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Greatest Sports moments in history. FINAL FOUR

It has taken us a while but we are down to the FINAL FOUR. No big surprises this week, though Wilt eecked by with 3 more votes than Stanford. Now the voting should be interesting, lets see who makes the FINALS of the Greatest Sports Moments. Thank you all for voting and staying with it I have enjoyed it every week.

1) The Miracle on Ice
7) Henry Aaron hits 715

3) Lou Gehrig's farewll speech
4) Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain scoring 100

This weeks tie breaker is Rickey Henderson stolen base king  VS  The Immaculate Reception
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Greatest Sports moments in history. ELITE 8

Well fans we are now down to the ELITE 8 . I have to tell you the voting was close this week on more than one and I had to use the tie breaker on two of the final 16. Now we have 8 left and the seeding is still the same, however, next week we will have 2 wildcards in the mix. The four with the highest vote totals will go on to the FINAL FOUR. As always I thank you for taking part in my little poll. See you in the FINAL FOUR .

1) The Miracle on Ice
10) Kirk Gibson pinch hit HR

2) Ali/Frazier title fight
7) Henry Aaron hits 715

3) Lou Gehrig's farewll speech
6) The Hailmary Doug Flutie

4) Wilt "The Stilt" Chamberlain scoring 100
5) The Play Cal/Stanford and the LATERALS

Tie Breaker is a good one this week.
Broadway Joe's guarantee VS  Roger Staubach and the original HAILMARY

See you in the FINAL FOUR
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Bravo Major League Baseball, Bravo......

Bravo Major League Baseball.

It is easy to say that for the past few years, MLB, has been under the gun. they have been in the headlines for not so wonderful things, tragic things and players who have been caught cheating. We, the fans, have been able to voice our disgust and sing our disdain. I have been one of those, chiming in loudly and often.

Steroids, HGH, gambling and the cover up of the ownership that they had no knowledge of what there employees where doing.

We have had tragic and sudden deaths of too many to list in full but a few come to mind. Nick Adenhart, a sudden and senseless death at the age of 24. Harry Kalas, the wonderful voice of the Phillies, passed away this year. Corey Lidle from the Yankees passed in recent years as the list could go on. These tragedies and passing hit baseball hard in the last ten years, taking away future greats as well as Legends of the game.

All of that being said, I want to stand up and cheer the MLB right now. I want to say as loudly as I have for the wrongs, the right thing they have done right now. At this years All-Star Game in St Louis, Major League Baseball showed a little heart. All-stars Among Us , a program to to show the work of the "little people". Those Americans who with out praise, money , notoriety or even at times, support, have changed the lives of those who needed an outstretched hand.

They were not asked to help. No one offered them the task. They took it upon themselves to find and area that had a need and just DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

One started a little non-profit organization for cancer patients who had suffered through chemo and lost their hair. Locks of Love, we have all heard of it, some of us have made offerings to help, many gave of their time in this endeavor as well, the hairstylists who heard the stories as they cut and saved the precious locks. They are a simple group of people who gather hair from salons across the country and have wigs made out of them.

Another 18 year old young lady started a program to help educate orphans. Another, a women from Cincinnati, started an organization to help young people get a day at the ballpark.

On this day when the great of modern baseball all met on the diamond, they saluted true all stars, they all faced the middle of the diamond and saluted those 30 people who had chosen to make a difference in others lives instead of just looking to better their own lives. The MLB All Stars took off their hats and shook hands and thanked the "little people" A truly wonderful moment in baseball .

I know some will say it was all a P.R. move, and maybe it was, but it was public and well displayed. Many people learned tonight that there are many people out there who have made a difference in so many peoples lives. The five living Presidents of the US also chimed in and gave praise and thanks. All I can say is Bravo MLB, Bravo.

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Sports Movie Madness : For the Love of the Game

The movie "For the love of the game" takes us back to those moments. A moment we could only imagine. To the first touchdown, home run or winning lay up we ever took part in. It takes us back to the first kiss with the girl or guy we knew was the one. Through this movie we can relive getting our first paycheck and buying our first car. It transforms us. It envelops us. 

It is the story of professional baseball player, Billy Chapel (Played by Kevin Costner), and the history of his life and career in the span of one nine inning perfect game. We watch as he pitches the game of his life after a 20 year career, all the while reliving his greatest hits so to speak. He relives his first love, baseball, his real love, Jane Aubrey (Played by Kelly Preston). He relives the injury that almost cost him his career. All this takes place on his last day of "work". While he is pitching the only perfect game in his long and illustrious career he lives all of it. This is what makes him realize that in the end it was only a job and the relationships he has built and the choices he has made are what made him, not just the "Love of the Game"

This movie touches the soul and also allows us to get into the minds of the fans that love the game. As we watch him relive his life, it reaches into our hearts and pulls. As we watch him pitch against the New York Yankees, it brings out the fan in all of us and we watch even the harsh Yankee faithful fall for this guy who is pitching a perfect game against their team. If there was ever a sports movie that could take us everywhere we wanted to go and to the places we seldom admit we need to go, this is it. So the next time your team is rained out and the reruns season is in mid run. Go to the video store, or turn on the laptop and download it. I enjoy it every time I get a chance to see it. I always walk away feeling better about my choices and knowing that life is the same way. We have to imagine and we have to live it for the love of the game.

Imagine if you were on your last day........

Imagine you wake up one morning and start your routine, only to remember it is your last day to do this routine. You head to the shower as you have for every work day in the last 20 years. As you walk into the bathroom you begin to relive your career. The first day on the job and how excited you were. When you feel the water hit you, it hits you, the first time you met your better half. As you dry off and stand in front of the mirror you remember the first time you got the big promotion and how you shared it with your then girlfriend. You finish dressing and as you walk out the door to the car, you think of the first time you met your boss, the owner of the company, and how he took a liking to you right away. Then the car door slams and you turn the key, still unaware of your surrounding as you relive moments, even seconds, and how they changed your life.

You turn onto the expressway for what you have come to know has the hour and half drive to work. It has just begun but you have done it so many times it come to you as second nature. You have learned to turn the blare of the horns off, the sounds of your surrounding just disappear, and you can concentrate on the task at hand. For 20 years now you have done this. Day in and day out it has been your routine. You begin to think back to the first time you stepped into your new office, the one on the top floor, the one with the window, you smile. Then you realize that although this your last day, it is also the biggest day of your career. you have a chance to close a deal that only a few in the history of your company have done, heck in the history of the whole business have ever done. Your focus returns and you go back into auto pilot, as you have done a thousand times.

There she stood next to her car, kicking the flat tire. The busy highway rushing by her and you could not help but laugh as you approached. Even as you smile you begin to pull to the side of the road and offer to help her. She tries to blow you off at first but you are charming and persistent, so she gives in. This would be the start of things to come, she would be the one for you and you for her. You snap back and realize you are pulling into the parking garage at work, through the security booth and you roll the window down to greet Frank, "Morning Frank" and he smiles and waves you through. "By the way, congrats on your retirement." he yells. As you park it begins to hit you, this is the last time you will ever park in this spot again.

We can all imagine this situation, maybe not for a 20 year career, but for something. The last day you spent at home before heading off to college, knowing you would never again live in the house where your mom made all those great pancakes. Never again have your dad teach you to ride a bike or throw a ball. Maybe it was prom or graduation. Knowing that the twelve years you had spent is now ending and you are not a kid anymore. Life and new choices await you right outside that door. We have all been there, all had that moment to IMAGINE.


Movie Madness score is : All-Star

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Baseball season is here, who you picking?

So the season is about to begin and now would be the time to make your picks for the playoffs and the World Series. So lets have them. Which one will pick the right ones and let me know why you made your choice. 


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