from Norman, Oklahoma to Stillwater.
Posted on: March 1, 2010 2:10 pm

Suh posts 35.5" vertical; best from DT since 2000

Some believe that Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy deserves being rated over Ndamukong Suh due to his greater athleticism. If you are new to my blog, you might not know my opinion on this matter.

I believe Suh to be the unquestioned top talent in this draft. Whether he's ultimately drafted first or not will have zero bearing on my grade. I'm hardly basing my feeling on Suh on what he's done lately. I thought Suh should have won the Heisman and listed him as the top senior talent in the country back in July.

As evidence of Suh's athleticism, I point to the 35.5" vertical jump, NFL.com is reporting he posted today while at the Combine. Not only will Suh's ridiculous vertical jump almost surely lead all defensive tackles this year, it is one half inch lower than the highest vertical jump posted by any defensive tackle at the Combine since 2000 (Al Lucas, Troy).

The vertical jump is designed to test explosiveness -- supposedly an area in which Suh is lacking.

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McCoy is the star of the show nobody saw

A lot of members of the media will wish they could have stuck around for Oklahoma defensive tackle Gerald McCoy's interview Sunday afternoon. His smile lit up the podium and his ancedotes brought laughter from the couple of dozen writers in attendance (down from 50 or more when Florida QB Tim Tebow hit the podium earlier this week).

When asked about being a leader, McCoy said it came naturally to him probably because of "my smile...it is great, I know."

He referred to his quarterback as "King Sam" because he has his own pro day in Norman on March 25th to throw for NFL scouts. McCoy's campus workout is May 9th, but sometimes top prospects choose not to run or take part in drills if they do well at the Combine.

McCoy also made it clear he would pull no punches when facing Bradford in the NFL: "I'll going to kill Sam, I kid you not." He never got the chance to do it in practice...so his friend and teammate had better watch out.

When asked if he was going to work out here this week, McCoy said he has "nothin' to hide" and that his competitive nature wouldn't allow him to sit out. "Whatever my numbers are, they are."

If McCoy's exceptional attitude wasn't enough, he also said he would "outwork anyone around me."

Strong work ethic, explosive athleticism and a natural leader? Maybe fellow dominant Big 12 star Ndamukong Suh does have real competition for that number one defensive tackle spot.

--Chad Reuter

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Posted on: January 5, 2010 12:36 am

Clausen to have surgery; won't throw at Combine

Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen will undergoe surgery Tuesday to repair two torn ligaments in his right foot.

He is expected to be sidelined for 8-12 weeks and rather than rush the rehabilitation and throw at the Combine, he'll attempt to work out for scouts in early April, according to a report by ESPN.  Assuming the time-table in the report is accurate and that Clausen heals as expected, he's left with little wiggle-room to throw before the draft, approximately 15 weeks away.

Any concern about Clausen's health could prove significant. The former Irish star's primary competition to be the first quarterback selected, Oklahoma junior Sam Bradford, is both bigger and more accurate. Scouts feel Clausen is more ready to make the jump to the NFL due to his experience in Charlie Weis' pro-style offense, but also pointed to his health as a reason why he could go higher on draft day than Bradford. Without the advantage of greater health, the momentum might switch to Bradford, who most scouts feel has the higher upside.

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