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In Memory of Those Who Served

Today is Memorial Day, so, whien I across this old post from another blog -
  - it seems appropriate to recognize those who have not only entertained us, but, more importantly, have died to save us. As I've often commented, too often the sports' headlines are filled with the negative - Burress, Tressel, etc. Take a moment today, to think about the positive.

Those who gave their lives for our freedom:

       Posthumous Medal of Honor recepient Jack Lummus. A N.Y. Giants' end, Lummus was killed on Iwo Jima after single-handedly taking out an enemy gun placement. His reported last words - “I guess the New York Giants have lost the services of a damned good end.”

      Bob Kalsu - played for the Bills; killed in Vietnam. (Boomer Sooner)

      Pat Tillman - for Arizona Cardinals; killed in Afghanian.

     Charley Paddock, multi-Olympain & the world's fastest human at one time was killed in the Pacific during WWII.

      21 NFL players lost their lives in WWII.

      Stars & Stripes estimates 800 college & pro sports' stars were killed in WWII.

Posted on: March 5, 2009 10:30 am

New Avatars

I'd been meaning to start a blog here for some time. This lame avatar I've finally gotten approved seemed to be the impetus I needed to get going. I've read all the rants & have posted some of my own, so I won't repeat them all here. Let's just say it's obvious the little people, wherever they are in the Third World, who enforce this policy do not understand a thing about American sports and obviously cannot understand English, i.e., their own policies. (Another reason I know they don't understand English - I've always been clearly marked as "Gender: F." That has never changed, I promise. Yet my imposed avatar was always the outline of a man. That griped me off, too.)

Since my avatar will hopefully change & I don't yet know how to put a permanent link here, let me describe it - it's a plain black & white flag with the word "SPORTS" in black centered across it in 60's-style hippie letters. What have they turned down: a stylized unicorn head on a crest, a stylized flame, a stylized eagle head. There may have been more, but those are the ones I can remember. Anyway, all were the sort of thing which graces countless helmets, banners, etc., as sports mascots across this country. I know of Eagles & Flames; I was sorely tempted to see if there were any unicorn teams.

They tell us they don't want us to offend. Yet, just today, I saw an avatar which had an elephant peeing on an NCAA sign. Seeing that was what made me decide it was time to really start ranting.

I would love to hear your stories, especially those from after March 2.

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